From The 28th Century

From The 28th Century

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A girl from the 28th century went into another world where beasts can talk, other races exist such as Elves and more. Soheila Marioline Vespara originally lived in this world but got transferred on Earth for a reason. Soheila is abused and forced to be a perfect woman that knows how to cook, can do perfect etiquette, and most importantly, she's forced to read a bunch of thick books at the age of five. Svetlana, the world where her journey began. What kind of challenges will she face? Can she have friends whom she can trust? Can Soheila finally meet her family? Read the 'From The 28th Century' to find it out!

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252 chapters
Chapter 1
  Edited.   READ GUIDES!     Run. Run as fast as you can. Footsteps can be heard in the middle of the woods. A slender figure of a woman ran with a bow and arrow in her hand while a creature with a size of a lion, but ten times bigger is following her. Her exquisite face shown some dried blood by a creature. Her beautiful golden eyes shine like a star. A kissable red lips, pointed nose, long eyelashes, a perfect face shape is visible on her face that every woman dreamt of. The girl ran and ran until she finally lured the creature, she got an idea a while ago on how to kill the creature who kept following her. The girl stopped running so is the creature while looking at her with killing intent. She looked at the creature and positioned her arms for her bow to shoot the tree behind the creature. When her bow and arrow are ready, she releases the arrow straight to the tree. The creat
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Chapter 2
The next day, Soheila packed all her things. She put it inside the spirit ring and asked her spirit beasts about the North, she asked them because the two Spirit Beast, Sylvie the Fox and Little Black the Hamster traveled there already for tons of times.The North is the number one kingdom among the three sides. The three sides are the West, East, and South. The North had 4 prestigious clans which are the Harter Clan, Finland Clan, Keiya Clan, and Kim Clan. The famous and best Sect also is there, the North, which is Blue Moon Sect.“Let's go! So, to sell my pills I need to go to an Auction.” Soheila said. Last night Sylvie said to sell the pills, I had to go to an Auction. She said that they are trustworthy and do not scam people.Sylvie nodded. Soheila and the two small beasts set out of the cave. It's been two hours since they set out of the cave which they used to live previously. They walk and walk while holding a map, it shows the wa
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Chapter 3
Five whole days have passed, Soheila and the two cute little spirit beasts arrived at the north. In front of them is a huge wall with a big gate and ten knights on each side. Soheila never thought that the city entrance would look like this because she imagined that the first thing she will see is a bunch of luxurious house and store while it will be crowded instead what shows up is knights guarding the gates and you need to pass by them is first to go inside the gate. Soheila and the two others went along to the people lining up to successfully pass the gate. It is good that when they got here, it's still early so the line is not that long. Soheila can feel the strong aura of the people's cultivation, furthermore while traveling from the forest and here, Soheila never forget to absorb the spirit energy surrounding them, she is now at the Rank Yellow Advance Level. It took her ten days to advance from Yellow Intermediate Level to Yellow Advance Level.Read more
Chapter 4
The girl smiled and nodded to Soheila as she watch her walk towards the left room. Inside the left room, the floor and the wall is white while the ceiling is black. The bed's size is quite big, and it's in the middle. One small counter on each side, while beside the door is a table with a mirror on it. On the left wall, there's a door and a big cabinet. The door is the way to go to the bathroom. On the right walls, there's a huge window that could see the view outside which are the people walking and running. The bedroom is simple, but the bed is soft and fluffy same as the pillows. Soheila wanted to rest, and just sleep for 72 hours. Suddenly, a knock disturbed her wish to rest. Soheila walk towards the door and open it.She opened the door, and the neck of the girl whom she had saved, and the two cute little spirit beasts appeared on her eyesight. “Yes?” Soheila asked in confusion.
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Chapter 5
Suddenly, the lights on the auction reduced, and a tall man walked from the back of the stage, and stand at the center of the small stage. The tall man had a big, bright smile on his face that makes him handsome. He was wearing a black suit, and a black shoes, and he's holding a long solid black stick. He looks more like a magician back on earth instead of an auctioneer. “What a lovely evening! Welcome everyone to the auction. After a quite long wait, the auction has finally begun! I wonder that everyone here is excited just like me, Klark Oz!” Klark Oz smiled. Everyone was excited as they all screamed as an agreement. Klark Oz watched the reaction and said, “A friendly reminder again to everyone that a highly ranked guard stand on every corner of the auction. Once we all start, and your auction is unsuccessful, you cannot create a ruckus here!”  After he finished his 'fr
