Mysterious CEO's Last Surrogate

Mysterious CEO's Last Surrogate

By:  Lucia Love  Completed
Language: English
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Danica wakes up beside a strange man in the morning. The next day, she finds herself becoming the surrogate to a mysterious man, in the bid to save her twin sister Daniella from a ruthless mafia boss. But what she doesn't understand is, why did he change the rules? He wants her body once every month till she conceives yet; she can't see him face to face...

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77 Chapters
1 - To the club or lose a sister
Daniella trembled with fear, her eyes wide in panic, as her knees burned with pain from kneeling on the marbled floor for hours. Warm tears fell in her cheeks, wetting her blouse. Angry pairs of eyes surrounded her as Justice, the first in command to the mafia boss, snarled, "Tell me why I shouldn't kill you now?" His voice was taunting, as he glared at her with his deep brown eyes. Daniella shivered as she muttered, "Because you won't get your money if you kill me. Look, I will do anything okay? anything." Justice laughed hysterically. "Will you do anything? Mr. Somo, my boss, needs a virgin tonight but I know you are not so you don't possibly have anything to offer," he snarled. Daniella thought hard. Her life was at stake and she dared not offend the man in front of her. The hardness of the floor she had been kneeling on for so long made her knee painful. "Yes, I am not a virgin, but my sister is. I can get her to Mr. Somo." Justice gulped down a glass of vodka. His face was de
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2 - Can't drink
"Deal," Daniella agreed without arguing. She knew undoubtedly that after tonight, everything about them was going to change either for good or worse. She sat down and enjoyed her muffins with milk while Danica sucked in the solace of silence. She couldn't foresee what her first day in the pub would be like and she felt as if she had just made a deal with the devil himself in the bid to win her twin over. Night came and Danica almost cried when she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her long brunette hair had been trimmed to her shoulder and curled. She wore a dress that did not reach her knee and couldn't take a step. Her eyes watered when Daniella applied the mascara and her red lipstick matched her red dress perfectly. Danica couldn't recognize herself in the mirror. For the first time, she looked identical to Daniella. In times past, it was very easy to differentiate between them, just by their styles of dressing. At this point in time, Danica felt that even their parents wouldn't
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3 - Waking up with a handsome stranger
Danica woke up in a strange bed, a strong arm held her by the waist. The room whiffed of expensive cologne, the interior was lavishly designed. She couldn't tell whether it was a mansion or a hotel. All she knew was that whoever owned this place must be very rich. She felt a hot breath fanning the back of her neck. Her hair was pulled to the side. Instantly, she turned around, coming face to face with a gorgeous man. His hair was black and messy but didn't shadow his handsome features. His thin lips were stretched in the form of a smile. 'He must be having a good dream', Danica thought. She wanted to get up but the arm tightened around her. She dribbled in fear, without a memory of how she got into this mess. She imagined how to get out of there alive. Gently, she removed the man's arms slowly and lifted herself, only to realize that she was naked and sore. Warm tears washed her cheeks, at the thought of what had happened to her. She could not remember a thing about last night. Unfor
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4 - Giving her a second chance
"Dan," Justice called to the guard who failed to send Danica to the correct room. "Boss," Dan responded, his head bowed. Justice strutted towards him and pulled out a revolver. "Do you realize your mistake? If Daniella was smart, we would have lost our money because of your silly mistake," he said through gritted teeth. Dan remorsefully responded, "Yes boss, I'm sorry it won't happen again." "You know that sorry doesn't work for me but you are right about one thing. It won't happen again," Justice said solemnly. He pulled the trigger and just like that, Dan's body dropped, dead, in a pool of blood. Justice puffed his cigarette and said, "Clean up this mess," he called to his other guards, who seemed unperturbed at the turnout of events. To them, it was nothing new for justice. "This is what happens to anyone who makes a mistake. There would be no second chance. If Mr. Somo gets angry, someone else would have to pay," he said, spun around, and left, puffing on his cigarette. *****
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5 - Those terms are final
Back at the hotel, Carlos had returned with an envelope and handed it over to Loney. Loney starred in mistrust. "Dead? That's practically impossible," he raged, his jaws clenched in anger and teeth gritted. He glared at Carlos with a fiery gaze. Carlos coward in fear and said, "I checked the records with the Russian government. It's true, Mr. Hubert, she's late." "Nonsense, practical nonsense! Tell me, who came to my hotel room?" Loney raged. Carlos shook his head in plight, "I don't know, maybe we didn't get the name right," he said thoughtfully. Loney's rage aggravated as he said, "I knew her from college and I'm certain that the name is correct," he was about to say something when his cell phone rang. He checked the screen and saw his secretary's name. Instantly, he said to Carlos, "Just get out." He waited for Carlos to exit the hotel room before he answered the call. "What is it, Marie?" He responded harshly. Marie mumbled in her words, "Mr. Hubert, someone delivered a lette
