Star Dust

Star Dust

By:  Kat Thomas  Completed
Language: English
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Kristen Lambert has always been different from everyone else in the way she thought. She had long accepted that until she met him a High school teacher who was like her. He had some of the answers she needed. Gregor Bridger knew exactly what he was. He knew what she was as well the first time he saw her. While forging a friendship together they find even more about themselves out. A new life with a friend who after a long time becomes a lover and the love of each others lives they build a new future. One that it took over a hundred thousand years to make.

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65 Chapters
 We came from the heavens in the form of dust. That is what made us the humans we are today. The knowing where we come from only is known to a select few. The ones who dream of the stars and planets so far away. The ones who know we will always be Star Dust in the end.Katherine Thomas                     
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Chapter 2 Looking at him blankly as she then turned to look at the room and wondered how he made it look like this. “You can see everything. That is how I know.” He said, “I am guessing no one has ever told you that before by your reaction. It makes sense that you didn’t know.”“That I didn’t know what?” She asked him as she focused on the room and the things she saw in it. The pictures on the wall that made it look like a slice of the universe were right there in his office. It was beyond calming to her. It made her feel at home. It was almost like she had flashes of being near those places, and somehow she knew she had been at some time.“What you are.” He said with a smile as he shut the door. She wondered what was going on. This man wasn’t the nicest of teachers to most everyone. He stayed either in his office, or he was teaching. Anything else was more than anyo
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Chapter 3    Gregor Bridger watched the younger girl leave his office. Then he remembered she probably needed a pass for her next class. He walked out into the hallway that led to his office and found her against the wall, still clutching the picture with tears rolling down her face. He reached out to her shoulder, and she turned into his arms. Then he realized how this would look to anyone else, so he moved her back to his office. He moved the curtain to block the sight from anyone who dared pass his office and look into his office. One added thing he also locked the door quickly.She needed time to process everything she had just learned. He had that time. He could remember thinking that it was overwhelming when he was told. He thought he would spend his life trying to find another one like him. He didn’t think that his first thought for the future would lead him straight to one. However, the
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Chapter 4 Months passed, and Kristen signed up for summer school so she would still have the office to help her focus. The two people found the basis of a friendship that went beyond their shared status. This was much more than that. They had found when Kristen actually spoke, she was brilliant. Being told not to from a young age had taught her to keep her mouth shut.Now the last week of school, he was packing up some of the things there. She breezed into the office. “Good morning.”“Coffee is on the desk.” He said over his shoulder as he reached up and took something off the wall.“How did you know I would be coming this morning?” she asked. And he turned and looked at her with the really? Look.“Well, I do know your schedule right now, kid.” He said. “I know you don’t have an exam this morning, but I knew you would be dropped off early, and then you would
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Chapter 5  Kristen was done with her classes halfway through the summer. She didn’t have to do anything, and she was done with her first half-year with college as well. She had to be pleased with herself. Though, like she suspected, no one in her family even noticed that she had begun to pack her things. She was nearing eighteen, and that was when she began looking for a place to live. She looked at the first three places and knew this was going to be harder than she had thought it would be.When she showed up at his apartment to help him get the worksheets done for the new classwork, she was utterly defeated. She knocked on the door, and he opened it up within a minute. He looked at her and could see and feel her frustration rolling off of her in waves, “what?”“Nothing too important.” She said softly. “Let’s get to work.”“Not so fast.” He said as she
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 The week of days seemed to take a year. Though nothing she did was right when she was still looking for an apartment. She knew she had to get away from her family, and no one seemed to notice her being there or not. She would look at the apartments in the morning and the afternoons were spent going over paperwork for the next year for Gregor’s class in the middle school. She had managed to make things work.On the day of her birthday, she woke up to an empty house. No cards, presents, or balloons. Just a note asking to make sure the trash was taken out. She hung her head in defeat. She doubted they even remembered what day it was. She went back to her room, where most everything she had was in boxes, and she dug out a shirt and pair of pants. There was one person who seemed to remember, though. He was the one who had been talking about this one day for weeks now.She wasn’t one for parties. She didn’t like crowds of people. The best way
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 She was staring into his eyes. She didn’t know why he was looking at her so closely. Though she knew he had just spoken, she wasn’t sure of what he had just said. Nothing seemed to make any sense.“What?” she asked when she could finally break through the spell of him staring into what seemed like her soul. The talk about a roommate had thrown her off when he had brought it up. Now she knew he had meant her. She was shocked to the core of her being.“Welcome home.” He said as he moved just an inch closer. “This is your new room.”“You did this for me?” she asked as she looked at him. “The cleaning this week.”“Well, you weren’t supposed to really help with that.” He said as he looked away for a second. “I wanted to do that on my own, but I am not good at that sort of stuff.”“What are you saying?” She asked.“
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 Gregor didn’t let go of her hand for the entire trip. She just looked at it. He had been so careful about touching her before this day that it was completely new and unexpected. “Just to make sure no one is there, right?” he asked quietly. He really didn’t want to have to deal with anyone else there. Though he would in a heartbeat to make his plans come true. He really didn’t want to get into it with her family on her birthday. She was still getting over the fact they hadn’t done anything for her. Not even a simple happy birthday. Just a note to take out the trash.  “no,” Kristen said softly. “Dad is at work, and mom is off shopping somewhere. No one else is there.”“Okay, good.” He said as he continued to drive. It wasn’t a long drive though it surely seemed like it this time. He parked off to the side of the street, and the truck was in the driveway. She opened the door,
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 After the things were dropped off at the apartment, she was enjoying a few minutes of quiet as she looked at the boxes in her room. She had all the time in the world to unpack them, and she knew that. Surprisingly she found herself yawning as she as sat on the end of the her bed. He walked in after knocking on the doorframe. “Anything else you want to do today?” he asked with a smile. “We have dinner plans, but that is some time away.”“dinner plans?” She asked as she looked at him, completely confused. Though he had said they had other things to do, she thought he had meant things like unpacking and possibly for her to cook dinner. She didn’t think he would have done more than what he all ready had done.“Yeah. I can’t tell you where because it is a surprise, but I hope you know where something a little more dressy than what you're wearing now.” He said as he looked her over. She looked
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 He wasn’t expecting her to actually pick that one. Though it would be nice on her, or so he thought. She said she had to get some other things, and he just followed her as she was looking around. When she came to the undergarment section, he realized he had never thought about that. She walked in, and he pretended to be looking at an overcoat across the aisle while she got whatever she needed. He was fighting with himself, though. He would love to go over and help her pick whatever she needed to get. He might even say a few other things to his wildest desires and what he wished to see her in. though he knew that was too soon and might actually push her too far.  When she placed the black sheer lace bra and what he had to assume was black thongs in the cart, he didn’t know where to yell or shrink. The idea of her in those tonight was going to be hard to erase from his already overactive mind. Though he knew more than anything else, he brought th
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