By:  Ginevra Jowns  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ligaya was a healer-wonderer from the world unknown to the human eye -the Realm of Ibawnon. One day, her realm was put in danger due to the threat that the Malignobons, the evil spirit dwellers, was pushing their way. As her realm's Sole Redeemer, she had the responsibility of protecting everyone from the upcoming danger. But despite having a magnificent amount of zest to counter their enemies, Ligaya could still only do so much without her true zest level. In order to bring her total zest back, she ventured out into the human world to find the one person who's responsible for her incapacity and bring that person with her to their realm to defeat the enemies. That person was Vanness "V" Jalandoni, a rich and famous Engineering student slash basketball team captain of their university. When the two of them finally met, things began to go in shambles. One's intention was different from the other and it all made everything messed up. The human world was so much different from where Ligaya came from and V was making her situation more troublesome. Before she could return to her world, she still needed to convince V to believe her and make him come with her. Would she be able to complete her mission? Or would she just surrender her fight in the human world and go back to her realm before it was too late?

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    Chapter One : Let the Riot Begin!
    Intramurals had been the most anticipated event in Sinatra University. Aside from the fun and excitement brought about by the various games it had, it was also the time of the year when almost all the famous and good-looking students usually exposed themselves readily to the eyes of their supporters and admirers.Being known to be the home of champions and "Mr. Universes", the College of Engineering and Architecture had achieved that utmost reputation of having the most number of supporters, may it be from their own college or from another. That day, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun shone the most painful, almost everyone who was involved in Sinatra had gathered together inside the massive Sinatra Gymnasium to witness the final basketball game between the two rival colleges: the College of Business and Governance and the College of Engineering and Architecture. These two had been rivals of all rivals since 2005 and it would really shock everybody if the friction
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    Chapter Two: The Strange New Student
    Inside the Dean's Office, Mrs. Sonia Ariolla, the dean of students, was pacing back and forth in front of all the players who were in her office as of the moment. Not only the commotion that they had done made her very irritated, she was also annoyed by all the mixed smell of the boys' odors that seemed to be suffocating her entire being."What a disgrace! I did not let all of you students to participate or even have that intramural meet just to give this headache to me!" she shouted at everyone."We are very sorry, ma'am. We'll assure you that it won't happen again and that the two of us, Coach Marlon and I, are going to talk to these boys regarding this matter," explained Coach Jared as he gave his signature death glare to his team. "Well, of course, I am expecting the both of you to do so."~~~~~~~~~A lot of sermons came out of Mrs. Ariola's mouth, but nobody even bothered to explain himself. After some time, they were all
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    Chapter Three: Unexpected Touch
    Class went on and everything seemed to be back on track with V. After the break slash interruption given by the sudden appearance of the new mysterious girl in their class, he suddenly gained his long lost consciousness and began understanding the lessons easily. Well, he's smart though. After a couple of minutes, the class ended and that time was his time to go to his next class, which, a bit suspiciously, was also Ligaya's next class of the day, and who was now finally sitting beside him. He found it peculiar but decided to not give a notice about it anyway. ~~~~~~~~~~~A hundred miles away from Sinatra, a group of aged women were having a meeting. All of them were having that game face on and were really serious whenever they utter or do something within the circle. "Why did you let her go, Mamang Turiya? How certain are you that she's doing the right thing?" one of the women asked."It is not for us to decide whether o
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    Chapter Four: A Life's Worth
    Still feeling some ache throughout his body, V tended to savour the feeling of being rested on his bed for another hour. However, he was met by the sudden realization about how on the face of the fucking earth did he get on his bed when all he remembered was he was somewhere near La Primera the night before and was attacked by his enemies and caused him to bleed so much? He immediately opened his eyes to reassure himself that he was really in his room and as he did so, his eyes were met by the presence of his friend Marco who was examining him. He immediately got into his senses for he was shocked to see his friend's face so close to his, and hurried to get off his bed,  away from Marco."What the hell was tha-..ugghhhh!" V attempted to confront his friend's weird examination but got interrupted by the pain on his belly. "V! V, are you alright, dude?" Marco hurried to V but V just raised his free hand to let Marco know that it's fine and that he d
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    Chapter Five: A Girl Like Her
