The Unexpected Love

The Unexpected Love

By:  Asma Anam  Completed
Language: English
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"You hate me, right?" I shook my head but he pulled me closer to his chest. "Feelings are mutual honey," his hot minty breath reached to my ears. He gripped my arms tightly and I winced from the pain. A tear fell from my eyes, I tried to push him but he was way stronger than me. "Daniyal, it's hurting" i cried out. "I know right," he smirked at me. He leaned into me and his lips were about to touch mine, I pushed him away with full force "What were you doing with me Daniyal?" I yelled, his face was red from anger, he held my wrist and pushed me to the walls. "You think, I'll do this with you, really?" He let out a loud chuckle and shot a glare at me. "You're just a piece of trash,my dad bought for me to play but I don't wanna lower my standard so don't worry, I'm not gonna touch you, " his words shattered my heart into pieces. I was his wife, his unwanted wife.

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37 Chapters
Chapter 1
Anabia's POV"Dadoo ( Grandpa)" I screamed, he was wincing from the pain. Tears were slipping from my eyes. "Bia" he looked at me with a weak smile. I held his hands and laid down my head on his chest. His shirt was soaking my tears."Bia, I'm sorry. I can't fulfill the promise I did to your parents. Remember, I love you so much, please forgive me" his words pierced my soul. "Dadoo, don't say like this. You'll be fine. I can't imagine my life without you dadoo, you're my everything " I kissed his forehead and wiped my tears.I, Anabia Waqar, a 15 yo simple girl whose life roamed around only her school and her dadoo. I lost my parents in a car accident w
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Chapter 2
Anabia's POV I was sitting on the lawn with Bua as we were waiting for Uncle Afzal. When the gentle, cool breeze touched my skin, I felt my eyelids got heavy.  Soon, I dozed off."Bia, wake up" I was in deep sleep when Bua shook my shoulder.  I opened my eyes and saw I was on the lawn.  I didn't say anything and ran towards my room as I couldn't compromise with my sleep. I hopped on the bed and again drifted into a deep slumber.My eyes opened from the notification sound of my phone. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the phone. It was 3:40. I ran to the washroom and took a shower. I offered tahajjud prayer and started reciting the Quran. After fajr azaan, I pursued my fajr(morning) prayer and walked to
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Chapter 3
My dad gave me a disgusted look but man who cares. I shrugged my shoulders and a wide evil grin appeared on my face."Okay," he gave up. I was pretty sure that this marriage meant a lot to him as he silently accepted my demand.****It was my online nikah and I was so excited (note the sarcasm).Maria came and congratulated me. I gave her a smug look but she didn't mind.  Hadi and Sarah got dressed like they were going to attend a real wedding, I rolled my eyes. And finally, my nikah started, a fragile figure appeared on the screen with my dad and an old man. Her face was covered with a veil. Like seriously man I couldn't even see her face. I was pissed off, the man with a long white beard was murmuring something and asked me to repeat something but believe me, those fifteen minutes wer
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Chapter 4
Our car stopped in front of a huge house. So, it was going to be my new home. As I entered the lounge, I realized that they were pretty rich.A middle-aged beautiful woman came and hugged me."Hello, I'm Maria... uh.. your uncle's wife," she said smiling and I returned her my best fake smile."Oh my God, you're so pretty" A girl of around fourteen pulled me in a bone-crushing hug. She had dirty blonde hair like that woman and beautiful green eyes. Her skin was tanned and she was wearing a pink tank top with black skinny jeans.  I smiled awkwardly.  She was really cute."Mom, she is so pretty and young," a small boy of age eight or nine said wiggling his brows and her mom laughed."So kids.. this is Anabia, your sister.  Now she'll live with us" uncle Afzal said smiling and that blonde squeezed my cheeks."Hey, I'm Sarah, Daniel's sister " she winked. "And this is Hadi, the you
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Chapter 5
"Hey, she is wearing a towel on her head," a blonde who was standing with Lily said and they all chuckled."You are so funny," another girl said and tried to pull my hijab. I couldn't stop my tears and now my kohl was smudged all over my face."Look at her, she is a crying baby" they all laughed in sync."What the fuck you all are doing " someone yelled from behind and I looked at her. She was the same girl who helped me with my locker."None of your business duh" Lily scrunched her nose and glared at her."You were bullying her. Let me tell you if you guys don't leave her alone or ever tried to mess up with her, don't forget who I am" that girl said with an evil grin.Lily and her minions huffed and left the class.  I watched them with shock."Are you okay" the same girl touched my cheeks and I nodded wiping my tears."Come and sit with me"
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Chapter 6
The school was not that bad. Jessie, Kate, and Natalie became my good friends. The only thing that was making me upset was the memories of my dadoo and my home.Today Sarah was planning to skip school. I was walking in the aisle with Hadi. I didn't know why I was too nervous. I was biting my lips and rubbing my both palms together. I knew it was weird."Terrorist, a towel head terrorist " a blonde guy shouted from behind. I heard loud chuckles and other disgusting comments.My body froze for a while. I felt my eyes pricked from tears. I tried to keep it in but they slipped. This was the first time when someone bullied me for my religion.I had never experienced this in my country. Undoubtedly, my India is a secular country, I started missing my country, my motherland more.I silently made my way towards my class wiping off my tears.Daniel's POV Read more
Chapter 7
Anabia's POV The next day in school was exhausting. Our Maths Teacher gave us a wonderful surprise.  Test...A freaking surprise test...I love Maths though I was average in Maths. "How was the test?" Natalie and Kate asked me and I gave them a frown look."I wish, I could pass" I scrunched my face. "I'm gonna fail " Jessie pouted."I guess, I'll top," Natalie said dusting her shoulder."You mean you gonna compete Daniel " Kate rolled her eyes. "We all know that he is damn good in Maths " Kate scrunched her nose.
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Chapter 8
Daniel's POV Today I wanted to skip school as Emily was staying at her aunt's place. But boys would kill me. So I silently got ready for school."Daniel " I took my last bite of the sandwich when Maria's annoying voice hit my ears."What," I said in a sluggish tone."Today I'm visiting my mom with Sarah and Hadi. So the car is not free.  You have to drive Ana to the school" she said eying me and Ana who was standing there nervously biting her lips. "Sorry... I can't.. I've to pick my friends" it was a complete lie as I used to pick Emily and today she was not coming.
Chapter 9
Sarah texted me that they were planning to stay at her grandma's place. Dad was on a business trip. So I was alone with Anabia.I was watching Netflix when my stomach grumbled. I sighed and made my way towards the kitchenAs I was about to enter the kitchen, I stopped, realizing She was already there, trying to cook something.She felt my presence as she tilted her head. She was wearing a pink long shirt with white beads and white trousers. Her head was wrapped in a pink scarf. I realized that she was hot... no hot was not a suitable word... She was beautiful...She was biting her lips nervously as I was staring at her continuously without uttering any word.Why I was checking her out like this."You want something?" I came back to my senses as I heard her angelic voice. Angelic..really???"Umm..
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Chapter 10
Anabia's POV Kate and Natalie were preparing a surprise birthday party for Jessie.  They invited Kyle too. I was still looking for a perfect gift for Jessie but I guessed I had bad taste. This was not my fault, I didn't have any friends in India, I had never gone to any birthday party yet. I decided to take the help of Sarah. She chose a beautiful gold bracelet.  It was really expensive, I hesitated a little but Sarah insisted to buy it. Sarah paid the bill. I must say Sarah was really sweet.  She was just like a sister.  I asked permission from Uncle Afzal to visit Jessie's home. Sarah was also invited so we both were helping each other wit
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