Loving Ms. Winters

Loving Ms. Winters

By:  Morgan Giglio  Ongoing
Language: English
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WARNING CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT AND TRIGGERING SITUATIONS INCLUDING ABUSE, SUICIDE, AND RAPE ********************************** Blair Collins is a senior in high school with a long history of causing trouble. She is quite frankly over high school and just looking to have a fun time for her last year when an unexpected change happens at her school, a new and extremely attractive statistics teacher. Ms. Winters graduated at only sixteen and started teaching this year at the age of only twenty-two. Blair instantly takes a liking to her and accidentally wanders into her lawn drunk after a party one night. When both Blair and Ms. Winters start to develop a liking for one another will boundaries be crossed or will forbidden love prevail? It would seem that depends heavily on who finds out and how long their relationship can be kept secret. *********************************** She rolled her eyes turning me on even further "I think we both know this was bound to happen either way." "How do you figure?" I questioned slowly taking another sip of my drink She smiled confidently "Well Alice, I'd say there's been sexual tension between us from the moment I walked in for my first day of statistics, wouldn't you agree?" She was right "No." ********************************** Written By Morgan Giglio Cover designed by latteai on Fiverr

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91 chapters
1: Blair’s POV
Now let me just say that I am incredibly shocked that I have even made it to senior year in the first place considering everything I've done since starting high school. During my freshman year, I got into at least ten fights and got caught selling alcohol in school. During sophomore year, I got caught smoking weed, well pretty much anywhere you can think of to try and smoke it on campus. During  Junior year, I got caught having sex in the bathroom and on the principal's desk. I mean, these are just a few prime examples of why I wouldn't have been surprised if I got expelled. I've acquired quite a rap sheet in good old principal Davis's filing cabinet and it's only getting longer. On the bright side I had always been pretty good at finding my way out of consequences. I just acted sincerely apologetic, then I'd light up another blunt in a better spot two hours later. I know what you're thinking, "how has this girl not gotten expelled," I
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2: Alice’s POV
Blair was quite the pain in my ass, I have never been disrespected by anyone the way I was by her! I'm her teacher for god's sake and she's talking about eating me out in the janitor's closet like I'm some slutty highschool girl, not that all teenage girls are slutty. The rest of class went without a hitch but as the bell rang I was still fuming over the encounter."Miss Collins please stay for a moment." I stated with as much confidence as I could musterBlair was ungodly beautiful whether or not she was my student. I had caught her staring at me throughout class and I couldn't help but like the attention a little more than I should have. She rolled her beautiful crystal blue eyes when she heard me and grumpily stomped over to my desk with a cute pout on her face. She was breaking at least five dress code rules and it was honestly making teaching rather difficult. Her toned stomach was on full display and her long tan legs and ass that I couldn't h
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3: Blair’s POV
The first week of senior year had flown by in a blur and I couldn't be more happy that it was finally Friday. Ms. Winters hadn't said a word about the exchange after class on Tuesday and I hadn't stayed after class to give her the chance. Each day she looked at me as though she were begging me to stay after but I would pack up and give her a knowing smirk before exiting the room. Eventually it would have to be addressed but watching her plead with me through her eyes as if begging me to stay was too amusing to give in so easily. Tonight was John's party and I was more than ready to get absolutely hammered. I had put on my short mini skirt and a white crop top before curling my hair and pairing the look with my black heels. Callie had picked me up moments ago and we had just arrived at the party where numerous people were already showing up. We got out of the car and headed inside where we found John and Mike talking to some some girls in the kitchen. "Hey you made it!" John greeted u
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4: Alice’s POV
I cannot believe that I kissed one of my students last night, no matter how attractive she is. I was supposed to be moving here for a fresh start, a clean slate, and now I have one of my students who kissed me last night sleeping on my god damn couch on a Saturday fucking morning. The kiss itself was, for lack of better words, electrifying in a way I have never experienced before. Maybe it was the thrill of her being my student or the heat of the moment but I could not deny that there was something special about it."Why the fuck do I feel like I got hit by a truck!" I heard her groan turning my attention to the couch I could see from my spot behind my kitchen counter."Because you drank enough for the whole party last night." I scolded as I walked into the living roomShe looked up and she seemed to be trying to connect the dots in her head "Fuck."She definitely remembers now."Yeah, fuck." I stat
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5: Blair’s POV
