Bound In Blissful Hell

Bound In Blissful Hell

By:  LaynaSunnySnap  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bound In Blissful Hell This is the reality of Olivia Hart when her brother's crazy prank goes haywire. She's ends up being pregnant by hell himself. With green eyes like fresh dew glinting in the sunlight, he made both men and women swoon at the sight of him no matter their sexual preference. He's HELL on legs and she's BOUND to him.

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62 Chapters
"Hey, Liv" Liam, Olivia's twin brother purrs in her ear.He's acting rather suspicious today but Liv doesn't care, it's her birthday-both their birthdays."You know, you never said Happy birthday" Liv glares and shouts over the loud music."Neither did you" he gives her a pointed look.She scowls at him "whatever""Hey, I'll fetch you a drink" he states and she eyes him suspiciously "Yeah, sure" she spits sardonically and shifts her gaze away from him."My birthday gift to you" he shrugs "take it or leave it""I'll take it" she murmurs because she's  too lazy to fetch herself a drink.It's her birthday and she'd much rather spend it alone in a club than at home. Home brings back too many unhappy memories.It's become
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~01-Oh Brother~
"Hey, Liv" my brother calls after me.But I don't stop, I don't want to see him.Tears spring to my eyes, blurring my vision."Liv, I'm sorry" but I'm already out the door, slamming the door pretty loudly in my wake.My brother apologized, that's a first. It would be amusing if this situation wasn't so serious.He practically ruined my life. I know he didn't mean to but he did.I wipe my nose furiously. I'm so mad.I get in my car and drive off to the one place I know can give me the calm I need.~∆~As I walk down to the beach and climb up the rocks, I jump from rock to rock until I reach the biggest rock, the rock I've sat on so many fucked up times, just like now.I sit and enjoy the view of the bright orange sun just about to meet the water on the horizon. Enjoying the solitude I have, I close my eyes and start to hear the soothing sound of the waves brushing against the rocks.And just like that I feel myself sta
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~02-His Freaking Dad~
"Um, hello" I say into the speaker of my phone as I answer a call from an unsaved number"Good Afternoon, Ms. Hart" a female voice greets I clear my throat quietly"Good Afternoon" I try to be equally formal in toneI want to ask who am speaking to but decide against it. Whoever it is.. he'll probably tell me anyway."I'm Andrea, secretary to Mr. Trevalyan" she says curtly. Trevalyan? Where have I heard that name before. Before I have a chance to give it more thought though, she continues "Mr. Trevalyan would like to set an appointment to meet with you, when will you be available?"Who the heck is Mr. Trevalyan.I've heard that name before somewhere..I just can't remember where.Think, Liv, Think.And then it dawns on me. It's Anthony Trevalyan. It's the douche who knocked me up.Rage flows through me like lava."Ms. Hart?" The lady spoke again."Listen lady tell your boss that I don't ever want to see him, h
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"Do you guys think I should really make an appointment?" I ask my brother and his best friend warily."Yeah, you should, see what he wants and get this over with" Chris says dryly."What do you think he want though?" Liam asks and both Chris and I shrug in response."He did say you were going to talk about whether Tony wants his child or not" Chris chips in with a wary shrug."Um..correction, MY child" I scold, putting emphasis on the MYHe raises his hand in mock surrender "yeah, yours"Make the call, Liv" Liam urges and Chris nods.And that's my cue"Chris, by the way, whose number did you call me with?" I wonder aloud, idly "Ms. Hart?" She picks up, her tone one of surprise"Yes, Andrea, I'd like to make an appointment with your boss now" I say dryly"Oh alright, what time would you prefer?" she asks, trying and failing to hide her shaky voice from her last callShe's obviously still smarting from our l
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~04-The Meeting~
It's 9:56am when I finally find the Trevalyan Enterprise . At this point, I can't be more grateful for the existence of G****e Map. I hand my car keys to the parking valet, a fine young man with a pretty attractive smile. Walking in to the building, I'm met with rude blonde at the receptionist who calls up Andrea. Andrea is a red-haired super-professional, polite young lady. She leads me up to the very last floor. My nerves suddenly kick in. "Mr. Trevalyan. Ms. Hart has arrived" Andrea says professionally as she pokes her head through a stylish wooden brown door with a tag 'J. Trevalyan'  Few seconds later, she's ushering me through the door "Ms. Hart" Mr. Trevalyan beams at me with a subtle smile from behind his work desk. His office is very well decorated. There are only a few details but that's what makes it so nice. The walls are painted white with a few paintings I recognize to be Picasso's. "H
