Forced Marriage with CEO

Forced Marriage with CEO

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Myra Kapoor, a very kind-hearted twenty-two years old girl, who has just graduated from college. She lost her father a few years ago and her mother lost her mental health, who is admitted to the hospital. She was living in Delhi with her uncle and aunt, who paid the medical fees of her mother's treatment. They treat her as the maid of the house. As if life hadn't jerked enough from her, she was replaced in the place of her cousin sister Raima to marry the billionaire Austin Black, who is the father of a five-year kid. She was threatened by her uncle and aunt to marry Austin. There was no option for her, if she denies, what about her mother? Austin Black, AB in the business world. A heartthrob king, who has achieved a lot of fame and controversies at the age of twenty-six. An egoistic hunk, who asked to marry the daughter of the Kapoor family only to take her possession so his sister, Natalie Black can live a happy life with Aarjav Kapoor. Nobody knows about his five years old son. He is the most stunning bachelor of New York City. But he has a son, how? Myra was arranged as the bride of Austin, she was hoping for a lovely romance in her life, a prince charming but unfortunately, she is getting married to a guy, who is the father of a five years kid and he already told her that she will be his pretended wife until Natalie sets out in her life with Aarjav. She is a mere asylum object for him for an unlimited period. Join the journey of Austin Black and Myra Kapoor... Will their marriage be ended up? What is Austin's secret?

