At First Glance

At First Glance

By:  nothando_dlamini  Completed
Language: English
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Things are always good in a relationship until a third person chips in. Left with the fortunes of her parent's who were killed in fold blood at the age of ten , Jean is finally old enough to take over but her greedy uncle won't let her do so. Alex and Jean have had their own up and downs but after a hectic breakup and her uncles suspicious behavior she doesn't know who to trust anymore and is left With all the things coming at her will her former lover come to her rescue? Will they finally have their happily ever after or circumstances tear them apart?

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29 Chapters
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any way or by any means either electronic or mechanical without express permission from the author except for brief quotation in a book review. Any infragment of copyright will be punishable by law.At First Glance © 2021 by Nothando DlaminiDisclaimerThis is a  total work of fiction. Names, characters, places, locations and incidents are purely fictional and bear no relationship to real life individuals, living or dead or to any actual places, business establishments, locations, events or incidents. Any resemblance is entirely coincidental.Truth to be told I wrote this books while I was doing my Form 4 or 11th grade and I've alwats been so scared to let anyone read it except for a friend who only read one chapter of it.  So a such a long time after completing it and writung other books after if I
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Dedicated to @lwandileb . Thanks fir being the first one to vote for my story.XoxoLove: Nothando 🦄●●As I heard the birds tweet oustude I knew taht it was another day, and once again I had to face the trutgs even thiygh it wasn't easy.What am I going to say?I know they'll ask me.Well my boyfriend abruptly woke up feeling like he didn't love me and went on to cheat on me with an ugly useless girl, with a ulgy useless girl  with a personality of a wet mop. Huh , Great (note the sarcasm) *chuckles *"It's over ", he said.  I couldn't believe what i just heard. Those two words just kept echoing in my ears and I knew that it was the beginning of the end.&n
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Shall we dance
"I don't believe in love at first sight but, I believe in meeting someone for the first time  and knowing they're going to change your life",●●Alex and I had been in a relationship for three years.  We met at a friends wedding, Angelina's to be specific.  Back then when I lived with my parents or lets just say guardians. In that wedding he had been eying me during the whole event. His eyes were glued on me and he asked tobhave a dance with me while dancing with another gentleman who by the way wasn't gentle and couldn't keep his hands on himself. I still remember it like it was yesterday. He tapped his shou
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Date night
"I'll let you into my soul, but wipe your feet at the door ".●●The wedding was last week Saturday and tuday was a Friday. And let me juat make a clarity the day Alex and I are finally going on our date.I came back from work a little bit earlier there wasn't much to do anyways so yeah. Coming back early couldn't hurt anyone. And not to mention he called early today to confirm if this was he day and I could sense the nervousness in his voice.I ripped open my beroom door only to find a mess on the bed and couch.  A wide grin was plastered on a face the moment I registered what was happening . Dresses scattered on my bed along with my high heels on the floor.  Instead of being mad I was glad that Eliz did this. I knew
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"Life is a book, everyday is a new page , every month is a new chapter and every year is a new series".Fast forward three years later.They've moved out and have their own apartment. ●●Three years  of love and happiness.  Fights and arguments have been there but that is the concept. Getting out of each and every cirmstances with eachother and stronger than before. **On  a Saturday morning I did my morning routine and had nothing to do.  I was bored and had nothing in mond and so I thought I could pay him a visit . No, definately not a visit.  I'll call him. "Ring
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Gone are those days
"I'll pick my poison and it's you. Nothing could (ever)kill me like you do ".●●Today I didn't want so sjng myself in for somethierd wheeling so I decided to call Alex and he wasn't picking up his phone . Maybe he was buay but he'd recently got a deal hed been working on for  two moths now and it would take his career to the next  level and it nedded to be celebrated."Why wouldn't he be available on this day of the week ", Eliz said while texting Frank (Her Boyfriend) on the phone. "Maybe he's busy", I said. "Stop makinh excuses for him . You're alao a part of his life and he should have time for you. Is this because of the deal ?".<
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The shock of my life
"Drunken words are sober thoughts", Unknown. I just stood there frozen like a statue  and the only thung that made then relaise that there was a third person in the room was when my hands got slipery and my phone fell.I didn't pick it up but continued standing there like a kindergarten child who had just wet her pants. I did not say anything but there was a lump in my throat and the tears that  had gathered in my eyes found their way down my cheeks.The lady brought a blanket up her chest while Alex wrapped a towel he'd carelessly tossed on the night stand. I guess they were in a hurry. He took big steps towards me while his gaze was fixed with mine. His hair a little bit moist like he'd just showered.The moment he stood behind me the strong smell of whiskey hit my nose . Intoxicated. He's  intoxicated. How can he be doing something like this while he's
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Two hours passed by and I was still standing there. Others horned but still passed.  And then others never even turned to look at me."Alex can..", but then it sank in. Not anymore.My battery life was close from being dead and non of the people I tried calling picked up. I had to call someone as twilight was gathering in the shadows.Fortunately enough my long lost friend noticed me in the darkness as I was hiking. The car was locked and just me standing here. I could feel the weight of what happend back then and what happened right now.A car stopped. Well I have to say I was shocked that it didFortunately enough my long lost friend noticed me while in the darkness as I was hiking. I couldn't notice him until I got close to tue car as I stood a little bit further from where I stood.When the car stopped I went there and he opened the passengers window."W
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Can't live without you
The sunlight seeped through the thin curtains of my bedroom. My whole body was aching and I swear the throbing headache could almost crack my skull open.Another day another phase of what ever pain I left.Nothing was well with me today. I felt so worked up and exhausted.  You could swear that someone was beating upy whole body the previous night. I felt a sharp pain below my bust cutting through the middle of my chest.I had no idea of what it was but it was killing me.  If possible I could have just removed it and sent it as far away a possible but irvwa shere to stay.My skin was pale , the palms of my hands had no colour What is wrong with me ?I couldn't raise a single part of my body.  It screamed pain in all sorts of languages and accents.I tried lying by the side of my body to grab my phone on the side of the bed . The pain still unbearable in each an
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Time heals
Just as a wise man once  said. Time heals but you know what ,time doesn't heal but healing takes time. I wanted  to be positive but I ahd to give myself time and overcome this one step at a time.I felt more attached to this chapter that kept reminding me of him.How could  one move on when they know very well that someone would not be in that chapter. I was told I could get better as time went by but I felt each and every minute ticking by sunk me into greater depths of this darkness.I couldn't wait for these John Cena's to finally stop follwing me around. They would take turns gaurding my door.  There was absolutly no fresh air to breath.  My Father grew that habit of asking about any love love relations I had with anyone. I was old enough to date whom so ever  I want yet I still had to answer these questions. Am I a teenager?What ever happend that day was a secret, only Eliz knew. I told h
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