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~05-Hell's Got A Pretty Face~
"Liam, I'm getting married" I call casually from the kitchen."Alright, baby sis. To who¿" he calls back, blankly. He probably thinks this is a joke.Who wouldn't? 'I'm getting married' isn't something people just throw around."Anthony Trevalyan" Just that name and the TV turns blank as he strides into the kitchen with a 'stop joking with the devil, Missy' look."Say that again" he murmurs"Anthony" I shrug and look away"What the f**k are you saying, Liv?" he says with gritted teeth.My brother loathes the man.And so do I. But now I have to get married to him."That I'm getting married to Anthony Trevalyan" I say slowly"Where the f**k did this come from?" he breathes out in exasperation. His hands running through his hair. "What did the old man tell you?""That I'm getting married to Anthony Trevalyan" I murmur quietly"Why would you do that?" his voice is a lot more quiet and I know he's trying to
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~06-The Graduation~
I'm dressed in a long, grey halter neck dress. My housemate, Stella, slept over at some Frat house so I have the apartment all to myself. Stella styled my hair yesterday before she left so I just have to make sure it stays that way. Against my better judgement, I decide on some make up. I stroll into Stella's room and right to her dressing table. I really should get make up of my own but I almost never use it, mostly because it makes my face itch but also because I'm too lazy most of the time. I dab on some foundation- much too little, in hopes to reduce the itching.  Powder up my face with Stella's fluffy powder brush, then I opt for a nude, almost unnoticeable eye shadow. Then, with the eye liner, I gradually stroke a line from one corner of my eye to the other and repeat the process for the other side.  I groom my brows and fill them with an eyebrow pencil then apply a coat of mascara on my lashes.
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~07-Black Bride~
It's Saturday. 3 days after my graduation and it's my wedding.Well, fake wedding.I stare at the big, white box delivered this morning that holds my 'wedding dress'.I tear my gaze away from the box and make my way into the bathroom.Taking my time in the bathroom, it's 9:20 by the time I return.The sound of my hair drier soon fills the room.Soon enough, my hair is dry and I gently massage my scalp with my hair cream.Then I head for the white box, excitement bubbling in me.I'm irritated by how excited I am for this dress.Opening it up, I find a really beautiful, silk dress that probably costs a fortune but one glance and I know I'm not wearing that.It's pretty and all but, it's too revealing and I'm pregnant. I can't wear that.'Trust the Trevalyan's to totally f**k this up' I snort"Now I'm talking to myself" I raise my hands in exasperationGoing through every potential wedding dress replacement i
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~08-His Fake-a*s Bimbo~
"How was that?" I ask, turning to face Anthony with a shit-eating grin plastered on my lips.Why the heck am I joyed so over-joyed? Surprisingly though, he grins right back "Not bad for a girl"Maybe it won't be total hell living with this guy for a few months after all "A girl? What's that supposed to mean?" I try to frown but fail miserably"Oh nothing" he raises his hand in a 'surrender' gesture"Good. Thought I'd be having your head for my first meal" He chuckles, a light, quiet one laced with amusement "I see I've married a feisty soul""Oh, trust me you don't know yet" He makes no move to leave so I hop out first and turn in the direction of the house but I freeze on the spot as the house comes into full view.It's not a house. Mansion hardly describes it. Palace comes close. It is a series of rectangles constructed of steel and glass. It's unapologetically modern.The sides are polished
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~09-Hell's Reaction~
"Dad says to give you this" Anthony says in his usual impassive tone as he stretches a brand new IPhone 12 towards me.The phone pack glitters in my eyes and the imaginary sound of a magic wand in a fairy tale movie  fills my ears.Tempting as it is though, I have to decline. I will not allow myself to be indebted to these people in any way."No" I say simply and go back to scrolling through my Instagram feed on my iPhone 8.I glance up just in time to see his impassive look morph into one of confusion."What do you mean 'no'?" He mutters, his look and tone impassive once again."Mr. Trevelyan, I'm sure you're not dumb. The word 'no' can be defined as an act or instance of denying or refusing. It is a negative vote or decision. What don't you understand, Sir?" I blink up at him with an innocent smile playing on my lips.He's not the playful guy I met the day I married him. As the days went by he's morphed into something humourless, with
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