The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs

By:  Eunice Nwodu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amanda would sit at the garden in the orphanage just staring out of space thinking and day dreaming if there was more of her outside the huge walls. Her questions were answered the moment Mrs Carol dropped by the orphanage with her escorts and best cars to have her adopted. Why would a woman with two sons and a daughter who are all teenagers adopt another girl??... This was left for her to find out when she arrived at the mansion.

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24 chapters
Leaving Home
Amanda's pov:I held onto my bag tightly as I stared out the window. This is the first time am leaving the Orphanage. I don't know but it still looks like a dream to me!One day am there then the next, a beautiful rich woman, Mrs Carol visits and wants to adopt me.If you're an orphan, you'd understand how I feel.19 good years of being at that place, I gave up hope of being adopted.I thought I would spend my whole life there... But it seems like my fate twisted.The big hilux entered a huge compound with flowers here and there.And at the extreme, there's a huge building just like the white house in America except that this one is painted pink.My heart couldn't stop beating loudly.Amanda, you actually have a family now! And a wealthy one at that!I was more than happy.Goosebumps popped out of my skin when mrs Carol stopped the car in front of the mansion.She hasn't said a word to me since we met.The
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Meeting The Boys
Amanda's pov:I was on my bed just watching the maids converse and laugh.I prefer the Orphanage to this place...This place is too boring and big for me.When I look at my future...I view nothing at all.I feel so useless and stranded.What's mrs Carol's plan for me? Why did she bring me here?I stood up and left the room.I really want to see the whole house.I went up the stairs walking fast and sneaking around cause I know if Mrs Carol sees me, am as good as dead...~~~~~~~~~Royce's pov:"Oh yeah...more! Royce...." Kimora bemoaned with her hands on her butt cheeks.I was f--king her in a doggy style. That's the way I want it...Especially with her.My loaded girlfriend, Kimora is obsessed with me.I don't care if all she needs is my money but as long as she doesn't deny me her honeypot, we're good to go."Oh geez..." She cried as we hit climax.The pleasure flows in and I
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Thomas Highschool
Amanda's pov:I quickly got to my feet in a jiffy."Am so sorry, please for--""Such clumsiness, were you born blind?" He asked as he stood up.First day and am getting into so much trouble.I shook my head."Am so sorry" I shrieked and ran out like usain bolt.I didn't even know where I was going.How could Bryan be so mean?I admired his great looks but he's just a heartless gorgeous guy..Royce is way better than him but still am no longer mad at him.Though he spoke to me badly, I still feel not so offended.I think am going insane.geez, let this day end already.~~~~~~~~~~~I woke up early and got ready for school. A rich school to be precise...Mrs Carol atleast bought me clothes.Am guessing the clothes are from her cause I woke up and saw two big shopping bags next to my bed."Uh..Taylor, can you please tell me the way to my school" I said to her when she stepped out
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No Lies
Amanda's pov:I sat with Jade and Phoebe as they talked nonstop about Bryan.They've been talking since and aren't tired.I wonder if this is their daily routine.How can someone love Bryan this much?"Amanda, you're kinda quiet. Don't you know Bryan?" Jade asked.I shook my head."I don't" I lied remembering mrs Carol's instructions.'Don't let anyone suspect you live with us'."He's not in school today but you can still manage this" Phoebe jibed and pointed at Jade's shirt.I nodded with a wry smile looking at Bryan's cute face.He's so adorable.I don't know why am this soft spotted for him. Maybe cause I've never actually liked someone to want to be with them my whole life...A tall slim woman walked in and everyone sat properly.Wait a minute, this school doesn't look so sumptuous as I thought.Why would billionaires attend such school?Then I remembered it might be by choice.
