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This Story Is About A Young Lady And Her Life Experience Starting From Childhood To School Time Till She found Love Hope You Enjoy It its a cluster of stories also

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SANDRA'S HEART TALES (based on true life experience)
Part 1Alot of people have different life tale, I have read many and never thought I will one day tell mine here for others to read.I have held back for so long and Just felt is time to let my pain out.I will start right from when it all began.I came from a loving home, my parents were awesome when it comes to caring for us.I'm the first child and have younger siblings. A sister Lucia and two brothers.
SANDRA'S HEART TALES (based on a true life experiences)
Part 2.By Amah's Heart.My Dad's behavior wasn't getting any better. My mum stopped asking him what the problem was and try readjust to the new situation.Viva comes around, she also has two kids but no husband.Viva's husband was late and she was raising her two young children.I never knew all this while that my Dad wasn't my real father.When my Mom got pregnant for me, it was actually for Palo and not for my Dad.My Dad didn't know and nobody knew about it but my mother told her best friend Vi
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SANDRA'S HEART TALES (based on a true life experience)
Part 3.By Amah's Heart.My Mom couldn't bear seeing me in tears she decided to talk to my sister instead.When Lucia returned home from her first semester break, My mother confined in her and told her the truth about who my real father was. And also told her she doesn't know if Dad is aware because from his behavior he seems to know something. My mother said she will rather die in silence than to admit such to my dad.Lucia was shock and pleaded with my mom to tell me. That is was only fair for me to know the truth than to be going through unknown trauma.
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SANDRA'S HEART TALES (based on a true life experience)
Part 4. While in school, my daddy came to take me home for weekend. When I got to his house I greeted my step mother she didn't respond.My dad took me to my room, I wasn't comfortable at all because of my dad's wife.I don't want to cause misunderstanding between them or make them to start exchanging words.My dad came to my room and saw how uncomfortable I look, he asked me to feel at home.That I should relax my mind.he went to the kitchen to get me something to eat, I ate and remained in my room. I don't want to come out and my dad's wife will see me and start feeling bad.The
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SANDRA'S HEART TALES (based on a true life experience)
Part 5. The holiday break was almost coming to an end when I packed my belongings to my father's house.It was not a problem, my father was happy to receive me and helped me unpack my things.His wife was still her usual self but I did not intend to stay this time.His place was the only option I had at that moment.After packing in my belongings that day, the following day I picked few of my things and went back to my hostel.I staye
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Part 6.
It later turned out that I had fever.I try to concentrate on my studies and to remain focus. It was hard intially after I cut off every form of communication with my man.My second semester exams was over and I went to my father's place to spend the holiday.As usuall its was not a comfort zone for me, I do what am suppose to do and will always remain in my room because I had nothing to discuss with my step mother.I always feel much better when my dad is around.Am an adult so she could not make me do what I don't want to do.I made sure i help with house chores. Tidy up things and put the house in order whenever I'm around.After a month of staying there, I told my father that I want to visit my Mom and spend time with her.I went over to my mom's place, she was happy to have me around.I assisted her with her buisness and will always stay in her store to help out in attending to customers.I forgot about my pa
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Part 7.
  As school was about to resume, I left my mother's place and return to my father's house. I wanted to spend the remaining one week at his place before proceeding to school. I bond so well with my Dad and he doesn't joke with me. He will always advice me to concentrate on my studies and I shouldn't hesitate to inform him whenever I need anything. I was mostly grateful to God for sending him on my way when all my hope of ever going to school and having all my needs met was far fetched. My Dad loved and cared for my step mom. The only problem was not having a child with her. To me all hope was not lost, I know they have been married for many years and tried to conceived but to no avail but God is still doing miracle. my everyday prayer is that God will open the womb of my step Mom and she will become a mother. Palo, my Dad is a good man. A good father to me and great husband to his wife. My desires is to make him proud and put a rea
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Part 8.
  Lucia rounded up with school and was waiting for graduation. I Could not wait for my own day to come when I will be a graduate as well. I return to school with the help of my mother. things were moving on well again which includes studies. One day I visited one of my close friend Lupeni who was also my course mate. I met her elder brother in the house who was based abroad but traveled down to spend time with his family. He was very nice as we all engaged in a normal discussion, his sister inclusive. I saw him as a big brother too just like Lupeni. We talked and laughed. He was lively and fun to be with. My friend had told me about him before and meeting him and getting to know more about him felt great. I later told them it was time to take my leave. They wanted me to spend more time but I have to go because I have reading to do that night and need to be on my way despite how fun i
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Part 9.
  My little boy was so fun and interesting. Taking him as my son and acting like a mother to him makes people who live around our neighborhood to start thinking he was truly my son. None of them knew that he wasn't truly mine. I make sure I prepare what he loves eating and he also calls me "mummy. We are mostly seeing together. If I'm going to the market, church or anywhere at all he comes with me and I usually buy the same lookalike cloth for both of us. I dress him and also get dressed in any of our native or English wear that I bought. I truly loved him like mine and don't joke with him His mother found out that his son was staying with me and wanted him back. She contacted my husband and told him that she wants to get her son. She said her boy can not be staying with me, she was not comfortable with the idea. Joba my husband refused. according to him, he told her that she will have to get used t
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Part 10
FinalJoba did not call my Mom back like he said he will.I told my mom the exact time to reach him so she tried calling him again but he did not pick.After so much attempt he later answered the call.My mother spoke to him on how disrespectful his actions were. She also mentioned about the love post his baby mama posted on Facebook and attached their uniform pictures and he blocked me after he was confronted over the issue.Joba told my Mom that I can not stop his bosom friend or his baby mama from posting on his birthday.He said his son's mother was there even before he got married to me so I can't tell him what to do or dictate who to be in his life. It was all his choice and not mine to make.My mother was about to say something when Joba hang up the phone.He ended the call after talking and did not give my mom a chance to speak.The following day, he unblocked me and told me that I should move on with my life.Read more Protection Status