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"A contract marriage?" Sydney said aghast. "Yes, it's not the first contract marriage in history. Why are you so surprised?" Aiden asked. "I know, this kind of things do happen but, with one of the Kardashians, or Amy Irvin, or one of those reality TV stars, not someone normal like me!" He chuckled," thats why I chose you, I like normal." Sydney Rosbak, an art school student and a digital artist had dreams of making it big in the US. She had no idea that she would land in police trouble, and the only person who could save her was Aiden Reiner, Billionaire CEO of Reiner group of industries. Known for his ruthlessness he agreed to help her but at a cost. She would have to become his contract wife for a year. Trapped between the law and Aiden, Sydney had no choice but to agree. The trouble started when she starts falling for his charm.

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79 chapters
Chapter 1 - Aiden Reiner
Aiden Malcome Reiner, 28, was one of the west coast's most sought-after millionaire bachelors. His great grandfather, who was born in Eastern Europe, moved to the United States a year before World War I. He took advantage of the huge land of opportunity and made a fortune dealing in weaponry and ammunition, all legally, of course. When he died, he left his fortune to Malcolm Richard Reiner, his only son. His son inherited his father's commercial ability, and grew the company by investing in real estate, land, and oil refineries. At the youthful age of 26, Malcolm's son, Thomas Malcolm Reiner, took over the reins of his kingdom, having proven to be just as accomplished in financial transactions as his father and grandfather. He married Aiden's mother, who hailed from an affluent family like him. Her family's fortune was nearly equal to theirs; it was a wonderful match. For months, society magazines enthused over their nuptials. Aiden was born a year later. Despite the fact that Thomas
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Chapter 2 - Sydney
When I first arrived in San Francisco, Mike was the first person I met. I had just gotten off the bus and was strolling the streets. I'd recently relocated from Sydney, Australia. I looked around and spotted a man leaning against the lamp post. Since he was the only guy not rushing to go wherever everyone else seemed to be going. I decided to approach him. I dragged my bag on the concrete as I walked. "Hi. I apologise for bothering you, but I was hoping you could assist me.” "Of course, how can I assist?" He turned towards me and inquired cheerfully. He was about six feet tall, with sandy brown hair and brown eyes, and he didn't appear to be older than my 22 years. He was wearing blue jeans and a white tee. "I've been hunting for this location, but it appears that I'm going around in circles." It was awkward for me to show him my phone's GPS. How stupid can you be if you can't follow a simple GPS? "Oh! You see that small street over there? Simply follow it. The board would be dir
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Chapter 3 - Settling down
Sydney I could not believe my good fortune of running into a pair of good Samaritan siblings the moment I stepped into San Francisco. I couldn't turn them down. A few hours later Mike was hauling up my luggage while Leah chattered away, linking her arm along with mine. She talked to me as if we were old chums and led me to the parking lot where a battered old Honda stood waiting.The apartment was nice, it had a medium-sized living room, with an open kitchen. A passage on the side led to 2 bedrooms. It wasn't shabby or rundown. It even had a balcony with a nice view of a garden. I liked it."Welcome to our castle," Leah said with a flourish. She led me to her bedroom. It was just tidy enough to show that she cared about the space and just messy enough to show that she was able to let her creativity roam free. It was her goldilocks zone, perfect for how she was."Wow! It's lovely here,” I said.Mike brought in
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Chapter 4 - Getting a job
Sydney   While driving in Mike's tattered old Honda, I continued to praise my stars. I was awestruck by the kindness and opportunities that had sprung out of nowhere. We had left Leah behind. Mike then took a detour and went to the hypermarket.     "All the best," he said, "it's just across the street."     "Thank you," I said and walked towards the store.     ****************     Aiden         It was a Monday morning, and I was on my way to work. The traffic was a nightmare. I cursed as the signal went red. The gods wanted me to be late on purpose. As the pedestrians crossed from one side to the other, I sighed. I'm not sure why she drew my attention. Was it because she was dressed in a bright colour that made her stan
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Chapter 5 - Family ties
  Sydney     After a week, Mark moved to a different floor in the same apartment building, and I was given her own room. Mike and Leah had become close friends. The three of us would occasionally go shopping at the local market. Meet up for late-night supper at Mike's steakhouse, where we received a 50% discount since the eatery used to clear out its old stock. My art school was doing well, and I hoped to find work as a designer after my studies were through. My favourite pleasures were walking around art galleries, theatres, and museums, which never failed to fascinate me. I got a call from Leah on a Thursday afternoon.         "Hey! Do you want to go dancing tonight?" She made a chirping sound.     "That sounds fantastic," I remarked as I shut my laptop.    <
