The Billionaire's Second Chance

The Billionaire's Second Chance

By:  Priyal Dessai  Updated just now
Language: English
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Sometimes, people drift apart, only to come back together, stronger than ever. *** The sound of footsteps fell on her ears, forcing her to turn around. Dhruv stood a few inches away, a white towel wrapped around his waist. Water dripped from his hair as he ran a hand through it. When his eyes landed on her, they raked up and down her body and his eyebrow lifted while his lips formed a tiny frown. "What are you wearing?" He said tilting his head. He did not look pleased. "Your t-shirt," said Shanaya and rolled her eyes. "And who gave you the permission to wear it?" "You did yourself when you tore my dress into two pieces." His lips curved in delight at her words but returned back to normal soon enough. "Did I? I don't remember it." He shook his head. "Hmm, blame your rusty mind. What was your intent anyway? To have me walking naked around your house?" He pressed his lips together, attempting but failing to keep the amusement out of his voice. "Maybe. That'd be a nice sight, I must admit."

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40 Chapters
Chapter 1
Missed me? Here's a gift for you. There's another one waiting. You'll love it more. I'll pick you up at 7. Don't make me wait :) -D.K. With a line of sweat covering her forehead, Shanaya read the note over and over again. After staring at it in disbelief for a while, half hoping it would catch fire from her burning gaze, she let it slip through her fingers to the white desk. Her eyes darted to the bouquet of yellow tulips that came along with the note. Fresh and beautiful. She grabbed the note again and this time read it in his voice. It was odd how she still remembered what his voice sounded like. Chaotic with a hint of mischief to it. She almost tried to picture him in her mind, but the attempt failed as her stomach lurched at the same moment. No, she told herself, shaking her head abruptly at the bright blooms covering a large part of the desk. She rubbed her clammy hands over the fabric of her dress. He only wants to talk, she tried to assure herself. A sharp knock on
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Chapter 2
I'm getting good at guessing stuff, Shanaya thought when the windows rolled down to reveal the guy who had sent her the note and those ugly yellow tulips. Dhruv Kapoor. Nonetheless, her shoulders tensed. The air shifted, prickling gently at her bare arms.He sat there, clad in all black, blending well with the dark interiors. It was dark inside, except for the little neon blue light coming off the dashboard, highlighting features of his face. There were things Shanaya knew she was capable of forgetting about him someday. The sound of his voice, the curve of his smile, the little flat mole on his wrist. But she knew she could never forget his eyes. The colour of caramel enhanced by a black outline, his eyes were one of the most intense things to behold. But in the dark, his pupils had dilated almost completely, giving them a pitch black appearance. Shanaya couldn't tell how long they stared at each other before Dhruv finally shifted in his seat, turning his torso. "Shanaya," He sai
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Chapter 3
"Welcome to my humble abode. I'm yet to name it. I may need your help in that matter," Dhruv declared as the pair stepped out. "I'm good at many things but naming bungalows isn't one of them." She took a brief look at it. While on the outside she admired its subtle beauty, on the inside Shanaya couldn't stop thinking of how his return wasn't a quick decision. It was very well planned out if he had purchased a house for himself. The front door opened and the lights turned on, one by one. As if reading her mind, Dhruv said, "I moved in a week ago. I told Mom about my plans a month ago and as you can guess she wasn't happy about it. Neither was Kirti.""About you returning or living separately?" Shanaya laughed and took long strides into the house. "As you get older, you tend to like being alone," He said in his defence, his voice small enough to go unheard. "Oh, Grandpa. Tell me are all your teeth still intact?" She turned to look at him and as their eyes met, he chortled. But from
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Chapter 4
A low hum began playing from a source Shanaya failed to locate in the scant lighting. In an instant, his arm slid around her waist and his palm pressed into her small back, pulling her closer. Despite the thickness of her dress's fabric, she felt his warm hand sending a shiver down her spine. As a reflex, her hands rose to his shoulders and settled there and soon they were lost in each other's eyes. "What song is that?" Shanaya asked, swaying slowly in his arms along with the tune. Her eyes remained glued to his. Stupid as it seemed, she was unable to take them away from his face. Up this close, he looked even more handsome. And tall. She failed to realise it earlier but she only barely touched his shoulder. Craning her neck, to not lose sight of his eyes, she held her breath, waiting for an answer. "I don't know. I don't care," He said in a husky tone. It may have been just a game her mind was playing on her, but she sensed him leaning closer as they moved their bodies along the son
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Chapter 5
