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Currently being hunted, that's what Zenah's situation right now. If Yvrozz will find her saying the words 'Found you', her life will turned upside down, meaning she'll be in a mess, her life will become a horror and her freedom will vanished. Yvrozz gave her two weeks to hide, either she will flew to another country or stay. If he will find her and hug her uttering the word 'Found You', the playing tag will be over and she will be married with him. Can she hide completely? or accept their marriage willingly?

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    CHAPTER 1 ZENAH was in a tight situation right now, her mother keeps on bugging her about the marriage while her father was bugging her about having a baby and giving them a cute grandson. She was puffing trying to calm her nerves, she closed her eyes in irritation, having a high-class family is a pain in the ass. "Dad, Mom, I've already told you countless times, that I won't get married nor give birth. I want to enjoy my youth, I'm still twenty-two years old yet you keep saying about marriage and a child, do you also consider what would I feel?" Zenah said in a calm tone trying to explain to them that she doesn't want to get married. Her mother sighed before she answered, "Listen, dear, we've already given you twenty-two years for your freedom, so why not grant us what we wish for once?" Zenith's brows wrinkled as she let out a mocking chuckle, "You want me to get married? To whom? And then what will happen to me? What will happy to the family of the baby? What if it doesn't work
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    CHAPTER 2 Yvrozz's lips lifted when he heard Zenah agree with his words. Although it looked favorable to Zenah, it was also favorable on his side. He won't let her slip away from his palm Yvrozz looked at her with interest and spoke, “It looks like you will be my wife in the end. I'm gonna do my best to make you accept our marriage. What he said, really made Zenah clench her fist in irritation. He looked like a scheming man. She already know that no matter what she would do, this man won't let her get away from him. This man is persistent. "Damn you. I've already succeeded to flew to another country to avoid the arranged marriage and then here you are asking me to be your fake wife and bear your child what the fuck is going on?! Besides, I did the background check on you... seems like your family is rich and it looks like you are doing everything in your hands just to inherit your family's businesses, am I right?"Zenah said calmly making Yvrozz chuckle. "Of course. I didn't kno
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    CHAPTER 3 MORNING came as she woke up early to prepare for the plan. She did her morning routine and after that, she went to her luggage and get her v-neck black crop top, along with black trousers. She choose that outfit today, she didn't bother to hide her face since Yvrozz promised her that he would go out of his penthouse after one month. So meaning, that she's okay to roam around without hiding her face for at least one month. She went to the Mall to buy make-up, dresses, and also a curly wig to perfect her disguise. She also went to the other store to buy sandals, and boots with high heels and since she's slim and has a coca-cola body, she won't wear any dresses that expose her body to avoid Yvrozz from finding her. Well, she knows that before Yvrozz took off the plane, he examine her body and her face to remember all of it. She let out a sigh while thinking about what she got into. She's planning to have a vacation—I mean, to work in another country and save money because whe
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    CHAPTER 4 "YVROZZ is the name of the director? Isn't he named the same as yours?" His father asked on the other line. Yvrozz let out a chuckle. "Of course, that's why I watched the movie. Anyways, change to another topic, why did you call?" "How's the finding wife?" His father asked, making Yvrozz pause as the corner of his mouth lifted whenever he remembered the woman he meet on the plane. "It's okay, I'll make sure to produce an heir and get married within a month so no need to worry about me, I'm trying to catch my bride so just sit back and relax," Yvrozz said while eating some chips, while his eyes were still on the screen. "Oh... I kinda get what you meant about the movie which you are watching right now. That's why you're pissed about me, disturbing your good time. Don't worry, I won't disturb you from now o, and focus on finding your wife to introduce her to me and your mother. Good luck, son." His father said making him chuckle. "I don't need your good luck dad, because
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    CHAPTER 5 "WAIT A MINUTE... I did remember he said that he would free me from my family like I can fly to another country and have a normal life—that if I would win on our playing tag... then I would be free, I would have freedom, I won't be the girl who is like a puppet who only do what the master would want me to do! Meaning, I can freely choose someone whom I can marry in life without minding his status?! Damn, I should start disguising—Oh never mind, I will just disguise myself when I'll move to another country. I'm not gonna disguise myself while I'm in Japan."Zenah said to herself, convincing herself to be the winner of their playing tag even though the higher rate of chances to win is only 20% out of 100%. She went to another store that has a lot of manga books, she buys the book which she found liking. She was busy exploring Japan before 9 in the morning would come. That 9 am will be the start of her first job in Japan. 'I hope I would do well, I'm excited.' YVROZZ who was b
