Fated to Marry you

Fated to Marry you

By:  Rosini  Completed
Language: English
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This is a story of two perfect strangers entangled in the bond of marriage. After marriage, they both believed they are not meant for each other until one day they were touched by the divine love, Rithu a 23-year old girl, she is a smart, sweet and lovely person with a kind heart, and Vikram a 31-year old guy, he is a handsome, hardworking businessman with an aloof and rude nature. They're arranged to get married by their parents, though they lived under the same roof they are miles apart. Vikram decided not to open his heart to her and Rithu hated his introverted nature. But love has its own way on them. Which made their hearts come closer and understand each other and unknowingly they developed a strong bond between them. As the time moves, will they realize that they're in love.......... To know that let's travel in this sweet, romantic, and heartwarming journey of a couple who found unconditional love after Marriage. This story is unedited and you may find mistakes.

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54 chapters
Chapter- 1
Rithu's POV It was a bright Monday morning I was traveling on a bus. The time is about 8.30 am when everyone rushing to their school, college, and work. Sitting on the window side seat and listening to my favorite songs I watched the passing building, vehicles, and people. Though the climate is quite sunny, I am enjoying the warmness on my skin. Today I missed my regular bus where my friends and I usually travel. The bus journey is blissful when we have a friend who tells us interesting gossip. This half an hour of travel will never bore us but today I am missing that. When I reached my University I walked to my class looking down. Suddenly someone pulled my bag from behind. I turned to find my friend Nithya, she smiled brightly and I took off my earphones. "Good morning sleepyhead," she said putting her hand on my shoulder. "Morning," I replied with a small smile and we started to walk. We were friends for almost ten years, though I don't hav
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Chapter- 2
Rithu's POVWhen the moment I opened my eyes on Friday my heart started to race and I felt so nervous because I don't know what's going to happen today.I abruptly stood up from my bed and walked into the lavatory like a zombie, after finishing off my morning chores I came out and noticed the time was 8.15 am. My eyes widened in shock because today I have to be in college at 8.45 am.I rushed my mom to pack my lunch. After getting that I started running to the bus stop.Today I am having my project presentation and added to that Mr. and Mrs. Rajesh was coming home to see me. I wanted only one that this day has to end very soon without any problem. God, why everything is happening in one day, grant me more luck...please, I prayed mentally.Yesterday dad was talking about them to my mom. I have seen Mr. Rajesh because he's a very good friend of my father, doing several businesses and he is one of the richest people in this city. But I don't kno
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Chapter- 3
Rithu's POVIt was a day before my engagement, my dad and mom were very busy in making our house to look beautiful and I also helped in the decorations; thank God it's my study holidays so that I can help them. Then I thought that I should buy a new saree since I don't have anything good to wear."Mom shall we go for shopping," I suggested."I can't come with you dear and you go with Riya, she will help you.""But mom! Why Riya? Please, mom, you come with me." I pleaded."Rithu you know that I am busy then how can I come with you." she convinced me to go with Riya and I don't have any other option."Ok, mom I will go with her." I failed to argue.Riya is my cousin she is very good at picking clothes because she's the fashionista of my family. She always used to tease me that I am an out of fashion girl and acting like a country bumpkin. It's not like I am hating her she is my cute little cousin and she's also very sup
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Chapter- 4
Rithu's POVThe next morning I woke up at 6.00 am and went to the bathroom and finished my morning chores and then I went to see my mom,she was busy preparing breakfast I kissed my mom on her cheeks then she kissed me back my dad was busy on the phone then I suddenly realized the engagement, I asked my mom who is all going to come today she said Riya's parents and my grandmother(mom's mother) are only coming because dad doesn't want to make the function big and also Rajesh uncle asked my dad to make the engagement simple.I wanted to ask my mom about Vikram or whether she's having any photo of him so that I can clear my confusion but I didn't ask her anyhow I am going to see him after five hours.Then I went to the bathroom and took a shower and I wear sweatpants and a shirt then I put my hair in a big bun. My mom gave me a big glass of milk and I have some cookies because I not hungry and it was too early for breakfast.Then at 11.
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Chapter- 5