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6 - Will you be my client's surrogate?
Danica sat nervously with Herty at the Hospitals reception. It was one of the most expensive private fertility hospitals in Mexico. Doctor Jeff owned the hospital and worked there as well. After speaking with Loney on the phone, his heart broke. Sometimes, he couldn't understand Loney's ways. Initially, he advised Loney to get married but he blatantly refused. A few years ago when Loney proposed surrogacy, Jeff tried his best to discourage him but Loney's mind was already made up at the thought of it.It ached his heart at how much money Loney wasted every year on these surrogates. Therefore, when Loney decided to end it with them, Dr. Jeff was secretly pleased. However, when he received Danica's application, her details seemed genuine and with a little investigation, he knew Danica had no link with Ray. With that satisfaction, he decided to persuade Loney to try for the last time. He slightly wished that Loney would have what makes him happy but with his current terms, Jeff regretted
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7 - He will show up when he is ready
Danica was lost in thought. Everything seemed so bizarre. If she opted for the others, the money wouldn't be enough to settle all the people Daniella owed. She recalled her encounter with that guy at the club. He was so scary. Unless she could pray for a miracle, this was her only option. However, will she lose herself in the bid to save her sister? Was this her way of showing her love to her sister or was it her cross to carry? Everything seemed blurry and she lacked the right answers. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead, as her throat felt dry. "Water," she requested. Jeff gave her a bottle of water from the fridge. Daniella took a sip and continued to battle with her thoughts. "Can I live in my own house?" "No. He has a place where you would be well catered for. You don't have to worry about anything," Jeff assured her. However, Danica felt muffled. She felt like she was going to be in a prison for nine months and leave her baby behind. There was no relief in all the an
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8 - Unanswered questions
Danica was upset, as her questions remained unanswered. She was still yet to meet the intended parent of the child she was going to carry. Throughout the drive, her mind was in shambles. The anxiety was becoming more and more unbearable, as she menaced on the contract she had just signed. What kind of intended parent was he? Will he treat the child well? Her mind drifted to rest mode, while sleep stole her. She woke up in a panic when she stared at her surroundings through the window. It was a lonely road with no vehicle or person around. Danica's anxiety grew as she asked, "Are we there yet?" "Almost," Paul responded instantly. "Why does this place seem far from town? It seems rather deserted," she observed. "Because it's his safe house," Paul said frantically. Danica pouted. She realized her questions only gained answers that increased her anxiety but she couldn't help asking anyway. She knew that aside from spies and criminals, normal people didn't need or use a safe house. The
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9 - I will be there tonight but don't tell her
The next day, Danica woke up feeling desolate. The expanse of the posh room swallowed her. She decided to fill in the void by preparing breakfast. She was bored staying without doing anything and used her time to do all the cooking at different times of the day. This new life seemed doubting to her in the sense that she felt sluggish. Cooking in a place like this could not be compared to the restaurant where she could cook for hundreds of different customers a day. The worse was, no one would give her the answers she craved. Life proceeded as Danica continued to cook under pretense while she waited patiently for the intended parent who never showed up. A week passed and she couldn't take it anymore. She comprehended that the more time it took for her to conceive, the longer she was bound to stay. When she perceived that Paul knew more about the intended parent than Mabel, she turned her frustrations on him. After breakfast one morning, Danica called Paul to the lounge. Paul had no id
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10 - Something seems to have changed about him
Relief wiped over Paul. He was in high spirits and waited for his best friend. He had spoken to him on the phone for a long time but it's been over two years since he saw Loney face to face. Nonetheless, hours passed and Loney had not arrived. Paul's eyes were heavy, as sleep stole him. All was quiet in the mansion with almost everyone asleep. There were just a few guards around. Loney left the field exhausted after supervising the repairs of some of his machines which had been attacked by Ray's spies. He intended to deal with Ray instantly but due to the threat he received from Danica through Paul, he decided to go over to the mansion. His only need at the moment was a child to inherit all he had toiled for. If that didn't happen, then everything goes to charity. However, when he recalled the first time he saw Daniella in college, his mind instantly went into a confused mode. Daniella was beautiful and bubbly. The guys loved her and Loney was obsessed with her yet he couldn't approac
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