The Game Of Chase

The Game Of Chase

By:  Eva Zahan  Completed
Language: English
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Running away from the dark past of her life, Sofia McCommer is determined to start new and prove her worth to her family by joining her family business that's close to bankruptcy. Scorched by life, Adrian T Larsen, the powerful business magnet has become a man no one wanted to cross paths with. With only darkness filled in his dead heart, he doesn't know what kindness is, and has an intense hatred for the word: love. And then comes the game. A game of ignoring the cold-hearted playboy Sofia plays with her friends at a Saturday night club. The rules were simple: Ignore the billionaire, hurt his ego and get out. But little did she know that getting out of the paws of an injured tiger wasn't an easy thing to do. Especially when the infamous businessman, Adrian Larsen's male ego was at stake here. Bound by fate when their paths clash with each other more than Sofia ever expected, when the powerful billionaire barges into her life, sparks and desire start to test her resistance. But she has to push him away and keep her heart locked to keep both of them safe from the dangerous shadows of her past. The dark past that always lurked around. But can she do that when the devil has already set his eyes on her? She has played a game, and now she has to face the consequences. Because when a predator is teased, it's supposed to chase...

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87 chapters
Half naked men
The cogent sound of the grinder and the sharp smell of the spicy sauce wafted across the kitchen. While Nana cut the cherry tomatoes I hated for her authentic Italian pasta.   Dangling my feet down the kitchen counter, I turned another page of the magazine where faces of handsome models were portrayed. This was the best a twelve years old could do to pass her boring time.   Well, they were… what the girls in my class called them again?   Yes, hot!    "What're you ogling at those half naked men, girl?" Nana asked, glancing at me from the corner of her aged eyes.   "I'm not ogling! Just looking. And why not? They're handsome, and… hot!"    Her nose scrunched hearing my reply. "Good God! Where did you learn that word, young lady? And those men," she said, taking the magazine from my hand, "there is nothing beautiful about them. They look like some hair
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A note?
A week has passed and the ambience around the house was still tense. Dad, Max and Robert stayed in Dad's study most of the time; meetings after meetings were held in private, me, Mom and Alex excluded. I barely met them twice at dinner this week, but the heavy aura around them didn't excite me for my queries.   Though I was born and raised in a mafia family, I was totally kept away from their dark world all my life; the same went with Mom and Alex. It was not that they were interested in it anyway. And nor was I. I myself wanted to do nothing with the mafia activities.    But in situations like these, I wanted to know what was happening around me. Only if they would let me. For my father and brother, I was too fragile and innocent to get myself tangled with the underworld issues.   And that's why I was currently standing next to the door of Dad's study. Another closed meeting was running inside and I was eager to kn
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The dangerous game
"I still don't think it's a good idea." I bit my lip, staring at myself in the mirror. I couldn't even recognize myself.    "Shut up! We're going and that's final! Everything is taken care of, we just have to go through the plan," Laura said, giving the final touches to my makeover.   It was the day we were going to pull that stunt. The weekend had arrived in the blink of an eye. And I wasn't still convinced about her plan. Even if deep down I was quite excited about going out to have some fun, I was dreading the consequences if Dad somehow found out.   "Don't you think it's too short?" I tugged at the end of the dress that Laura chose for me.    It was a beautiful black off shoulder dress that reached till my mid thighs and hugged my body perfectly, showing off my curves with a little glimpse of my cleavage.   "Nonsense! You're looking gorgeous in that dress! I wish I
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A challenge
Adrian's POV   The bitter sweet taste of the wine burned down my throat as I took another sip from the glass. It wasn't as strong as I preferred, but my regular one was too expensive and vintage for a bar to keep in their collection even if it was one of the most luxurious clubs of the city, so it was the best I could get here.   Wasting time on bars like these wasn't my thing, I'd rather scheme another strategy on my next project.    But taking at least a night off was profitable for a workaholic man like me to keep their head going. So I needed some relaxation at least once a week.   It was what Uncle Andrew believed. Thus he gave Liam, his son and my party lover cousin the responsibility to drag me here every Saturday night. To keep my head clear.   Well, at first it wasn't that bad. The drinks and girls were alright. But now it was getting old for me. I
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Electric blue eyes
