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In an empty white space a black haired boy with pentagrams in his eyes is laying in the floor looking at what looks like galaxy swirls. he swipes one of his hands and a swirl disappeared. " How boring " it was this very statement that lead to his journey in search of his memories

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Well the world has ended there are demons and all sorts of shit running around now the world is basically trashed .And there are two figures standing in the midst of some rubble one with a hood and the other a large humanoid with claws and fangs "hey human bow before me "the larger figure said "humph I only bow before the almighty God " the smaller figure says as he raised his hands "now be erased for your blasphemy" as he waves his hands the other figure as well as everything else behind him gets evaporated. "how weak" "master you overdid it" a white  winged figure descends from the sky and stands in front of the figure with the hood. "did I ? " the figure says as he looks at the destruction ' now that I think about it did I just say I'd how to my brother?' the winged figure puffs out her cheeks and glared at the hooded figure .
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The BeginningII:THE END
This story goes back to before the sky turned red and demons roam free and humans now use magic it starts with and average day with average people and an average boy named Jack."ugh today is so boring" "bear with it man "the person that's trying to bear it is Jack red hair and red eyes and average student, the person complaining is his best friend Terry.their an orange haired boy who likes sports .they have been friends since childhood and are almost inseperable , they're always together to the point that"fine I'll manage" Terry says as he puts and arm on his shoulder"dude quit it" he says as he struggles to get his arm off."hey what's up with those two ?"" leave them be""what you haven't heard of the schools most famous gay couple""no way those two?"
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meteors are raining down people are dying and there's this one guy who is currently sitting on the floor staring at the sky" way why? my family, my friends why?"suddenly there's a someone standing behind him " wait somethings not right here"as he turns to look behind him he's suddenly picked up and smoothered in a hug ."master!, master!, I found you "." wait what ? who are you and what do you have to do with me ? and let me go""oh let me explain my name is Michelle an achrangel created for the sole purpose of serving you ""come again ?" .Jack says with a confused expression as he tilts his head." let me explain when God created you in heaven during that period you where still there I'm not sure you remember though your memories must have been sealed too you used love playing around so much and he would.... maybe I should explain ... "<
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he was tied up and thrown in a dark room ."we won't kill you for now where not hungry yet haha but don't worry we'll feed you well"the demon closes the door and leaves.jack manages to sit up."you're kidding right we'll feed you well ? bullshit but damn that hit to the head hurt ow".he got on his feet and walked around Abit ."alright I see a way to escape these guys are idiots they should have tied me up so I can't use my hands ."he opens his mouth and sticks his hand in and pulls out a razor' good thing I put this in before they caught me and why did he take my jacket bastard 'he puts the razor on the ground somewhere .' now to wait for an opportunity'mean while."where in this world did he go ?"the blonde angel asked no one on particular as she str
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The deranged god
" are you strong?" he was holding up her chin when she punched him in the gut and stepped back ."ow that actually stung Abit why don't we play a little I? promise I'll be gentle" he said as he put on a sweet smile if the normal one had asked she'd probably have jumped in without hestiating but "not coming ? ok I'll go to you" and he vanished in a blur of speed and appeared right behind her with his hand raised as he swung down only to be countered by a kick to the gut which sent him flying before regaining himself." wow that was surprising was I too slow ?"' too slow my ass I could just barely see you and react on instinct but what hurts is 'are her thoughts at the moment before she said "why the hell are you eyes closed?" she screamed in anger." hey it's not my fault blame the creator I can't open my eyes until you're perceived as a real threat
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To The Rescue
she closed screamed as her body was enveloped in the light." huh who are you?" .she finally noticed she was being carried by someone it was Helios while someone else blocked the blast." H-hanz?"she said surprised as she stared at the angel. who just gave her a peace sign and said ." you know it babe how was my entrance" she just giggled and Said." you're late very late " she said as she smiled at him but." I said who are you blec-"he just got punched in the face and crashed into a wall and the person that threw the punch was ." Darka~" she squealed as she squimed about in Helio's arms but as she was doing this the air got darker for some reason" Dear you can let go now can't you?"' ah that's it Helios is still holding me that's bad for him '" I'm sorry I forgot "" yeah
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so our protagonist has been taken to heaven and in the city there is currently a dark a boy running for his dear life. as gigantic demons seem to be chasing him. he stumbles and the demons stand over him about to crush him when. *boom* *crack* * splat* blood and chuncks of flesh where thrown around as something seemed to have crashed into them and taken the top half of their bodies. " what the hell was that ?" he looked around in case he saw anything else and relaxed a bit when he found nothing. ' damn these demons they murdered my family,I had to run else I'd be dead well no helping it now they're already dead' he sighed as he thought. ' now what do I do ' as he was thinking where he should go from this point he heard someone scream a girl's scream . " oh no you don't I won't die like this I am definitely not saving anyone" he hid himself behind some abandoned cars as he watched the giant demon drag her on the floor when it passed by him it s
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10 years have passed since what is now known as the great calamity took place and Jack is currently sparing with the arch angel Micheal. and it seems evenly matched . " so.. how much of your memory had recovered over these years " .he said as he threw a straight punch at his face Jack dodged and answered "well from what Uriel and Michelle told me God and I had an agreement as Bros to seal my memory in some artifacts and cast them down" Micheal jumped back as Jack tried to sweep his legs " so what will you do with all you're power and memory back ?" " i don't know but for now I know that I'm still killable due to some weird rules that I set but quite frankly I wish I could die too" Micheal had a face that made it look like he had said the worst, most blasphemous, evil thing he has ever heard " you can say that young Lord, cause even if you want to you can't die no matter what" " wouldn't hurt to try" Jack said as he
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" what's with  with this guy " the  team whispered to each other as Jack continued to sit like he looked like he was thinking about something.     " hey that guys not human right?" Dave asked as he looked at everyone.   " what human do you know can survive that and look at those markings " another girl answered " so what's the plan chief?" she asked him .   " let's try not to get his attention and report this to the-" .   he was interrupted as he heard someone say .   " oh hello"   ' shit he's seen us '.   Dave wasn't the only one panicking but Marie seemed calmer for down reason not because she wasn't scared which she was but as a priest she could feel a sense of familiarity to
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they continued to walk until they got to the city Jack has been following close behind for a while now and one of them just realized something important.   " hey buddy yours marks "   "eh?" Jack seemed to have forgotten that he's basically like a walking magic circle " oh yeah better?"   the markings on his body are gone but " you forgot the eyes "    " ugh" he passed his hands over his eyes and they became normal " anything else?"    "nope "   "Great "    after that they passed the gates and started walking towards the guild Jack was surprised to see that the world had taken a serious turn towards fantasy and he often read a lot of manga about fantasy world's but to experience this in person.
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