"I could just take my clothes off to get it back Ms. Winters." I said innocently before taking a sip of my coffee"At least take me on a date first Miss Collins." She joked before placing her mug into the sinkShe was so hot and cold this morning and I have no idea how I ended up here last night but god I was glad I had. I've done a lot of stupid shit but accidentally wandering onto her lawn and kissing her last night has to be one of the best drunken mistakes I've ever made.I smirked at her "What time should I pick you up?""On what, your skateboard?" She laughed as she turned to look at meShe looked sexy leaning back against the counter with her emerald eyes on mine.I shook my head rolling my eyes "No in my car dumbass."She smiled with curiosity in her eyes "If you have a car why skateboard to school?"I grinned at her "My parents don't like w
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6: Alice’s POV
I can't believe Blair found my fucking vibrator this morning, or that I still agreed to dinner even after that incident. I had been behaving like a horny teenager since she came into my class on Monday. I couldn't explain why other than the fact that I'm undeniably drawn to Blair in some way. After dropping her off at home I had returned and run myself a bubble bath to calm myself but it didn't do much but make me secretly wish she were in that bath with me. Giving up on that idea I had dried off before running into my closet to pick out an outfit for tonight's "stay at home date", as Blair had called it.I picked out the black dress I had worn the first day and a pair of red heels that I knew would grab her attention. I had paced around my house, graded some papers and watched a few episodes of my favorite show, Lucifer, on Netflix until the time was five thirty. I quickly got dressed and curled my hair before hopping in my car and driving back to her house which w
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7: Blair’s POV
"I'll try not to." I laughed as I placed my hand on her thigh "Now that we've agreed on the boundaries, am I allowed to cross some?"She smirked nervously, "Yes."She was timid which I hadn't initially expected when I first saw her. She had such authority and confidence in the classroom and now she was letting me set the pace, not that I minded."So what should we do first." I whispered into her ear causing her to bite her lipShe kissed me hard catching me off guard but I quickly recovered savoring the gentle way her lips moved on mine. I squeezed slightly on her thigh causing her to shift closer and giving me full access to her neck as she pulled back and moaned softly. I went to work on her neck trying not to leave any marks knowing we'd both be in statistics on Monday, receiving a few more soft moans from her sweet mouth as I went."Should we move this to my room?" I breathed out huskily<
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8: Alice’s POV
"Are you hungry?" Blair asked peering around the corner at me"A bit." I laughed as I stood up from my spot on the couch and walked over to herShe took my hand in hers and blushed "Wanna get some McDonald's?"I laughed softly "Sure.""I'm surprised you're not too old for McDonald's." She teasedI rolled my eyes at her "You're never too old for McDonald's.""You've got a point there." She laughed as she pulled her shoes onI quickly slipped on my shoes before being led out to her steel colored 2016 Rolls Royce that I assumed her parents had bought her. I hopped inside and I could instantly recognize the smell of marijuana and couldn't help but laugh."I thought you didn't smoke in your car." I said accusinglyShe buckled "No I said my parents didn't like that I smoke in my car, but they can't tell me what to do with something they d
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9: Blair’s POV
Luckily my parents had arrived twenty minutes after Alice left. They were way too busy talking about their trip to notice the dead giveaways, for example, the McDonald's in the living room. I could've just told them Callie had come over but not having to lie was much more manageable. The rest of the day went by slowly and my classes on Monday were the same. I hadn't seen her all day and it was driving me crazy. When the bell rang signaling it was time for statistics I half sprinted through the halls and in the room. Once inside I saw her and she gave me a small innocent smile as I took my seat. Throughout class I would catch her checking me out every so often and she would catch me doing the same and smirk knowingly. Her flowered dress and jean jacket looked cute on her and was much less revealing than I'd hoped. As the final bell rang I smirked and slowly packed my things until everyone had left. When I looked up I realized that Alice was now only a foot away looking down at me wit
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10: Alice’s POV
I was disappointed that Blair had to leave so early to see Callie, especially considering that she was going to tell her about what happened. From the moment she had mentioned it my anxiety about the situation had spiked to an all time high, then again maybe it was just the OG kush in my system. I had enjoyed talking to her, it was much different than our usual banter and I felt like in some ways she was opening up to me more than she ever had. The time was now ten and I was just about to call it a night when I heard a soft knock on my door. I opened it revealing a rather distraught looking Blair and couldn't help but smile despite her cute pout."I'm sorry for coming over so late." She mumbled out locking her eyes to the groundMy smile disappeared realizing she was actually upset and was replaced with what I hoped to be a concerned look "Don't be Blair, is everything okay?"She rolled her eyes and snorted slightly still not making
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