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    CHAPTER 6 "YOU ARE SO cute at the same time humble. So, are you ready for the photoshoot?"Vanessa-san asked her and Zenah smiled while nodding her head in agreement. "Yes, I'm ready. If I make mistakes or I pose different from what you instruct, please tell me and correct me if possible."Zenah said politely. Vanessa smiled sweetly at her, "Okay. I'll do that then."She said while started walking to the other room, while Zenah was following her. They already reached the other room which has a background of green and it was on stage, while the cameras were surrounding the stage. Vanessa picked clotthathich she will be wearing for today, the dress that she pick is a maid-like outfit. The kind of maid outfit that she saw in anime. Vanessahandst to her and she accepts it. Zenah went to the dressing room which is located at the back of the stage, it has a lot of curtains and course a door to prevent someone from doing something inappropriate. When she was done dressing as a maid-outfit
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    CHAPTER 7 VANESSA is still 26 years old, but she looks like she's 22 years old. She has a baby face and also a slim body. Her height is 5'7 and her motto is 'Always wear your crown, woman. Your crown symbolizes your true self including bravery, kindness, and generosity." She's still single and currently finding her true love in the fiction world which is called by many... a Fictional Character. Vanessa smiled at her, "Yeah. You're gorgeous that's why it feels like you're gonna be our lucky star to expand our business." She laugh at what she said, "That's not true. You're also a goddess, all of your workers have their beauty and their hard work will always pay off that's why it's not shocking if your business will be successful someday. I'd like to visit here again once I settle down." "Sure. You're always welcome here. So, are you gonna do exactly what the customers told you to do?"Vanessa asked changing to the main topic. Without hesitation, she nodded her head, "Of course. I wil
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    CHAPTER 8THE FOURTH DAY, as usual routine she did all of her morning routine and choose the t-shirt and jeans for her outfit, she wore the white socks first before the shoes, then her outfit for today is done. She just choose a simple outfit since she know that she would change the outfit which she will wear today to another costume for the advertisement.As usual, she take a cab and went to the Fashion Gallery. It took her 10 minutes to arrived at her destination. As soon as she step in to the door, Vanessa-san was waiting for her in front of the door, she was standing while crossing her arms, looking at the door to bell from time to time.When Vanessa-san saw Zenah, she immediately went to her to great her, "Good Morning. It's already fourth day of your stay here in Japan, time really flies fast. I'm sad because in 3 days from now, you will move to another country again."Vanessa-san said while a sad face visible on her face.Zenah can't help to be sad also
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    CHAPTER 9IT'S ALREADY 3:12 in the afternoon and the man who was holding the iPad was still in the Fashion Gallery while the other customers were already left because they already buy the items that they wants. Of course, the tuxedo which Zenah advertised was sold-out that's why, Vanessa—her manager and her boss told her that it's fine for her to went with the man. She's thankful that her boss is kind to her, but before she went out with the man who's holding the iPad, Vanessa gave her, her payment for today.And of course, she changed her outfit to a t-shirt and a jeans before she went out of the Fashion Gallery together with the man. She broke the silents in between them, "So, why are you here? I mean, who are you?"The man sighed before he answered, "I'm Ryuuichiro Satoma and I'm Yvrozz one of his circle friend. I'm here because he say so."Her eyebrow raised, "Oho... so you mean you stalk me because of what Yvrozz say to you?"Ryuuichiro
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    CHAPTER 10
    CHAPTER 10"Then if that will happens, I'm gonna pursue her again until she will say 'yes' to me. I'm not gonna give up on her just because she say 'no'. There's still a lot of letters in alphabet, if Plan A doesn't work, there's still more alphabets. If all of thr alphabets doesn't work? then, it's time for the Plan 1 to turn, and there are still a lot of numbers until it reaches the infinity which is never, meaning, I won't give up. 10 years is already enough."Ryuuichiro said making Zenah smile."That's nice. You better not give her up until she would say 'yes'. Ah... it must be nice to be to be in love with someone. Here I am, trying to hide from someone to avoid marriage and have a child."Zenah said while talking loudly , intentionally, she want Yvrozz to hear what she say and she succeed since he heard her loud and clear."Then, why not fall for me? I promise to be good to you."Yvrozz flirted her, winking while giving her his smirk.Zenah tsked, "No than
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