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 Amanda's pov:The next morning was fast and annoying. The maids left me to do the dishes and believe me, there was a lot.This feels like the Orphanage.Am usually asked to help do the dishes and I always agree.Am not used to turning people down.I walked to school this time around cause there was no sign of Royce anywhere.Besides, it's not like he's my driver or anything.I attended classes with Jade and Phoebe by my side. The teacher hadn't come yet so Everyone was scattered around the class talking and laughing.A man with huge glasses came in and everyone started to adjust which felt like a deja vu since it happened yesterday.I brought out my books and dropped them on my desk.I looked around..Where's Bryan?"Looking for someone?" Jade whispered to me.I nodded slowly."I was expecting to see Bryan today" I replied despondently.Phoebe chuckled."He's up there girl. VIP clas
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House Party
Amanda's pov: "I don't like any of them" I replied short of words. She scoffed. "Even a blind man knows you're into Royce" she blurted.My heart starts to race. This girl is surely going to cast me."I'm not.." I interpolated. "Then what were you doing in his room? Don't you see the way he looks at you? Don't tell me you find that ordinary" she said with an eye roll. I was dumbfounded."Here's the thing. In case you don't know, Royce and Bryan aren't in the good terms. They argue like cats and dogs but you haven't witnessed them fight yet cause Bryan has been quiet and busy this days."Royce screwed Bryan's ex girlfriend Stacy while he had a girlfriend. So Bryan hates him so much. But one thing's for sure, Bryan is cursed and I don't think he'll ever be happily Inlove with someone" Minnie enthused and sighed.Wow... 
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Amanda's pov:I sat by the kitchen counter scribbing something on my notepad. I love writing songs that come to mind so I do this often. Taylor walked in with the head maid. They have been busy for a while "You, carry this drinks and go serve the kids outside. And be polite" the head maid said. "I..I can't serve them..." I stuttered "And why is that?" She sneered. I sighed. I don't want to see him - Both Bryan and Royce. "Let me serve the drinks--" Taylor intervened. "No, let her do it" the head maid insisted. I carried the tray with so much thoughts going through my mind. I would see him again after the crazy ordeal last night. I can do this... I got to the garden sight where a big speaker was and music was playing loudly. I
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Amanda's pov:I woke up with the maids and helped get breakfast ready. It's so stressful cause the head maid seemed to be giving Me more work than I supposed to carry out. I nearly broke down... What sort of punishment is this?I got ready for school and had breakfast with Taylor before I ran off hoping not to miss the bus. I got outside the gate and to my suprise, Bryan's car was outside. He normally goes out with a white Benz with his signature on it with gold paint.I though he already left for school. He got down and I felt so strange. What's that feeling."Let's go together. Get in" he said and entered the car. Free ride! I entered and held onto my bag tightly. He started driving. I looked back though I didn't know why I wanted to. I saw Royce driving out in his blue Ferrari car.Oops,&n
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Unexpected Date
Bryan's pov: I watched her run off. I feel so guilty. But I can't help but feel the warmth of her lips. I've never been so unable to control my feelings for someone. Damn right it's a fast move to kiss her! But what do I do? Am spoiling the innocent girl. Forgive me Amanda. But I just can't help it. Amanda's pov: I asked for help to get to the principal's office. I can't help but feel nervous and scared. What's going on? I got into the principal's office to meet her sitting on her desk. "Miss Griffin" she called gazing at me beneath the eye glasses on her nose. I gulped and swallowed nothing. "Yes ma'am" I replied. "Am giving you a detention for skipping classes. Till 6pm" she said writing something down. What? "But...I was
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Cheating Partner
Amanda's pov: Bryan and I had the most amazing time ever at the garden. What a wonderful place with the one you admire the most. And strangely he couldn't get enough of my lips. gosh, is this what being Inlove feels like? I never thought I'd experience such. Bryan and I went into the house and path ways when we entered the living room. Too bad I have homeworks to do. The principal is so cruel... But come to think of it, how did she know I was at the VIP class? Someone reported me who could do such a thing? Who else but Ashley. I know she hates me a lot but what do I do? Bryan doesn't want me to leave his sight. He cares so much for me. Ashley's pov: I smiled as the image of Amanda stressed out and worn out after detention and answering multiple questions played in my mind.
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