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Love For The Wicked Book Two. No strings attached? Careful what you agreed upon for your heart might get tangled in strings. ~~ She is the opposite of the girl he would spend his time with, and he’s the opposite of the man she’d fall for. Cali and Evan, two people who longed to escape the hustle and bustle of their lives, met at the right place, at the right time. After agreeing on a no strings attached deal, they enjoyed their stay on an island in each other’s company. It was fun and exciting; it was everything they both wanted until feelings got tangled with their agreement. ~~ “Live a little, Princess,” he closed in the distance between us, his hands came up to cup my face. “I won’t let anything happen to you.” “I’m scared of motorcycles,” I admitted, biting my shivering lips, looking anywhere but up to his face. His thumb came under my chin, giving me no choice but to look into his eyes. “Trust me. It’s worth the ride.” For a few idiotic moments, I saw stars sparkle around us. As dumb as it may sound, I believe every word coming out of his mouth. It’s either I already lost my mind or he has the ability to persuade people to his will because what I said is not something Cali Reed would ever say in a normal day. “I trust you.” ~~ [Mature Content] Cover by DobolyuV

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75 chapters
~Evan~ Dusk dawned, Harbour Lights Barbados comes to life. Everywhere I look, all sizes, age and shapes of people crowd the nightlife of this beautiful city, mingling together for one reason – to enjoy the fire – the excitement of seeing something different, something new. It was easy to get lost in a place where no one really knows who I am. And who I was or who I want to be. For these people around me, chattering, dancing, drinking and getting lost in conversations with their companions, I’m just another tourist lost in the magnificent city of Bridgetown. The frost feel of this beer bottle in my hands was the exact opposite of the warm breeze coming from Carlisle Bay. This bottle kept me company while I rejected every girl that came up to me with an invitation to their hotel room. Read more
~Cali~There are a few things in life I have little tolerance for. My sister’s voice – which is a total lie – a hungover and a stinking smell.Feeling the soft sheets against my skin, I buried my face deeper into the feather soft pillow under my cheeks. It smells sweet and sour, like green apples on a hot summer's day.Apples.I don’t smell like apples.In my sleepy state, I tried to stand only to fall face flat on the floor with a loud thud. Groaning, I perceived I wasn’t on a bed. The black leather couch where I laid seconds ago came into view on my hazy sight.The world was spinning; the couch was spinning, although I don’t think the end of t
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~Cali~Such pretty brown eyes staring at me. I never thought I’d seen such a shade of brown. Honey gold flakes highlighted by brown strands that made his eyes look like gems under those long lashes. His lips were so full and red as if someone had sucked the life out of him. His nose is whittle to perfection and the day old stubble on his sharp jaws didn’t take away any ounce of his appeal.His hair is a mesh gold, almost brown locks, a few strands fell on his face in a sexy way…I need to stop with the adjectives for a bit.“Thank you,” I politely accepted the drink from the glaring bartender. Since I saw her make the drink in front of me, I am willing to accept this drink from this gorgeous stranger.Read more
Your Place
~Cali~Glide and caress. My lips parted from my stunned stance, allowing this stranger to slip his tongue inside my mouth with ease. With eyes wide open, all I could do was watch his eyelids pressed tightly. He groans, sounding satisfied with what he was tasting.His hold on my arms was firm and gentle at the same time. The feel of his grip, the pressure of his fingers on my skin is enough to convince me he is enjoying what he is taking.My frozen hands instinctively advanced on their own, clinging onto the nape of his neck. Just like what I thought, his locks felt like silk sandwiched between my curious fingers.I can feel everything he was doing to me. Every caress of his tongue is wonderful and sweet, possessive and aggressive… and I like it.Read more
Stolen Kiss
~Cali~“Shut up,” groping on the side table, I groaned at the annoying vibration of the alarm. Why does it have to be so loud in announcing that it’s time to face reality again? I couldn’t even reach for the damn annoying thing. My limbs are too short even for just reaching this damn irritating alarm clock!Pushing the duvet from my body, chills ignited on my bare skin, the silk fabric rolled in my waist. I reached for the annoying garish thing. “sta 'zitto!”Who the hell sets an alarm on a freaking vacation?Only Cali Reed. Stupid me.Grumbling, I rubbed my temple in circles. How did I end up naked in bed?Seeing my clothes scattered on the flo
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This Chapter is R:18 (Slightly)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cali~This man in front of me is just a figment of my imagination. No one dared steal a kiss from me before. The sad part is, I am enjoying this kiss more than I should. This gorgeous stranger should drift in my life like a tourist… a passer-by and nothing more.He shouldn’t make me feel all these fireworks in broad daylight. Most of all, he shouldn’t make me self-conscious. That’s just not me. I am feared by men who try to walk all over women on their way to success. None ever tried to challenge me in my line of work, for my name is not my skills. I am the Vice President of Reed Industries because I worked my ass off from the bottom, and not because I am my father’s daughter.<
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Delicious Smell
~Cali~Is he real? Did my vajayjay have a mind of its own? It kept going on fantasizing about him, and it’s disturbing my mind!I must be going bonkers - that’s if I’m not already there - but not on this level. He can’t be living in my head. This gorgeous stranger can’t be...“Princess,” he’s really here.Oh, my...Gone were his sunglasses. Staring down at me is my favorite shade of brown irises, devouring my awful unpresentable state.He is gawking, studying me. His charm is mesmerizing, taking away my ability to utter a single word. There are tons of questions I should ask this man and this is the right time to interrogate him.Read more
~Cali~“How can I help?” Since I am defying all rational thought in my head, I might as well focus on something I really need as of this moment. Food, the actual food.Standing beside him, I let my eyes wander on the not so messy state of my kitchen. There are three pans on the stove. One contains two Salmons with garlic and thyme. The smell of butter filled the air, I am one hundred percent sure it is present in all the pans. The second has sautéed onions, corn, green, yellow and red bell peppers, zucchini and yellow squash. It’s the exact picture of the succotash I had in mind. The third one has smashed potatoes he now tops with chopped mustard greens.Hm, heaven.“Lemons,” he nodded on the basket above the island. Reaching for it,
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Fair Enough
This chapter is R-18 (Seriously)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cali~If it was possible, a gush of liquid pooled on my panties. I squirmed in my seat, excitement oozing in my blood at his words. I swallowed a huge chunk of air, an awkward laugh escaping my mouth. “W-what?”“You heard me, Princess,” he murmured. I looked into his eyes, dark abyss boring holes into my dazed green ones, probing, challenging.“Uhm…” speak, dammit! No one in this world rendered me speechless - much less have me stuttering - only him. “H-here? Now?”His thick brows quirked up, daring me to do as he pleased.“Yo
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~Cali~I am not a screamer. I tried to keep everything down, but his tongue coupled with the sensation of his skilled lips made me forget all words synonymous to silence.My fingers rejoice as they thread through his golden locks. It’s something I had wanted to do since I saw him yesterday. I shamelessly ground myself on his mouth, my hips urging him to go faster. The sensation of his fingers fanned around my hip bone, keeping me down after he pulled me on the edge of the island had me whimpering. I can see stars, better yet, the universe on my closed eyelids.His tongue dived inside me, tasting me further and further, as my fingers clawed on his hair. “Gio…” I breathe, his guttural groan was my response.I was still sensitive from my first orgas
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