The Swift Security Series

The Swift Security Series

By:  Helen Stephens  Ongoing
Language: English
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Follow Jake Swift and his team of elite ex military personnel in this series of short stories. Book 1 Saving Erin. Deep in the treacherous ice-cold mountains, Erin is running from a monster when she stumbles upon Jake Swift and his highly trained security team. Will Jake, the handsome, rugged ex-military man, be the one to save her. Book 2 Tank. When a beautiful woman crashes into his life will Tank be able to save her from the devil himself. Book 3 Laila. Laila has always been the strong fiesty one of the group but when she finds herself captured who will be the one to save her? Book 4 Madog. When Ruby turns up for work, what starts as a normal day ends in disaster. Will Madog and the Swift security team get to her in time? Book 5 Ben. He found her, she was broken. It takes a strong man to handle a broken woman, but it takes a stronger woman to come back from being broken.

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57 Chapters
  Saving Erin   Book 1 of the Swift security series.   Chapter one.   Jake Swift's point of view   The names jake Swift I go by the nickname of Swifty for obvious reasons and also as I like to get the job done ASAP. After leaving the army two years ago, I set up swift security; most of my employees are ex-army there, not just my friends. They are my family.   So here I am at the age of twenty-eight, running my own security firm that hires ex-military men and women. It's hard when you first leave the army to settle into civilian life. When I first left, I was so lost away from military life. So that why I started my
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Book 2 of the Swift Security Series.Saving ErinChapter 2Jake's point of view.We're up at the crack of dawn. The weather is bleak this morning as we load up the snow mobile's to make our way further up the mountainside. Tank turns to look at me as he says."The weather's definitely changing."I nod my head as I look up to the darkening skies."Yeah, let's get this training done before the storm hits properly."Read more
  Saving Erin. Chapter three Jake's point of view I gently wrap her in my cold suit jacket and pick her up. She's nothing but skin and bones. She doesn't make a sound as I carry her broken and battered body back up to the cabin, running as fast as I can, knowing that time is not on our side. God only knows how long she's been out here. Even with the swelling and bruises on her face, she's beautiful with pale porcelain skin and long flowing blonde hair, I whisper softly to her. "Hey, beautiful lady, you're safe now. No
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Saving ErinChapter 4Erin's point of view            I try to open my eyes, but it hurts so much; everything hurts, my face is swollen; I can feel my eyes almost swollen shut as I try to force them open, and my ribs hurt when I breathe. It hurts just to move my head, and I can't help the moan that escapes my dry lips. "Owwww " Read more
                             Saving Erin                               Chapter 5                    Jake's point of view                                        I find Madog to see if he's found anything out about our little mystery lady. He's sat hunched over his laptop. I put my hand on his shoulder as I ask.Read more
                             Saving Erin                                   Chapter 6                 Zane (Tanks) point of view.                                         Fuck I can't believe it was Roy Kenner who kidnapped Erin, no wonder Jake was so eager to get down o
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                           Saving Erin                              Chapter 7                    Erin's point of view                                        It's now later in the evening, and I'm currently sitting in the day room with my Fa
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                          Saving Erin                             Chapter 8                     Erin's point of view                                  Jake gently lays me down on my bed befo
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                          Saving Erin                             Chapter 9                  Erin's point of view                                 My father leaves late
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                           Saving Erin                           Chapter 10                   Erin's point of view                                           
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