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Chapter 6 - They meet
Aiden         A touch on the back greeted me.     "Are you all, right?" As he approached my side, Matt remarked.     I reassured my pal, "I'll be alright."     I tried to breathe normally while closing my eyes. Those two had a habit of infuriating me.     "Apart from his physicians, nurse, and bodyguards, I don't want any visits for Grandpa. No one should be permitted to enter his room. Those two, in particular." I murmured, nodding at Fiona and Will as they walked away.     "Done! Do you want to stay the night?" Matt inquired.     I gave a nod.     "I'll arrange for an extra bed for you. Please contact Wendy if you require any other assistance. She works as a nurse. She's
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Chapter 7- The kiss
Aiden "Wait, what?" she inquired. She shook her head, noticing my deplorable condition, and said, "Please accept my apologies. Are you all, right?" She seemed to be truly concerned. I grumbled, "You damaged my favourite shirt." Her smile became shaky. "You were blocking my path. I didn't intend to run into you." She stubbornly crossed her arms over her breasts and glared at me. Feisty. I loved feisty. "I said sorry," she said. I blocked her again as she made a move. I told her, "Sorry, it isn't enough." Her lips were stunning. Just a whiff of those cherry lips was enough to drive a man insane. I said, "It's not fair, I lost a shirt, and you lost your coffee." "So, you'd like me to go out and purchase you a shirt?" Her gorgeous eyes enlarged as she was taken aback. "No, I'll buy you a cup of coffee." I made an offer. She locked her gaze on me for another minute before tilting her head to one side, revealing her neck to me. I wanted to kiss it. "I'm OK; I don't want any coffee
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Chapter 8 - Making a plan
Sydney - My hand was still in pain. I'd slapped the jerk in the face with all my power. I kept running till I arrived at the art school and slumped on a bench. What was the matter with me? And what was the matter with him? Even if I tried to ignore it, the man was a walking dreamboat. He was much taller than my 5'8" height. Probably 6”4. His stunning appearance, tanned skin, and dark hair were enough to make any sensible woman want to hurl herself at him. However, if only he had not been such a jerk. He was unlike any other man. At the thought of that lengthy drawn-out kiss, a flush crept up my cheeks. The way his lips brushed against me. I could still detect his scent. I felt a tremble run up and down my spine just thinking about it. I said to myself, 'No.' 'Why am I thinking this way?' I shouldn't be doing this. He kissed me without my permission. Instead of thinking about those deep blue eyes and muscled arms, I should be pressing charges. He had not followed me; I was sure of t
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Chapter 9 - The interview
Sydney- Mike wished me luck for my interview as he dropped me off near Reiner towers. "Thank you," I said, my gaze fixed on the enormous structure. "Don't be worried; you'll do fine." Mike patted the top of my head. The Reiner tower resembled the standard metal and glass high-rise tower. I crossed the road and entered a huge foyer. It was crowded with people coming and going. The brown granite floor reflected them like a mirror. I approached the reception desk, where a nicely dressed woman handed me a visitor permit and directed me to the 30th floor. I took the elevator to the 30th floor. It opened into a stylishly decorated foyer with a plush green carpet that gave it a grassy impression and an entire glass wall on the right side. I could see the entire city's skyline. "How may I assist you?" My reverie was broken when a lady at the smaller reception asked. I replied, "I'm here for the interview, for the intern positions." "Please provide me with your name and photo ID. Mr. Ra
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Chapter 10 - The party
"Come on, Sydney, open the door!" For the past half-hour, Leah had been beating on her door. Sydney screamed from inside her room, "I don't want to talk Leah, just leave me alone!" Her eyes were red and puffy when she returned. She had obviously been crying. She then locked herself in her room and refused to eat her meal. Leah had given her a couple of hours' time alone, but she was suddenly concerned. "This is it, I'm calling Mike," Leah declared emphatically before dialling Mike's number. He was on his way downstairs in no time. **************** Sydney ************* Mike's calming voice asked me to open the door when I heard a knock. "Leave me alone," I yelled back. "I'd leave, but who would prepare the dinner? You know Leah is a terrible chef, and I'm starving." Mike yelled out loud. "Hey! I'm not a terrible cook!" Leah shut him down. "Oh, no! Yes, you are; you can't even make good mac & cheese." He retorted with a snide remark. I couldn't keep a smile from appearing on m
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