    Surpried was merely just an understatement. Those three words were, in no doubt, astoundingly shocking. But just when V thought that that was it, Ligaya continued to speak the more shocking part of her statement. "My guardian asked for you. . .to be bound to me when the day comes that no one in our bloodline will be alive anymore except me." She uttered those words with utmost sincerity and the two boys in front of her; Marco, who was facing her and V, who was facing his back on her, were both taken aback. "I am not asking you to marry me and I am not expecting you to like this idea either, because to tell you frankly, I don't like it as much as you do. Lucky for us, a relative of mine was still alive. . .But I'm afraid things wouldn't go the way I planned them to be, and I still have not found the Vermilion which can defy the evil dwellers and can grant wishes yet. An information has been delivered to us that it is located in your world, that's why I a
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    Chapter Six: Unlike Her
    Back at the subdivision where V was living, everything still felt weird. Ligaya remained in the kitchen, doing her stuff while V discussed matters with Marco in his bedroom."To be honest, dude, I think you've gone crazy," started Marco who was now playing with a tennis ball while sitting on a couch at the corner of V's room. Tet V was silent, and Marco could tell that he was contemplating about everything. "So, did you really mean it? Are you sure you're letting a stranger stay in your house for a month?" Marco added."What else can I do? I've already said it. Besides, she saved my life. Not the saving thing she was saying seven years ago, but the saving that she did last night. She saved me and without her, I could have been a cold corpse right now. It's the least I can do. And mind you, letting her in does not necessarily mean I believe what she said. You know me, idiot.""That's the spirit, dude!" he was about to give a high five to him but V di
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    Chapter Seven: Malignobons
    On the other side of the world, where the evil dwellers had settled, a man whose name was Hudlao was looking furiously at his subordinates, as if they were a bunch of useless trashes."Idiots! What do you mean it vanished? Are you trying to make a fool out of me?" he shouted to them with all his might. He even produced some force that knocked all of his subordinates out."We are very sorry, our Greatest. But we really tried our best to locate her zest. It's just that, some strange force was meddling and distracting us. And now, the sign has already vanished." A grotesque-looking man, who seemed to be the leader of their team explained everything to Hudlao. Hoping against hope that his master would somehow understood them. His name was Iko."I don't need your explaination, Iko. I need you to find that stupid girl as soon as possible!"However sincere and accurate the explanation was, it was still pointless for
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    Chapter Eight: The Annoying Squad
    It was 8:35 when V woke up again to prepare for school. He's already late but he seemed relaxed while getting out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. But the serenity was immediately cut short when Ligaya's presence showed up before his eyes."What the fuck?!"He was so shocked. Never in his entire existence did he encounter something like this. Still wearing her usual facial expression, Ligaya was standing while leaning on his bedroom's doorframe, arms crossing like a boss."We're late," she said matter of factly."So?!" V couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't make himself comfortable with a lady's presence while he was half-naked, and so he tried to cover his naked torso with the towel that he had used earlier to dry his hair off. On the other hand, Ligaya did not answer and just stared blankly at him, not intimidated at all."Okay, look, I..I don't have to explain my
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    Chapter Nine: Instinct
    Later that day, after the incident that happened between Ligaya and V's friends, the boys were now having their conversation about it."You should have seen her face earlier. Jeez, it's like she is already plotting some murder scenes in her mind." Benjie said at once while applying what seemed like holy water on his arms like a lotion. The same thing was done by the others as well. They were all totally frightened and disgusted. "She's haunting, dude. I can't believe you let her stay in your house while you're wounded. With that look of hers, I wouldn't be surprised if she had hurt you," Dan commented. "What are you talking about? As if she could match my strength and combat skil--...wait, you knew?" V couldn't believe his ears. He was really surprised that Marco betrayed him on their deal to not tell anyone about Ligaya in his house. But it seemed like he's already late."Fine. As if I have a choice. That bastard reallt couldn't keep things for himse
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    Chapter Ten: I wasn't Aware
    For two heart-stopping subjects, Ligaya had undoubtedly proven her skills not just in engineering problems but also in all other subjects that they were all enrolled in for the semester. Even without her knowing it, this amazing act of hers plus her mysterious personality gained her respect from everyone in her batch, including their professors, especially that in that particular batch of aspiring builders and fixers, she was the only female and that she was undeniably really good. Even V and his friends were aware about that. Although, it still was not enough for them to be comfortable with her. They were still careful not to be too close to her physically and were still bringing with them the holy water which they actually went the trouble to fetch, just to be safe from Ligaya. At least, that was what they believed in.After all their subjects for that day were done, Ligaya immediately went home as V went to somewhere she did not know or care about.~~~~Very far
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