Sofia's POV   My lips were firmly set as I passed through the half wasted population, away from that arrogant man with an ego bigger than the sky itself. Eyes narrowed and the irritation still formed on my forehead, I tried to ignore the racing of my heart along with the flutterings down my stomach despite the frenzy.   The sudden temperature I felt in the room wasn't due to tons of people dancing around me, or my anger. It was an effect of staying too close to someone.   A set of electric blue eyes still stared at me at the back of my mind, where his deep husky voice still could be heard. And among the adverse smell of alcohol and sweat, his intoxicating cologne still lingered in my senses.   I shook my head, taking my mind off the outer beauty to the inner. I swear to God, I haven't seen such an ill-mannered, arrogant and infuriating man in my whole life! He really thought I was pu
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Alpha male
Walking through the busy street, I let myself lose in the swarm of rushing people with little pink clouds of cotton candy melting into my mouth. The fresh morning breeze swayed my chestnut locks away from my shoulders as tender sunlight delicately kissed my skin.    My eyes roamed around, and I felt content in my heart. I felt ordinary. Just like the moving crowd around me. No guards breathing on my neck. No weapons surrounding me.   With a content smile stretched across my lips, I closed my eyes for a moment and drew in a fistful air of breath. But the smile slipped away from my lips as I stumbled on my legs due to a sudden collision against a hard chest.    Looking up, I found a pair of electric blue eyes peering down at my soul. And my heart palpitated beneath my chest at the intensity of them.    What's he doing here?   Suddenly, a black shadow passed beside me
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Easy isn't my forte
When we reached the penthouse, the guards took post right behind me. Loud music floated outside through the closed door.    Is he working out at this time?    He had a habit of enjoying blasting music while he worked out.   Knowing he wouldn't hear the bell, I pounded my fist on the door several times and waited.    After a moment, the music slowed down before the door cracked open. Thus a girl with wild hair and a skimpy black dress, one sleeve hanging down her shoulder, came out. Cheeks flushed, breathing laboured and lips swollen as she eyed me up and down. An annoyance set on her forehead.   Well, he definitely was working out.   Clearing my throat, I stretched my lips into a smile. "Hi! I'm here to see Max."   She raised one of her arched brows. "May I know why?" Her eyes went to the paper bag of cupcakes in my hand. "
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My visit to the pizza shop in a busy street, despite the guards' disagreement, reached Dad's ears. And that didn't sit well with him.    I reached home to a fuming Dad welcoming me with his wrath. I didn't understand why he was so mad? It's not that I went there without any protection. And who would dare to attack me in the middle of a busy store? But that didn't deter him from insulting me before the guards, enunciating how careless and foolish I was.   And that only fueled the fire of my smoldering temperament.   "Didn't you think what could be the result of your ridiculous act? How can you be so foolish going between so many unknown people? Did you forget your promise that easily?"    "I didn't break my promise. I promised not to go anywhere without any protection, and I didn't. They were with me all the time."    "There is no point taking protection if you're t
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Wicked businessesman
I wiped my sweaty palm against the black pencil skirt and smoothed the royal blue blouse I chose to wear today for this special day. My first day at the office.    I still couldn't believe I was standing here today, before the large office building. It's not that it was my first time coming here. I did, many times. But I didn't come here as an employee then.    Though I could just work here as an owner, beside Alex. I had chosen to prove my worth before expecting people to work for me. Despite the dismay of my family, they were proud of my decision, I knew it. I saw it in Dad and Mom's eyes.    It was still a matter of disbelief for me; the sudden change of my life. I still couldn't believe Dad would give me the permission to work with Alex.    Even if I was going to work in my own family business, with my own brother, I was nervous. I couldn't tame the restless butterflies flutte
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The furious Mr. Larsen
Letting out a huff, I slumped on the stairs, providing my butt and legs some rest.    My arms held the bunch of folders tight against my chest. Sweat trickled down my spine and forehead from all the marathons I did using the staircase between the third and fifth floor. Not only me, the entire office was racing in this marathon that Adrian Larsen held kindly giving us this project. Even one minute late became a crime here now. So waiting for the elevator was out of the question.    I had never seen the employees here working so fast before. That Larsen king wouldn't accept any default and sluggishness under his command. He was making sure he wouldn't have to face any kind of loss where he invested his money. He had set his eyes on here like a hawk all the time, if not him, then it would be his soldiers.   I still remember the shock I got when Alex told me he was the one who gave this company this project. Though
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