Aksha: The White Wolf [ENGLISH]

Aksha: The White Wolf [ENGLISH]

By:  Foreveryoung1206  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aksha Beatrix Aslenovie never believes in those fairytales—werewolves, vampires, magic, and such—but after reading the headline of the attack, possibly caused by a werewolf, her eyes become gold, a fur in her palms, and some of her hair strands become golden. Working in a café, their boss commanded her to get the packages at a factory, in Colambi. But along the way home, howling voices in the forest caught her attention and leads her to the middle of the dark forest. The surroundings glowed as the moon goddess showed up and told Aksha about her real identity, being the blessed white wolf—the legendary one. And that's where everything started. Can you believe it? A simple human being...becomes a werewolf? How possibly can it be?

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8 chapters
The illuminating crescent moon filled our bloody night as we winced in pain. Every corner, every gaze I make, all I can see is the burning houses and trees in the middle of the night. It makes me want to let out my raging heart as I heard everyone's cries and the scratching sounds of the nails in one's body.Some wolves from our pack are fighting for everyone's lives, especially for the pups who can be our future leaders and protectors, but I am more than afraid to realize that this tragedy might be traumatic for them. We truly are outnumbered by them, and I can feel their desire to defeat us. I want to save everyone, but how? What can I do to stop this war? "Faster, Aksha!'"I run as fast as I can, following my comrades, running away like a loser. This terrific momentum will make our lives miserable for days, weeks, months, or even a thousand of years. I feel like some of us will leave and choose the peaceful path. Well, I'm not sure, but a lot of werewolves from our group...died.A
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Chapter 1: Aksha
I woke up lazily and rub my eyes as I yawned, I stretched my arms and stood up. My body is still aching because of the five boxes of new coffee cups that we bought yesterday. Well, our manager ordered us to do it because Emilio was nowhere to be found.   He should be the one who will pick up the packs, but it ended up to us that's why I'm having body pain now. Tsk! I'm sure that he visited his girlfriend that was why he was missing in action. And for Pete's sake! Manager Ty was furious about it. God knows what Manager can do to him because of being irresponsible at work.   He should be focusing on working than being problematic with a temporary relationship. You know, a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is not for a lifetime. People change, as well as their feelings.    "Oh! It is good that you're already awake." I rolled my eyes at Feyra, my best friend. It is a good thing that Feyra is here, she was the one who in
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Chapter 2: Golden Eyes
"Aksha, serve this on table two." I nodded at Feyra and held the tray.   It is a busy day today because of the newcomers who will visit Hasila Museo, the famous museum here in Albinia. Hasila has its memorable things and histories that will surely be like by the tourists. I think that they also have a map that was known as the map of seven kingdoms in the world of fantasy, in history.     But it didn't hook my attention because I am not a fan of fantasy stories which are supernatural and unbelievable. Like werewolves, vampires, magics, and so on.   "Here's your order, Ma'am." I put her order over the table while showing my sweet smile. She smiled back at me and give thanks.   "Miss."    I looked at the man who called me and walk towards him. He looks so dashing in his formal attire. Looks like he's a responsible businessman.    "What's the
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Chapter 3: Howling Voice
"Hey! You're overthinking." I looked at Feyra. We are currently buying some stocks here in the supermarket. And all the time, my mind is nowhere to be found. Seems like I'm stuck with the thought of having golden eyes. Who wouldn't think about it? For Pete's sake! The color of my eyes was black, then suddenly, turned into gold? Who on earth will be happy about it? Also, my hair does have some golden strands, and my palms grew some hair, again, even if I shave it day by day.Am I still normal? I looked around and realize that people are different in their ways. Our physique may be differ depending on our genes and lifestyle. Some may be so thin, fat, didn't have a flawless skin, black skin color, and white. We are unique and must accept our flaws.But why can't I accept myself? Simply, because this is not normal. "Come on, Aksha." "Comin
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Chapter 4: Moon Goddess
My brows creased as I realized that I'm going to enter a forest. How come that in the middle of Colambi, there is a forest? But it doesn't make me terrified at all, I'm just quite nervous because of many what-ifs. But I shook it off away in my head.They are not true. I nodded at myself and continue to walk until I make it far from the road. I gulped as the breezy cold air touched my skin. And every step I made, the sounds of crackling dry leaves is echoing throughout the forest. I look at the sky and realize that the moon is brighter than its normal light.  "Aksha..." I'm about to step but stopped as I heard again the voice that I heard before. And suddenly, the howls started to roar inside the forest. Making me hitched my breath.I clasp my hands as I felt it trembling a little. "This is the time..."My brows creased as the howls become louder and stronger.
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Chapter 5: White Wolf
"One latte, please."It's been three days since I had encountered the most surreal event that ever happened in my life. And still, now, it's bothering me.The changes are getting bigger as the days pass by. I started craving more meats, but I resisted eating those. I even bought a contact lens that was the same color as my eyes before, and it is black. But I can't stop my eyes to glow when the moon shines so bright every evening. I tried to pluck some of my golden hair strands, but it doesn't work because when I woke up the next day, a new golden hair will be seen. And every day, I always shave my hairy palms.Why did I do to experience this? Am I really one of them?Those were the questions that keep on haunting me. But I can't find any answers, making me more confused each day. "Hey." I looked at my side and realization hits me.I am working, so better set aside
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Chapter 6: Lunarias Kingdom
I was staring at the gray wolf who seems to look at me like I am the biggest joke in his life, I pouted my lips as I learned about his reaction.He wants to burst out laughing."Go on, you can laugh. I don't care if you'll do." I rolled my eyes."Wait a minute, I need to be in my human form." I watch him as he runs behind the huge tree.Is he naked? I gulped because of my question. But maybe, his clothes were there because he decided to go behind that tree. "Done." I look at him as he shows himself. My jaw almost dropped as he showers my eyes with his gorgeous face. He's pretty good for a wolf, and what the! I think that wolves do have a better face than mortals. He is standing in front of me proudly, showing me his defined body, and his jaw was defined as well his height... Well six-footer, I guess. He's really tall. His eyes were also golden like mine, indeed beautiful
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Chapter 7: Joining the Pack
I slapped my cheek to open up my senses, and to acknowledge this surreal place. It really looks so magical, the clouds were blue as the typical color of the sea. The birds were flying and happily whistling in the sky, as well as the butterflies.   "You look really shocked. Come on!"    And I can feel the freshness of the air! Compared to where I came from, I must say that I really like to be here. This is more refreshing because of the fresh air, rather than having polluted air from the city, and all are greens, instead of having big tall buildings.    "Come on!" Jestov shouted, so I run to reach him.    "This is one of a hell'a place! Is this real? I didn't imagine that I'll be able to see something like your place, I thought you all are living in the forest, in the middle of Colambi," I ejaculated, I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful scenery.   But how did
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