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This is the story of how Luna and Eric are brought together through a forgotten birthday, dirty family secrets, and a beautiful forest full of evergreen trees.

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58 Chapters
The wind tore at my skin and my hair as I ran; my feet hitting the ground, a definite purpose in each of my steps. The sound of my shoes hitting the path was methodical and repetitive, one foot after the other again and again. I could feel the blood rushing through my veins and tears stinging my eyes, my heart pumping for the rhythm of my footsteps. I heard him calling my name, his voice a mere echo in the dense forest, but I ignored him. I knew what I had done.I could not undo it. "Luna! Luna, stop!" My breathing was heavy from both exertion and emotion, trying to make myself stop crying.Read more
One - Birthday
September 18th — three months earlier Beams of sunlight streamed through my window; the slats of my blinds chopping it into a myriad of rays that lazily slid across my quiet room. The whir of the ceiling fan was the only source of sound, a soft and lulling noise that almost made me want to go back to sleep. The blankets on my bed felt warm and soft against my skin and the sound of a lawnmower picked up outside. — no doubt one of the neighbors is hoping to get some yard work done. It was a Saturday right in the middle of September — the welcome transition between summer and fall when the weather was neither hot nor cold, just pleasant. The eighteenth of September; a few days away from the twenty-first, the technical first day of autum
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Two - Ladybug
It was a tall boy with dark hair and eyes a color that matched the trees surrounding us, his lips a healthy pink. His cheeks were flushed with a peach color and his eyes narrowed as he focused on the ladybug poised on my hand. "That's a beauty," he said, a slight rasp to his voice. "Look at that red color on the dorsal area. Do you mind if I collect it?" "What for?" I asked, scooting slightly away from him. I had no idea where he had appeared. It was strange. I was puzzled. "Observation," he answered evenly. "It's the first Coccinellidae I've seen in this forest. Don't worry, I'm going to set it free once I'm done." I stared at him as he reached into the bag slung over his shoulder and retrieved a tiny jar with holes poked into the top of it, screwing the top off and
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Three - Flower of shame
I took a moment to watch him walk ahead, bent over his map and looking up every so often at the trees to ensure he was going the right way. A few yards away he stopped and looked back at me. "Well? Are you going to just stand there?" I shook my head and returned his easy smile, stepping around the small plants on the ground and beginning to follow Eric back through the forest. Eric alternated between looking at his map and out at the forest, his brow furrowed as he navigated through the woods. He hummed lightly under his breath, posture relaxed and straight, towering about half a foot above me. I had never wanted to learn about someone so badly, yet I did not know how to begin. "How did you choose to come to Madison?" I asked as we walked. Read more
Four - Nova
My mind drifted to Eric's happy birthday to me. And I thought it funny that a generic "happy birthday" from a stranger I hadn't known two hours ago meant more to me than those of people I had known for years.Nova and Genevieve were getting home just as I was, Genevieve talking on the phone — as usual.She waved to me halfheartedly before walking into her room, indicating she was on an important call.Nova looked up at me, a grin on her face. "Happy birthday," she said, reaching for my free hand and squeezing it.I smiled down at her. "Thank you.""Where'd you get that?" She reaches out to brush her fingertips against the pink petals of the peony.I looked down at the flower in my hand. "O
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Five - Kendra's
The late morning and afternoon was spent in that perfumed, stuffy salon. Kendra, our routine hairdresser, jabbered on about nonsensical topics as she was washing, drying, asking if I wanted highlights, straightening every crimp and curl from my hair, clipping my nails, buffering them and covering them in rich black nail lacquer. I just nodded along to whatever she said, not replying much. Genevieve sat across the salon, reading a magazine as she had her hair curled, and Nova squirmed in her seat as a manicurist tried to file her nails. "It must be so fun going to all your dad's parties, huh?" Kendra asked me, painting a second coat of color onto my nails. She wasn't much older than me, maybe twenty five, at the most. She was tall and stick thin and had caramel colored hair.
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Six - James Greenwood
I made my way over to the beverage area, pouring myself a glass of lemonade. I was bringing the cup to my lips when I heard a familiar voice speak my name."Luna."It was a familiar voice, yes, but not a voice I wanted to hear.I turned to greet James Greenwood, the eldest son of Garrett Greenwood, my father's everlasting competition.He was my age, and had been trying to get me to date him since we were sixteen. Unfortunately for him, the feelings were not mutual."James," I said with a nod. "How are you?""Fine," he answered. "Nice party. Your stepmother is definitely an entertainer.""Yes.""How have you been?"

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Seven - Science tutor
"Nova needs a new science tutor," Genevieve said over breakfast the next day. "Last year's tutor didn't teach her anything. She tried to teach Nova geology, but—""Geology isn't a real science," I said into my bowl of cereal."—Nova was disinterested. Any ideas, Jonathan?" Genevieve finished, looking to my father."Yes, I've got someone in mind," my dad said. "I'll make some phone calls.""I don't want to learn anything," Nova said. "I don't want a new tutor. I hate science.""It's either we get you a new tutor or you've got to go to public school," Genevieve said, setting a bowl of fruit on the table.Nova had been homeschooled her entire life. I had always gone to public school. Nova was a much more shelte
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Eight - Peony
I awoke at nine the next morning, getting myself ready quickly and going into Nova's room beside mine to wake her up. She was draped across her bed in deep sleep, her ebony hair sprawled out across her pillow and her pink lips agape in peaceful slumber.I walked over her window and threw open the curtains, allowing the lazy autumn sun to spear through the paned glass. "Wake up, Nova, your tutor's going to be here in an hour."She groaned and opened one eye at me. "I hate science. Let me sleep.""My dad got a good tutor for you this time. You won't have to learn geology again.""How do you know?""Because your tutor's an environmentalist, which means he studies the Earth and what lives on it, basically. Don't you want to learn about plants and animals?"
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Nine - Madison
Nova held my hand as we followed Eric down the forest path the next day, the sun cutting through the treetops and casting skinny beams across the ground. It was a clear day, but the temperature was cool enough that we each wore jackets."Tell me, Nova," Eric said as we walked. "What is the most important thing in the world?""Love," Nova said almost automatically."Wrong.""What?""That wasn't an opinion question," he said. "If I had wanted to know what the most important thing in the world was in your opinion, I would have asked what you think the most important thing in the world is. But I asked you for a fact, not an opinion." He half smiled.Nova looked at Eric with a look of confusion, curiosity and a touch of awe. "What is t
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