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Chapter 6
Soheila is in closed-door cultivation in her room for ten whole days straight. Sylvie and Little Black just prepared food for her, and place it outside the door, afraid that they'll disturb her. Sirene was surprised that Soheila would be in closed-door cultivation, that only means she will have her breakthrough soon. The first time she saw her, Soheila was just at the Yellow Rank Intermediate level. But soon, she will be at the Peak level! What a monster is she! As if breaking through is like drinking water. To breakthrough at the Yellow Rank Peak level, it will take them months or worse years. But Soheila seems to breakthrough after half a month! Sirene right now is at Yellow Rank Novice level, she will advance soon in a month or perhaps for the next 10 days. Ten days have passed, Soheila finally opened her eyes. She can feel that she had a breakthrough since she can feel her strength grow stronger. She checked her Rank for a moment and
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Chapter 7
“Do you want to go somewhere?” Sirene asked Soheila who is now beside her. Sirene was no shock when she found out that Soheila had two attributes. In fact, she expected it since Soheila is talented. She can feel all the gazes of the people present, so, she wants to get away as soon as possible. “Yep, sure,” Soheila said, and didn't awkward to all the gaze that had been watching her every step. Soheila got used to this ever since she was ten years old because of the beauty that made her a famous model. But she saw that Sirene is uncomfortable, so, she agreed. “Let's go buy skewers! We didn't get to have breakfast and lunch, so, I'm hungry. What about you?” Sirene said as she held her flat tummy and rubbing it. “Same to me as well, obliviously. Let's go!” Soheila answered as she and Sirene walked out of the Golden gate. “Phew!” Sirene sighed in relief when she felt no one is gazing at them. “Just five minutes and I b
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Chapter 8
“You go with the rice.” Soheila said to Sirene. When Sirene heard this, her eyes lit up, and said excitedly, “Sure! Sure! Ahh, rice!” Sirene still remembered how delicious it is to partner rice with a skewer. Rice was common, but they never partner rice with a dish. “I'll cook Pork Chop with Mushrooms, Black Pepper Cube Steaks & Mushroom Cream, Beef Mushroom, and Mushroom Soup,” Soheila said as she took out a big pot, pans, and other utensils. “I'll help after cooking rice. Although I don't know the other dish you mentioned, you can guide me.” Sirene smiled as she prepared to cook rice. Soheila smiled and nodded. She took out seven boneless pork chops that she got last time for killing a spirit beast. Soheila took out a mushroom and sliced it elegantly and gracefully in smaller pieces. After doing that, she put the boneless pork chop in a cooker, and add spirit energy to it since it will take them hours to be cooked if there's none. Meanw
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Chapter 9
“Students, I, Jack Gretz, the assistant of the Dean will hereby announce that tomorrow would be your rest day, and tomorrow morning your schedule would arrive in your dorm.” A voice rang on Soheila's ears, same to her roommates. Soheila didn't find it weird because this world is full of magic, so, it's expected that they have those kinds of things. They guessed that it is a treasure of the Academy for them to easily passed the message to the students. Perhaps that was the middle-aged man for stage who announced. Soheila took a deep breath, and let out the two spirit beasts who kept on shouting for them to get out through using the spiritual contract. It was too loud as if her brain was cracked because of their shout. Soheila can't concentrate to think about her next plan, the noise is quite annoying, so, she let the two spirit beasts out. “Ahh! Thank you, master!” Little black shouted again. He smilingly hopped of the soft
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Chapter 10
“Still far for me to breakthrough. It might take me two weeks. The spirit energy here is really thin, but I should have fun while getting stronger.” In the morning, Soheila opened her eyes and checked her rank level only to see that she's far from her breakthrough. While Soheila was in deep thought, a noise came from her tummy. She looked at the window on her side. “It's morning already. I guess that's why I'm quite hungry. I cultivated peacefully that I didn't notice that it's morning ” She hopped off her bed, and said, “My six roommates should be resting now. It would be a shock if until now they are still talking in the living room. I wonder where are my two spirit beasts.” The door made a creek sound when Soheila opened it. Soheila went straight to the kitchen as she couldn't feel any aura in the living room instead, she could feel that they're now separated, unlike the last time she saw them as they were together.
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