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94 chapters
1. Her life
Myra's POV "You wicked bitch, this time, you are gone," I heard my cousin, Raima was yelling and my heart started throbbing with fear and I begin to shiver. I gulped hard as it was the signal that she is going to reveal her wrath on me, now.Even, though I don't know what's wrong done by me today to giving rise to her anger for the last five years, it has become a part of my life to face her anger.No one in the family stops her, except my grandpa, but he passed away three years ago. He kept me here so that I can build up my career and would accomplish my further studies after the death of my father. But after grandpa's death, my life becomes terrible.Sometimes, Raima crosses all limits of violence. But literally, no one comes to rescue me, except Ruhi, my best friend. It happens only sometimes because I didn't allow her to come to my home. I felt like I'm nothing but trash in the house.Raima immigrated to my room and started throwing things at me whatever she
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2 # The worst day
Myra's POV "You bitch, just get out of the mansion for today," The living room was echoed with the harsh words thrown by Raima. She was sitting and beating me and poor I was bearing her devilish tantrums."What happened baby?" Mrs. Tanu Kapoor, my so-called aunt asked dramatically, though she has witnessed all the cruelty of her daughter towards me."I don't want this bitch to be seen in the mansion today," Raima shouted and pushed me harshly out of the door. My uncle was completely oblivious of his wife and daughter's behavior toward me and even he enjoyed this type of moment. I never comprehended this aspect of my uncle and never got the point of why they hated me too much, beyond the limit. He rarely focused on me and even on Raima as he is always busy in his business and gambling."She is right," My uncle shouted stepping down downstairs. It's nothing new for me as I don't expect any favor or mercy from him."Myra, you should stay with your friend Ru
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3 # No, I can't
Author's POV It's already late evening. "I'm so happy, mom..." Raima excitedly jumped skipping the last three stairs."I'm also, honey," Her mother, Tanu hugged her and kissed her cheeks."Mom, don't ruin my make-up," She pushed her mom.Raima was a self-seeking girl and dreamt to live a life as a princess forever. She is not in that great shape, she is tall and slender with white skin, light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. But due to heavy makeup, her cheeks were looking dry hence she always used little makeup on her face.Even a ghost would horrify if he sees her without makeup. She has an unfortunate mode of bumping into people around her and her sadistic look was a replication of her wicked heart.Her temperament is as devilish as an enchantress. She is used to shouting at her parents and especially at Myra.But today, she is happy as Myra is not at home. And the most adorable bachelor in New York City is coming today to visit her. She was dressed in a strapless gown which has a
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4 # Say, YES
"No, I can't," Myra retorted stubbornly.   "Raima, you messed up everything," Aarjav shouted at Raima angrily and gave her deadly. "I'm not going to marry a father of a five-year kid," Raima muttered gritting her teeth. She proceeds angrily, "I don't have any hobby to be a mother of a readymade wild kid." "I will deal with you later," He muttered back and it was clear that Raima is going to hear worse from his brother for the first time in her life. "Now, Myra... I don't want to hear anything from you. Get ready and meet the Black family," Aarjav orderly whined. "Bring her down, by hook or crook," Aarjav urged and left the room with his father. They can't leave the guests alone for more time. Tanu and Raima looked at each other smiling wickedly. They steered close to her. Myra gulped hard while crying continuously. "Mom, doesn't she remember, she has a mother, who is sick, mentally disabled?" Raima mocked and laughed
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5 # The Perfect One
Ariana's POV It has been a dream for me and Jason to see Austin's wedding. We are saying to him that it is the right time to get married and settle in his life but he is stubborn and never pays attention to us. Jason, Austin's grandpa and my husband, this time warned him if he won't get married before this Christmas, he will kick him out from the post of the CEO and will appoint Declan (Austin's stepbrother) as the CEO of the Black Inc. Jason still have more powers than Austin. This time my grandson also knows that if he doesn't take this matter seriously, he will lose his position. Finally, I and Nate trapped him to marry Aarjav's sister. It was a little bit of emotional blackmail from Nate and from me too. But he was convinced by us to marry Aarjav's sister.There was a little doubt about the girl, as I have to think about Aaron too. Especially, India has an epic culture, that's why I thought this way. If we find the correct girl for Austin, there would not be any problem for Aust
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6 # YES!!
Myra's POV "Now I'm in the cafe near the park, we will meet in the park after half an hour," I lied to Mrs. Ariana, as I didn't find anything to say to her. The fact is that I'm not ready to meet her. I have seen lots of expectations in her eyes last night. I got ready as I have to meet her after half an hour. If I try, I can convince her that I'm not ready for this marriage and they are forcing me. I can tell her the truth that I can't leave Delhi, India because of my mother. I was in my trance when the door of my room was cracked open and I saw four figures standing there. I gulped as I know what will be going on. I'm not weak but I can not fight with them as I'm in their debt. "Dear, sister, Myra... You know that we are cousins, yet till today, we have always considered you as our family, paid for your studies, paid the medical fees of your mother. From where?" Aarjav emerged and viciously smirked. "The amount was the income of our company, and we need a huge amount of money t
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Myra's POV "Umm, can we go shopping? As I don't know anything about Indian culture. So I need help and I will call Nate also. Can you come?" Mrs. Black asked me, which I don't prefer. I want some time alone and also I need to visit my mother. I stammered, "Ummm... Actually, Mrs. Black..." "Ohh, call me, Grandma," She smiled caressing my cheeks with her soft creamy palms. "Grandma, I'm just...," I couldn't deny her and I nodded in Yes. Mrs black hugged me and we came out of the restaurant. Aaron was not leaving me for a second. He is walking and sitting holding my one hand with his, that not bothered me, however, I love his company. I was thinking that we are going to the shopping mall, but I was wrong as the car entered the giant villa. Whose mansion is this? Why are we here? "This is our new house. Dad purchased it for us," Aaron answered my unasked question. Huh! Mr. Richie. "Please, God, save me," My heart plummeted with our entry. We immigrated in the enormous wooden doo
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8 # The biggest secret
Third Person's POV "What do you mean? Why the fuck you are laughing you asshole?" Austin irritated and asked him as before he could read all the terms, Peter came and slid papers towards him. "Wow! Easy bro, easy... Why are you getting so hyper? Calm down..." Peter laughed and asserted, "By the way, she fucked you up." Austin was stunned and looked at him with puzzling eyes. Peter answered as he saw his questioning expressions, " She made huge changes in your terms." "What are her conditions? Does she want more money? I'm already giving her one hundred Million after divorce," He took the bottle of wine from the back of his chair and opened it to drink. He made two drinks for both of them and offered one to Peter. Peter laughed at him and asserted, " Listen to me bro, she refused to take a single piece of money from you." "What?" Austin puked the wine he drank up a while ago. "Yes..." Peter confirmed and again flipped the page.
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Important Note
Hello guys, I know all of you are waiting for the update of this story. But I'm heartily sorry to inform you that I will not able to update this story next month due to some problems in my family. As I have said in the comment box, this is gonna start from 1st August but I am not able to write because of some specific reasons. I hope you understand and wait for me too. And who can not wait, you can leave this story and remove it from your library but please don't give it bad comments that hurt. Because this is my hard work, don't ruin it, as I'm going through serious family issues.  With the hope that you will understand me.   🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I'm sorry to make you all waiting😕 🙏 _Urvashi 🙏
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9 # Engagement
Third Person's POV Due to security reasons, the wedding ceremony is taking place at the Black's place. Myra was standing quietly in the corridor, her eyes were gazing at the sky and a small drop of tear rolled over her cheek. She stroked her cheek with the knuckles and smiled sarcastically at her fate. She hides her all feelings inside her heart, Destiny played a game with her and she is alone in the game to battle with the world. "Excuse me, Ma'am, Sir Black is calling for you," Her trance was broken by the maid in a black and red uniform, who was standing behind her bending further giving her honour. She whirled rapidly and answered, "Hmmm." "This way, Ma'am," The maid led her towards the study of Mr Austin Black. Her legs are trembling because she knows why she was called by him. The maid left her at the entrance and Myra's heartbeats increased speed. She gulped her fear and knocked on the already opened door. She tried to pretend that it d
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