My Prince Charming Is A Princess

My Prince Charming Is A Princess

By:  NtombekhayaZibi  Ongoing
Language: English
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When the dreams of 23 year old Precious Tatum die with her mother. She gains a responsibility of having to take care of her 11 year old brother and her father. While trying to navigate life and get back to doing what she always loved doing, dance, she makes a deep connection with someone online. The connection opens not only her heart to love, but also her eyes to see what she has been sight blinded off. While discovering herself, she has to battle with the people that she loves, her family and her allies. How will she survive with being rejected for who she is?

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54 chapters
Chapter One - Texts
"I don't want to go to school.." my little brother, Nick mumbled under his blankets and I shook his body again, this was like a norm now, "wake up please..."   "Noooo.."   "Nick don't test my patience today.. get up.."   He started kicking off his blankets and whining. I ignored him and pointed at the bathroom.. He went and I was left fixing his bed.   I soon went to the kitchen to get three lunch box's ready. My father was going to be off to work, my little brother to school and I was going to get my day started too.   "Where are my socks...?" My little brother asked showing up with
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Chapter Two - Katharina
Call me crazy but as I finished eating supper with my dad and little brother I couldn't stop thinking about a certain birdy on my i*******m.My dad made small talks and they talked about how their day was... but I wasn't really paying all my attention to them. I was wondering what Kathy looked like. I cursed under my breath a thousand times for not checking her up immediately after she accepted my follow.Why was I so du..."Honey... Precious!"Dad's voice snapped me out of my thoughts, "yes dad?"My little brother laughed and I sighed, "sorry dad.. There's a new teacher at school and a lot of things are about to change...""Is this teacher a man..."I laughed, "God nooo dad... no... a woman.. it's a 21 year old girl from the US..."He smiled, "okay good.. because for a second I thought h
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Chapter Three
I couldn't believe what I just got myself into. How could Julia do this to me? She didn't even mention a double date or this Chris dude. She kept on saying she couldn't do this alone.. and now that I said yes she tells me that Chris is involved.I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to Layla, "hey... got plans? Wanna come hang out with me and my friends..."I furrowed my brows at her and she pointed on her right and I saw two girls a one boy.. "umh.. you want me to be the odd one out?"She laughed, "no... you won't be that..come on."I looked over my best friend as she hugged Chris. She turned to me and waved, "I'll text you later, love you..."I waved and mentally said, "whatever..."Layla cleared her throat and I jumped a bit. She smiled, "so...?"I looked at my watch, it was 3 pm, my brother gets
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Chapter Four - Double Date
I got in a taxi and went straight home. My head was all over the place and I knew one safest place I always feel good at.I cooked when I got home and then I had no fucken idea what to do... I wondered if I should text Kathy even though I wasn't okay. I mean I missed her.. Then I wondered if I should text my best friend.My phone notifications came on when I switched on my data..I went to my messages first since there was a text.. it was from an unknown number and it read:.....9863: Hey I got worried and I don't do that often. I hope you're okay. I really do. Layla🎉I saved her numbers and went to check my w******p messages.Bestie: Hey.. we will fetch you tomorrow at 5pm.. the movie starts at 7 but we wanna get good first. And I need you to help me get something during the day. I m
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Chapter Five - Video Call
I quickly got out of the uber taxi I requested at the mall and headed inside.. the lights were still on so I knew my brother was probably watching tv. It was around 8pm, daddy was probably sleeping.I unlocked the door and got inside.."The movie doesn't end until 9.." My little brother said the second I walked in.I rolled my eyes, "okay Mr time teller... what's playing?""Avengers... wanna join?"I kissed his cheek when I reached him and he wiped himself making me roll my eyes, "nope.. I have to call someone..""Kathyyyyy..." he said singing and I walked towards my bedroom and ignored what he said, "switch off the lights when you're done..""Yes grumpy granny..."I shook my head a bed a bit and locked my bedroom then texted a little birdie on the other side of the world.

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Chapter Six
Chris and I walked to Burger King. He was smiling like an idiot and his dimples were showing. God this guy was so cute, why didn't I have feelings for him?He opened the door for me and we got inside. The coldness of the winter was really hitting us.. I turned to him, "so, what do you feel like having..."He smiled, "for real... you're actually taking me out and paying? I mean I can pay..."I shook my head, "I'm paying. So what do you want...?"He squinted his eyes cutely at the board and started reading, then he pointed, "umh.. that burger please..."I told the lady in front of me and said she should make it two..."Sitting or take always...?" The lady asked and I looked at Chris, "do you mind if we chill?"He shook his head and took the slip on my hand, "go check for a place upstairs..."

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Chapter Seven - The Kiss
KATHY❤💯🌈: hey, I had thee shittiest day.. can I video call you now or are you busy? My heart skipped a bit when I read that text. It was the best thing yet not thee best because she didn't have a good day. I mean I could relate.. my day was also upside down..I went straight to my room and started video calling her.'heeeeeeey'A fucken smile in my face spread wide as she came in view on my screen. She was wearin a white shirt with a USA flag.. I laughed a bit since she was in Germany, "hey baby... how are you?"She shook her head and sighed, 'not as good.. I had a fucken awful and long day.... how about you? How are you?' I cleared my throat trying to figure out how I was really feeling. It was weird a bit. I felt something towards Kathy everytime we talk and thought of her every second when Layla touched me..then I felt weird
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Chapter Eight - Lost and found
I couldn't believe what I did. After kissing Chris I immediately left without talking to him or listening to what he wanted to say.On the other side, her eyes... I could feel them on us, on me as I made my way out of the studio I felt so empty, weird and lost..I quickly got a taxi and went home. I felt sick.. physically and emotionally. I was tired...I had so many questions in my head. It was clear.. It was so clear that this was wrong... but how do I go about? Where do I start?I've seen people get hurt, I've seen them get killed, discriminated, be picked on... could I handle that? Could I handle the hate from people I valued, people I love, people who have been here from me from the start? The church? My best friend? My father? Everyone?I couldn't...As I imagined everyone turning away from me I couldn't... I couldn't do this. I couldn't follow my heart. I couldn't do
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Chapter Nine - Another Interest
I jumped away from Layla and turned around, "hey...""What's happening here?" She asked with her nose ached you'd swear she was disgusted by the sight."We are dancing...?" I said already not in the mood for what was about to go down. "Really? Her lips are literally on your neck and you are telling me that you are dancing. Precious do you think I'm dumb.."Layla got up, "Umm.. calm down.. I wasn't trying to get her pregnant... like she said we were about to dance..""I thought you had shit to do when you left early this morning, leaving me behind..""I did Julia and this is it.""Her sucking on your neck.. I thought we talked about this. You stay away from her.. or do you want me to tell the whole church about this..."My heartbeat... I could literally feel it and I felt like if I looked at my chest I'd see it pumping in and out of my ch
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Chapter Ten - I'm in love with you
I quickly got home and started cleaning up the mess that was left by my little brother and so called best friend.I smiled a bit when I realized that she cooked. Great, minus one thing for me and more time with Kathy..My phone startee ringing and I answered, "dady...?"'I just got your brother a bus to go to Umtata... I'll be there a bit late waiting for it. You can just put my food in the microwave...' I smiled, I love my brother with all my heart, but a break from him is a blessinh, "thank you daddy but I'll stay up.. I have a few things to do and something to tell you. So I'll see you when you get back."'Is everything okay?' He sounded worried. Aww my poor old man."Daddy.. we will talk when you get here..."'okay I'll be there soon...' "Wait.. did you pack everything that he'll need?"

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