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“There is no such thing as secret in this world, eventually it will all come out” This is a Story of a wealthy and arrogant man named Nathaniel king who found himself entangled in a web of secrets when his lover June, was accidentally killed in a hit-and-run case, Jade Shipman the convicted suspect for the hit-and-run case went to prison in order to save her boyfriend, the real murderer, a rising prosecutor William Together with Elizabeth Clayton, soon to be bride to be. Secrets frustrates the audience a lot and taunts with many heartbreaking moments. You find yourself torn and frustrated at the unfairness that Jade Shipman is constantly thrown into. Starting from her time in prison for a crime that she did not commit, how heartbreaking would it be to watch an innocent girl’s life turned upside down to pay someone else’s debt? On top of that, she is being tracked down and harassed by a crazy wealthy man seeking for revenge. And just when she thought everything will turn for the better when she leaves the prison, she finds that her son is now dead and her lover, who she sacrificed everything for turns his back on her for the greed of money and power.

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37 chapters
Chapter 1.
Where it all began...Jade's POV. 'The number you have dialed is not reachable at the moment please try again later.' I sigh at my phone. This has got to be the seventh time I have called. " still haven't gotten through yet?" Julian, my coworker asked me. We had just closed from our part time work. " Yeah " I opened my locker and brought out a box that had a cake in. I guess I have to eat this myself.
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Chapter 2.
You're gonna miss me... Nathaniel pov. " June?" I held her hand tighter. Rubbing, feeling her pulse. Nothing. " June! talk to me......okay I promise we'll take care of the baby together. Just......come back. You can't die without my just can't. Wake up. Wake up. Common...." She wasn't moving. She was becoming even more pale than she already was. " Sir. You need to calm down." Jesse came and held me up. " Don't fucking tell me to calm down. " I struggled with him. " Sir please this is a hospital." He says again. " okay okay I'm calm. Cool even." I said and then he lets go of me. Adjusting my suit. " Where the fuck is that fucking doctor that fucking treated my girl. " Just then J
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Chapter 3
I'll make her pay...   Jade's POV   When I got home I saw some random guy taking pictures of my car.   " Hey hey excuse me?" I started.   " Maybe I help you?" He asked.   " Ain't I suppose to be the one asking that?" I told him.   " What happened ma'am ?" He asked me.   " Why are you taking pictures of my car?" I asked him.   " O
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Chapter 4
Reminiscing...   Nathaniel POV   I drove to June's apartment. Getting out of the car I saw a sign on the door. When I got close it wrote: 'Apartment for rent' What the fuck. Who wants to rent this out. I tore the paper on the door off. I have a spare key so I opened the door and walked in.   Everything,was gone. Her things were no where to be found. I guess her mum got it out. It only been a week and everywhere seemed deserted. I walked around touching, observing the place. Dust everywhere. It had so many memories.  I got to her room. A mirror there which showed my shameless face.   I couldn't save the one I love. I can't believe she trusted me. How can I claim to love her,if I can't even protect her. I took a candle from the dress table and smashed the mirror. I can't look at me no more.    Shameless.   " Fuck!!!!!" I shouted.  Read more
Chapter 5
Watching the one...   Nathaniel POV   I watched her coming out from a restaurant.  It seems she's done with work. Jesse has told me exactly where she was and I drove there straight. She passed the front of my vehicle unaware of the eyes watching her.   She took a taxi and I followed her exactly where she went to. Not that I didn't know where she was going to. I obviously told Jesse to file a case against her.   She paid the taxi and she looks at the building she was about entering. Her phone rang but she seemed to ignore it. She cuts the phone and entered the station.   Jade POV.   I got a call that I was needed at the station,immediately I got that I rushed to the station, was about entering when William called. I cut the call and entered the station.    " Miss Shipman, do you think that makes sense?" The officer asked me when
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Chapter 6
Let's dig up a little dirt...   Nathaniel POV   I watched William drive off with Elizabeth. This man looks interesting. Would be nice to find out who he really is.   I took a sip from my wine. Just then Jesse came.   " Jesse" I called.   " Yes sir." He answered.   " let's dig up a little dirt...on that guy." I said sipping more of my wine.   " Yes sir." He said before leaving.   This is going to be interesting.   I smirk at that thought.   ___________   One year ago...   " Love? Is that all you really want?" I asked June. Sliding a ring through her finger. " Wow,it's pretty." I commented.   She stared at the ring for a while.   " Yes." She said answering my first question.  
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Chapter 7
Life isn't as joyful with money...   Jade POV. I know this is probably the last chance to hang out with my dad, so I decided to spend the whole day with him. I know I'm probably going to prison. We currently at a shopping mall.And I've been looking for what to get him, so I just let him put on whatever I see that was good at the moment. I was about choosing a shirt for him,then I remembered he doesn't really have a sweater to keep him warm. And I'll like him to be warm always when I'm gone. I went to the coat section. I spotted a red and black coat,big and thick. This should do. Why not. " Dad,try this one" I gave him. " Wear this again?" He asked. Sorry old man I know you tired b
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Chapter 8
Things fall apart...   Jade's POV   " Jade,when I was in middle school,my dad was protesting against wrongful dismissal,and his leg got broken from being crushed under a forklift. He didn't even get treated much,but he had to go to court right away. They said it was equipment damage. My mum had to pay the money back for ten years to the company that fired my dad." Williams said through the phone.   Why is he suddenly like this.    " ...Having no power is a sin and going against people with power is a sin...I wanted to change that..." He said, I could hear his voice break.   Oh Will...   " ...I wanted to show the obvious fact that everyone is equal before the law! " he shouts.   " Will baby, you can do it." I respond. " that's why you worked hard until now, right?" I said already having tears in my eyes.   Read more
Chapter 9
It judgment time...... Jade pov Hancuffed, I was in the room I was first brought in for questioning. I was thinking about my dad's health I didn't hear William come in until he sat down and made a noise with the chair. " Take off the handcuffs please" he ordered the security officer next to me. When she did he asked for some privacy and then she left. " Prosecutor-Jade shipman" we both called each other. " The evidence to support your claim has not yet been found" he continues. Okay but I got something else on my mind right now. " but are you still proclaiming your innocence?" he asked. I responded with nothing but: " My father, before I was taken away by cops was acting strange. He held on to his head and fell...." I was cut of
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Chapter 10
The joy and pain in having a child.....     Jade pov   " one,two, three,four,five,six,seven,eight" early in the morning by 7 am we were woken up for exercises. We were doing squats.    We were given a trainee.   " that's enough! Next...." I could've sworn he was talking but I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying.   Wait, what's with the ground? Why's it moving closer. I feel light-headed.   Thud!   " Prisoner 208?" I hear faintly but I can't respond. I feel so tired. Before I knew it everything blacked out.    "208? 208! " I hear again. This time I'm able to move. But...where am I? Okay? I seem to be on a soft surface. What's going on? I opened my eyes at the sound of the name given to me in prison.   I stood up in a rush,but I was immediately pulled back by my right han
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