What so special about her?

What so special about her?

By:  Mashu Waghu  Ongoing
Language: English
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He throws the paper on her face, she takes a step back because of sudden action, "Wh-what i-is this?" She managed to question, "Divorce paper" He snaps, "Sign it and move out from my life, I don't want to see your face ever again, I will hand over you to your greedy mother and set myself free," He stated while grinding his teeth and clenching his jaw, She felt like someone threw cold water on her, she felt terrible, as a ground slip from under her feet, "N-No..N-N-NOOOOO, NEVER, I will never go back to her or never gonna sing those paper" she yells on the top of her lungs, still shaking terribly,

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37 Chapters
Author Note and Prologue
Copyright ©2021-2022 by MASHU WAGHU   Hello Lovely Reader!!!  This is my first book hope you guys like it, please avoid my unnecessary mistake because English is not my native language... hope you understand and co-operate with me ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻..... Put this book in your library for daily updates hope you guys like it.....   Lets the journey began... _____________________   Prologue:   He throws the paper on her face, she takes a step back of sudden action. "W-Wh-what is this?" she managed to question, "Divorce papers," he snaps, "Sign it and move out of my life, I don't want to see your face ever again, I will hand over you to your greedy Mother and set myself free" he stated while grinding teeth and clenching hi
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Chapter. 1
    Standing in front of the mirror I stare at myself back, today is the big day of my life, how I imagine this going to be, like every second girl wish to marry her prince charming or love of her life, Alas not everyone can have what they want, not everyone gets there happily ever after.   I can't imagine in just one week only one week my life take the drastic change, I have to choose between stay safe or stay happy, I choose to stay safe,   "Dear god!!! Please stop testing me more, I believe in you please make this thing work out and please be on my side, I promise you to give my 100% in this marriage as I promise to 'Mrs grey' " I send a silent prayer.   Suddenly the door burst open, showing the woman who's the last person I want to see for the rest of my life.   "Tut-tut tutu how can be someone looking so ugly on her wedding day
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Chapter. 2
Flashback:       Currently, I am sitting in 'sweetheart' cafe waiting for my soon to be Husband, As today early in the morning 'Mrs.Grey' call me to inform me that, she set a meeting with his son so that we get to know each other,    I am nervous would be an understatement because I had never met a guy before like this, yes I have daily interaction with few male coworkers back at uncle matt place but that's all is work-related not like this, A Husband to be,   Since 30 min I am waiting for him to arrive, anxiety is creeping out of me, I continue torturing my bottom lips with my teeth and tapping my right foot on the ground this is my worst habit since childhood, whenever I got nervous I go autopilot mode to do this nonstop,    he is Late! which scared the shit
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Chapter. 3
      Finally! Night over, all rituals and reception are done, But all of a sudden he starts acting weird, kind of trying his best ignoring me, On the dancer's floor which is supposed to be our first dance as a couple he looks anywhere but me, I feel little uneasy, But anyway it's much better than his rude behavior.   Sitting on the back seat of his SUV, we are going to his house, We were on the road for almost fifteen minutes but neither of us uttered even a single word. The only sound I could hear of wind blowing through the car's windshield. We're driving on an open road with only a few cars passing by, so the silence was so deafening.     I side glance at him, only to saw him leaned back on his seat with eyes closed and a little frown on his handsome face. I get back to work which I doing before, which is looking out of windows watching silent night, I smile and whisper to myself '
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Chapter. 4
    After exploring the whole mansion, I got bored, Mrs. Johnson doesn't allow me to help her with household chores, so I decided to make a lunch, then suddenly an idea pops out in my mind.      Let's prepare lunch for Mr. Rude and I will take it to him then I can also return his card to him.   "Mrs. Johnson what's Daniel favorite food," I asked,   "Oh dear, call me Marry please and Daniel love Indian food"   I grin, when I heard Marry because that's my favorite food too, I can make western, Indian, and Italian food all thanks to the internet.     I start preparing some special Indian chicken dishes while listening to one of my favorite songs 'Mad at Disney' by Salem because I agree with her on that.     After completing all
