The Guardians- Life and Death

The Guardians- Life and Death

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Humanity exists in a gray area between good and evil, and inside this gray area are mysteries that cannot be revealed or comprehended. Humans don't know about the strange creatures that live in their world. To interact with other people and live normally, like a normal human. They're on a mission with humans. Reclaiming the souls of the dead can help protect people and keep the balance of nature. Their patience will be put to the limit by Elize, a cool undercover lady who causes them trouble. If Elize doesn't fear death, how can Lucian, her Guardian Angel, keep her safe? Dark, an Angel of Death, must figure out how to keep her from joining the long line of lost souls who have brought them nothing but misery through the millennia. Consider the consequences if Aza, the Angel of Mischief and one of the fallen angels, decides to step in. If Elize is intransigent and Aza interferes, neither or both of the Guardians will be able to complete their mission.

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61 Chapters
"Life is precious, as is death. Death is a very important part of life. Humans have many different phases, and those who live with an acceptance of death die with less regret. If only humans pay attention, they learn not to waste time."Death is a fundamental part of life, and the Reaper must claim the souls of the deceased to preserve the balance of nature. The Reaper does not "kill" mortals but merely guides their spirits to the next realm, and it is not their place to judge souls or determine what will become of them."I am a Guardian of Death, neither evil nor good. We do not kill the "mortals," we lead their souls into the next realm." – DARKLife is the experience of being alive, and being attached to it is a life full of battles and dangers, physical as well as spiritual. In God's love for us, He placed an angel to protect the physical, moral, and spiritual danger, to watch, pray without ceasing and guide every human being."I am a Guardian Keeper; we can offer comfort and guida
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Chapter One: Present Time
The crowd screamed through the arena. The game would end in seconds, with West Oaks University leading the way. Lucian has the ball, and he has to shoot to let the opponent down. The deafening sound suddenly vanished as Lucian's movement seemed to be in slow motion. He lifted both hands, jumped slightly, and tossed the ball closer to the basket until it gently entered the ring. The sound was heard all over the arena when Lucian inserted the ball into the last three seconds. Lucian was approached by his teammates and then lifted. The entire team enjoyed themselves with the fans and classmates who watched the match. Alexa immediately hugged her big brother as she entered their locker room. Alexa was very happy. "Brother, you are great! You won the game again. " Alexa's happy comment "Not only because of me Alexa, because of the entire team," Lucian stated. "I agree with Alexa,
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Chapter Two: Father's Love
"Finally, you're here!" Dark turned around to the man at the desk. He resembles a panda due to the size of the black circle under his eyes, his hair is messy and he seems very tired. "I slept first, we had a match this morning," Dark said. He took a seat in his chair. He had an envelope on the table. He opened it at once and took the card inside. "What happened to you? How come you're like Azra? " Dark asked He didn't look at the man he was reading out of the black card. Black card, this is what they call the Death Cards they receive from on high. It contains simple information on the person destined to die, even the cause and time of death are there. "The number of troubled souls is on the rise. It's almost tripled in the past week. " Trans complaint "Even these," Dark said the black cards landed on his desk. "The number of them,
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Chapter Three: Elize
"Finally, you are here!" said Trans without life.  Trans's appearance has remained the same since. Dark sat on Trans' desk with a bunch of paper. Dark barely gets to see Trans when he's sitting there with all the paperwork.  "I'm comfortable with your new look, Trans." Dark was kidding with serious facial expressions.  "You still have time to laugh at me. See those papers over there? I have to complete it before the end of the year, but it seems impossible to do so. ” Trans complaints  Dark stood up and took a thick folder from Trans's table, he brought it to his table. Dark was already sitting in his chair and busy reading the contents of the folder.  "Troubled souls are like viruses, it multiplies every day." Said Dark.  "I told you, it was tripling every day," Trans said.  All of a sudden, the office door opened
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Chapter Four: Lucian and Elize