Vikram's POVI'm very busy nowadays, I spent my day fully working in the construction site and my nights were busy working in my laptop and planning about the interior works. I always have an attitude of finishing everything perfectly and I am also a workaholic, my mom was always worried about me and I rarely got time to visit her bit never miss to talk with her cause I love her and my dad more than anything in this world,one day my dad called me,"How are you? are you doing well vikram?", He asked me."Yes dad I am doing good but still there are lot of work dad and how is mom", I asked him."She's fine and but she is so worried about you", he said."Ok dad I will come home this weekend to see you and mom", I said."Vikram......I called you because there's something I need to talk with you can I?" He asked me."Sure dad I am free now", I said and I am eager to know what he's going to say."Vikram, mom and I made a decisio
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Chapter- 6
Vikram's POVI was busy talking with the contractor on the phone, everyone was preparing for the engagement, Raghav parents were only coming with us cause I want this engagement to be simple and I don't think there's no one more important than my parents and Raghav's family because they are the one who always stood beside me in odd times.The engagement function is in the evening, I was not excited or interested, everything I am doing now is for my parents. But I don't know why my mind was thinking about that girl. I don't even know her name. I never thought I will be in the situation... I thought and decided to get ready for my engagement.When I am putting on my shirt, Raghav entered my room, he dressed very manly and looked handsome. He asked me to give him the car keys because he wanted to drive my car and I gave that to him.I got ready in my white shirt and blue pant, when I came out my mom super busy talking with Raghav's mom, they looked at me and
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Chapter- 7
I am still in my study holidays it's been a week since the engagement is over, and there are just two more weeks are there for my wedding in the coming week I am having my written exam so I am studying now.In the evening Riya came home I was wondering why she was here, she was studying for her bachelor's degree and she also very good at her studies and she's two years younger than me."Hey pumpkin what do you doing?" Riya asked."Can't you see I am studying you, idiot?""Ok ok, I am staying here today with you", Riya said.'What! why?" I asked her.Dad and mom are going to a function and they won't be here for a couple of days."Ok but don't disturb me I want to study ok", I said."Hmm sure", she said.Then she went to see my mom, l was wondering what's gonna happen because she always makes things that ruin my day, and also I had several embarrassing situations because of her. So today I have to be very careful.
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Chapter- 8
"I am feeling nervous Riya", I told this for the forty-seventh time. Riya stood up from her seat, "oh god you're saying this from the morning, please give me a break, pumpkin, or I don't know what I will do", she spat."Sorry", I gave an apologetic smile."Don't be afraid, marriage is not a horror movie OK", she said to me, but I'm still nervous my mom and Riya's mom were busy preparing for tomorrow's marriage and I didn't see my dad since morning I think that he's busier.As the time is moving fast I was thinking that what Vikram is doing now whether he is here or in Chennai and I want to call him but I thought he may be busy so I don't want to disturb him.Then at 9.00 pm, my mom wanted me to sleep because I have to get up at 4.00 am. So I went to my room and laid on my bed but my mind didn't respond to me I just stared the darkroom and thought I am gonna miss my parents, my room and everything and slept by thinking all this.I got up when my mom
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Chapter- 9
Vikram's POVTwo days before my wedding I was traveling in the 9.00 am spice jet flight. I was really tired but I don't know why I am overworking myself. But it makes me breathe, it makes my mind fully peaceful but these things are completely opposite For other people who want to enjoy their life, but I have become like this I was making my parents worry about me I may be rude to people around me at many times.My dad came to pick me at the airport he said Raghav was busy with the wedding arrangements, I have to thank Raghav for everything he has done for me."Dad I will drive, you may be tired", I said to him."No problem I can drive", he said but I didn't give up so he threw the car keys and I caught that, then I drove to the house and mom welcomed me and I hugged her I miss her a lot.The following day was busy for me, Raghav and I went shopping and bought some other things that my mom asked for. Then Raghav asked me whether I called Rithu then
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Chapter- 10
Rithu's POVI stood beside the door feeling so nervous to see him removing his shirt and threw that on the nearby couch. I felt so hot inside to see his toned body, he is so perfect.Standing there awkwardly I don't know whether to stare at him or to get out of this room. He is kind of intimidating, and I have never experienced this kind of feeling in my entire life.When he turned his attention to me, I immediately shifted mine. I thought he will talk about something but without saying anything he just laid on the bed. "Turn off the lights," he told before tossing off to sleep. Walking slowly toward the bed I hesitantly searched for the switch. Even I walk like a cat my anklet sound echoed in that room.Like he said I turned off the light and slept on the other side of the bed. I felt somewhat sad to see his dislike about having me beside him. Maybe that's my perspective but one thing I understood that he isn't happy about this marriage,
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