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Chapter. 5
    2 week's later.......  It's been two weeks since I got married to Daniel, but we don't have anything in common like normal wedded couples have, In the morning we had breakfast with each other in complete silence, later I prepared lunch for him and Jack, Mark delivered to them, after that day I never went to his office again, then we had dinner together at night, as usual, in comfortable silence, we never uttered single conversation with each other. It's always have been like this on weekdays, And on weekends he went out with his friends Jack and Harry, And Maria always accompanies me, because I don't anyone whom I consider as a friend, she is my first friend,     I always made different kinds of dishes for Daniel, He never appreciate them once, But I know he likes them because he never complains either about them, And I also did not expect anything from him,  
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Chapter. 6
With long strings I straight walk toward Zoya's bed, pulling her up by griping both of her upper arms, I make her stand straight in front of me, digging my nails into her upper arm, I hiss through gritted my teeth while clenching my jaw.   "Who is that bastard"    She flinches in pain, giving me a puzzled look only make my anger boil up more,   "Tell me, TELL ME who is that f**king BASTARD whom you where wh*ring around" while shaking her upper body back front because I couldn't control on my anger anymore, I hate CHEATERS,   "What the hell Daniel leave her, you are hurting her, are you out of your mind" Maria came in front of me and try to rescue Zoya from my grip, which only makes my grip more tighten,     Zoya's face held a painful expression but I don't give her a dame, I just want to know that bastard name, whom she is whoring arou
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Chapter. 7
  I look down in embarrassment, humiliation is not a new thing for me but coming it's from Daniel unknowingly tear my heart apart, I turn to walk out of the room, passing by Jack and Harry who gave me an apologetic look, I weakly smile at them and walk out before I couldn't control my tears, I ran directly into the guest washroom.   Filling my fist into my mouth to control my sob that wants to come out loud after few minutes of silent cry, I walk up to sink and wash my face clean, as nothing happened, I had faced already more than this, it's just that I forgot what it feels like.   Coming out of the washroom, I directly made my way to the kitchen, for making lunch for everyone with a happy face as noting happen a few minutes ago.   Yes, I can do it, l am doing this for the past long years, nothing new. _______________________   "What's wrong with you Daniel," Maria keep scold
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Chapter. 8
    Mouthwatering aroma settled through my nostrils while walking downstairs, I turn to face where the aroma is coming from, my eyes lay on the slim figure standing near the dining table, setting the lunch, hearing our footsteps she look up to us, Smiling as nothing happened just an hour ago,  "Ahh!!! There you guys are, what's make you guys take so long, come on lunch is ready to serve" she said and turn back to go to the kitchen.    Jack, Harry, and Maria doesn't make a move, continue with their sharing looks, So I move to dine table settling and myself head of the table,     Just then Zoya appears with a white bowl of soup in her hand and settled herself next to the second chair on my left-hand side, which is next to her usual spot.   Oh now she decides to give me a cold shoulder, great that's great, Jack came and sit on an empty chair in b
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Chapter. 9
  "Hey beautiful Zoe"     I turn to the owner of the voice, And straight ran towards her, embracing her into a warm hug, after few seconds I pull back an  "Hey gorgeous lily"   Lily grin at me, hugging me once again, she turns to the dining table.  "Hello everyone" lily greet politely,   'Hello' they reply in unison except for one person who is busy checking her out, I pull up his Bowl and give it to lily to taste,  "Here, taste and tell me, how's it"    Lily takes a few bites from the bowl, I side glance at Jack, Who is looking at Lily like she is the precious and beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life,   "It's amazing Zoe, I just love it," Lily said licking her lips while pointing the spoon towards me moving it upside-down in her right ha
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