East just watched Elize. They're having lunch together. He had known Elize for a long time. Elize's childhood didn't go as well as he did.  "Why are you watching me like that?" asked Elize seriously.  “With the speed of time, we no longer realise that many things have changed within us. You used to just cry all the time in a corner. " Said East  "Do you think I am supposed to be happy when they kidnapped me?" Elize asked.  East laughed about what Elize said and started eating again.  "What happened to your search? Have you located them? " Asked Elize.  East stopped eating and looked at Elize. "They don't live in the Philippines anymore. I put the question to one of their neighbours in Batangas and they told me that my family had emigrated to Australia after having given up hope of finding me. The only thing they know about me is I'm dead
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Chapter Five: Epic Fail
When Dark arrived at the locker room, he was immediately approached by his teammates. He ignored them and went straight to his locker. He frowned as he looked into the locker, then smiled secretly. Instead of opening the locker, he sat in the long iron chair there and picked up his phone. Trans's calling him. "What's wrong, Trans?" asked Dark. Dark's comrades in the locker room seemed disappointed that he had not opened his locker. There's something in his locker that he shouldn't open. “Zack? Why is Zack there? ” Dark asked Zack is one of the reapers who are extremely jealous of Dark. That's why Zack always does things that cause damage to Trans because Trans is the first and last to enter their office. "Watch out, he could do something to you again," said Dark. "He's searching for something on your table, I don't know what it is," said Trans. “All
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Chapter Six: Bullies
'In fairness to you, Gavin, you look so handsome. It's unfortunate because your parents are doing illegal, and you must be, too. ’ - Elize thought Elize grins a little.  Somebody's getting close to her. "Lindsey,"  Elize said without even looking around "Oh, my goodness, how sharp your senses are!" Lindsey said as she approached her laughter. "You're the only one I know who has that kind of walking rhythm," Elize said smiley. “Rhythm? What's that supposed to mean?  Do you think I'm a walking dancer? ” Lindsey replied. Elize laughed. Lindsey was her first friend in college three years back. They were in their first year when she saw the I.G (It Girls) making fun of Lindsey.  As well as being brunette, her hair is curly, her teeth are not beautiful which is remarkable because she likes to smile. During the holidays, the braces she wore were
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Chapter Seven: Elize Secret Identity
While she drives the car, Elize changes her clothes. There is no problem even though she wears a bra and underwear in the car because her windows are tinted. She usually gets changed when he drives. East and Elize said they had an appointment at an expensive restaurant where Arturo Elizalde's family was staying. Elize's car stops in the restaurant parking lot, spotting the numerous coloured black men around. A knock on the window turned Elize to the window. That's East. She immediately removed the lock from the car door and went inside. "God, my date is amazing," East said he was looking at Elize. "We got a job here, East. It's not an actual date. ” Said Elize "Are we supposed to fake it?" East laughed Elize finished putting lipstick on and turned to East. He just wears it, but you can see the hybridity of East, he looks very masculine, so it's not surprising that ma
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Chapter Eight: Jahmar
Lucian stood just outside the cubicle in the ladies' room, waiting for Elize. Soon the ladies' room opened and a woman aged 50 and over entered. She looks kind because of her angelic face. But Lucian noticed that, unlike her beautiful face, the woman's behaviour was bad, it was so obvious in her actions that she was just pretending to be kind. Lucian shook his head.There was a slight shock to the woman's face when Elize came out of the cubicle. The woman raised her eyebrow and look Elize from head to toe. As if she was mocking Elize. But Elize noticed the way Veronica was looking at her, she walked up to the sink where the woman was."7,208 bucks..." said the woman.Elize looked at the woman but did not speak. She just kept staring at her dress and even stroking her curvy as the woman looking at what she was doing."350,000 pesos is the value of the wine my husband has just given you." The woman said she looked at Elize head to toe. “Which doesn't suit you.”The woman raised an eyebr
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Chapter Nine: First Mission
Lucian was sitting in the back of the car, East was the driver, and Elize was in the passenger seat.  East immediately took his phone, soon they got to hear the couple talking. "You didn't even properly introduce me to the two of them," said Veronica. He laughed a little. "What would you have me say? You have a husband, right? ” "Am I still your wife?" annoyed Veronica said "On paper and in people's eyes, you're still my wife, but not for me." Said, Arturo The surroundings became quiet. Later, they saw the Elizalde couple leave the diner, followed by several bodyguards. Elize took off those shoes she was wearing. "That old man is literally drooling on you, honey." Said East laughing. "And his operated-on wife doesn't just salivate you, hon. She takes your clothes off with her eyes and she could eat you all raw."
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