The sunrays passed through the window panes and kissed Shanaya's face, fuelling her annoyance. She barely slept the previous night. Dhruv wouldn't let her. The little time that he did allow her, she wasted away by thinking constantly of what had happened between them and what it meant. Her head ached from the lack of sleep, making her frown as she lifted herself from the bed, covering her naked body with the white sheets. On the other hand, Dhruv slept peacefully on his stomach, snoring lightly. The sheets concealed the lower half of his body, keeping the other half on display for her eyes and she smirked. The smirk vanished as soon as she recollected moments from the previous night. Dhruv provoked her and she reacted just as he wanted her to. With a groan, she closed her eyes, gathering her hair into a messy bun. Her eyes darted around the room in search for her clothes-the striped dress she wore the previous night, but all she found were the bits and pieces of what remained of he
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Chapter 6
It slipped Shanaya's mind that she was wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt. She slid the door wide open, allowing Shaheer who stood outside to take a good look at her. The calm over his face vanished in an instant. His cheeks blushed pink and he lifted his eyebrows in embarassment, clearing his throat at the same time. "Oh," Shanaya said to herself, realising what had happened and in a haste almost closed the door on his face. Luckily, he stepped behind on time. She sighed deeply and counted to three, letting her erratic heart go back to normal before slightly jerking the door open to peek out. "Did you get what I asked?" She said hurriedly and for a moment Shaheer's brows furrowed in confusion. "What? Oh, yes. Yes, here it is. Ms. Arora," He said and passed through the little gap a bag with her clothes. Shanaya grabbed it without another glance and turned around to find Dhruv looking at her with a smirk. "And who might that be?" He said, more to himself than to her and too
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Chapter 7
Kabir shrugged and the smile slipped away, getting replaced by a serious look. His gray eyes stared at her with curiosity. "But seriously, Shan, where were you last night? I called you like a hundred times." She ran her fingers through her wet hair strands as the light buzzing of the machine continued. Pretending to not hear his question, she said looking at herself in the full view mirror, "Do you think it's okay for you to be in my room while I'm not here? And even when I am. With me. Alone?" "Let's not pretend like I didn't spend half of my teen years here," He shook his head as his eyes went over the room, quickly examining it. Picking up a pillow, he flipped it and then stuffed it behind his head, relaxing even more. "You're not scared of what Dadi has to say?" His eyes flickered away from her but a small smile appeared on his clean shaven face. "She stopped doubting me a while ago. Precisely on the day I got married to Noor. Unless she considers me able enough to have an extr
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Chapter 8
Ahail, was a hero. Her saviour. Her protector. Or at least, he had been; once upon a time before the whole Arora family descended into the ruins. Shanaya had been a notorious teenager. With her heart on her sleeve and her mind in her mouth, trouble was always lurking around, and she attracted it like a magnet—picking fights with girls and boys all the same. But Ahail was there. He was always there to clean up her messes. He'd beat up guys and flirt with girls until they thought no more evil of his little sister. Ahail was the perfect guy—tall, handsome and smart. They were both blessed with a good combination of their parents' genes but while Shanaya struggled with Math, he excelled. With the ability to make friends at just the wave of his hand, he was a charmer. He sang sometimes and played music at pleas of girls. He was the life of every party he attended. Such was the Ahail she knew and loved and admired. The one she was about to meet, however, was a completely different person
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Chapter 9
"He'll be here in a minute," Shanaya said in an instant, earning a head tilt and a long gaze from her granny before the old woman settled on the seat as the head of the family. Her brother entered moments later, displaying a freshly shaved jaw and carried out the walk of shame with his head low before sitting down. "Now that everyone's here," Suhala began with a small but genuine smile, "I'd like to introduce everyone to Raunak Mehta." So the trouble's named Raunak this time, Shanaya thought as she examined his face carefully. He smiled at her grandmother's words but the moment his gaze met Shanaya's he blushed and looked away. The latter continued to glare. "Ms Chahal is here with her with daughter too," She added with a forced smile. "Mithila, right?""Mridula, Dadi." The girl corrected politely and lowered her head, smiling. "Yes, yes." Shanaya resisted the urge to roll her eyes and sighed instead, failing to maintain a fake smile. Times as such reminded her of why she prefer
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Chapter 10
When Monday morning dawned, Shanaya could not be more eager to leave her family house. She had always expected it to be a haven; a place to relax after a long week—to heal and recover from the burnout, but it had never felt that way. Going to her family house felt more like an obligation—a duty she was committed to doing. She did that every weekend. Sometimes, she felt guilty for perceiving like checking up on her grandmother and Ahail, were merely tasks on her to-do list. Shanaya sneaked out as always, tiptoeing to the front door. It was still dark outside, but the chirping of birds had replaced the quietness of the night. She needed some time to restore her sanity before reaching her workplace. She was about to turn the doorknob when someone cleared their throat behind her, causing her to freeze in her place. She sighed, feeling like a thief caught red-handed. "One day you'll regret not saying goodbye before leaving," Suhala's throaty voice fell on her ears. Her grandmother was
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