Devil, Be Nice

Devil, Be Nice

By:  patata  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I don’t know who you are but… wait, what are you eating? Why are you not sharing it, ah? Do you treat this big sister as a stranger?" One of the most powerful and devilish beings in existence wakes up in a body of a little mortal girl in a humble place that's a far cry from where she came from. After thousands of years of waiting for reincarnation... seems like even the underworld had kicked her out for all the troubles she caused. But why didn't they put her soul into an immortal's body?! Well, beggars can't be choosers. She would just have to cultivate back to the peak. Watch as she tries to keep herself from destroying the world... try being the keyword.

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270 chapters
1 - A Catastrophe!
1 - A Catastrophe!   Yin opened her eyes in the darkness. The temperature was freezing, the ground equally cold, and it took her a few moments to realize that it was deep into the night. It did not take long for her vision to adjust with the help of the moonlight.  “Hmm? How odd.”  She hesitantly used a finger to trace the skin on her forearm. Her skin felt cold. No. It was more precise to say her body was exposed and affected by the crisp chill in the air, to the point that goosebumps were appearing on her skin.  Why was she feeling cold?  It was a sensation she had not encountered for a long time, she nearly forgot how it felt. Fascinating. 
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2 - Before Time was Fashioned
2 - Before Time was Fashioned Yin was a legend among legends. One time, she had single handedly eaten five bowls of super ramen in under a minute. Or was it six? Oh, wrong record. Among the many daughters of Primordial Chaos, Yin was the first to be enlightened and gain consciousness. She had lived her existence well, despite being born in an ivory tower. One could say she was more a traveler than a warrior. Thus, she had left many tales and countless myths in all the worlds and realms she had touched, visited and created. When life was new and Time was just fashioned, in the Land of Celestial Deities, she had singlehandedly founded the devilish sect that had trampled upon millions of mortals and immortals. All these achievements were made ba
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3 - Little Yin, Yin'er
Yin, with her hands still akimbo, narrowed her eyes at the newcomer. He was a simple-looking man no older than his thirties, wearing a white robe with a crest of some sort of organization on the sleeves. "And, who might you be?" The man was startled to see a young girl speaking so flippantly while surrounded by carnage. She looked injured, but her expression was way too calm it's eerie. If it were him, he would be puking. Wait, he was actually puking right now. "Oh, boy," he could hear her mutter in what was supposed to be a sweet, childish voice. As he dry-heaved behind a tree, she continued to nonchalantly comment on the side. "That's absolutely the most disgusting thing I've seen since, well, a long time." He had no idea whether to cry or cry louder. What was disgusting? Wasn't the sight of self-detonation, those red-stained grass and torn limbs, disgustin
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4 - Not Dizzy, I Tell You!
Yin curiously studied the group of white-robed poker-faced mortals that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Their discipline was impeccable, and it could be said that Ye Mo had personally trained these people to be the best among elites in the Ye Sect. She wondered if they'll be fun to play with. She had not played for a long, long time. Based on the fluctuations being emitted from their bodies, Yin could already measure what kind of resources she could expect in such a tiny world. This place might be not the lowest of realms and at least had a cultivating system unlike that one place she visited before – what's that planet again? Earth? – but it was just as insignificant as dust compared to the grand worlds Yin had seen before. Maybe it was too early to judge, maybe it was wrong to use Ye Mo as the standard and she was yet to meet the pinnacle existence in this world, but Yin needed to make up her mind now les
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5 - Treated Badly
The young couple Ye Hua and Wu Xuan'er hurried back to Leaf City without delay. They did not notice the obvious relief on Ye Mo's face at their departure. While running, Ye Hua gestured with his fingers and a formless energy covered Yin to make sure the travel back would not aggravate her injuries. As cultivators, their speed had long surpassed those of a mortal's and he was worried that Yin's body could not tolerate it. The little girl could not help but gasp because his energy tickles. Ye Hua then fell back, making sure that he was just at the right distance behind Wu Xuan'er in case an enemy sneak attacks. Noticing Yin peeking over, he smiled. "Tell us if running fast makes you hurt, okay?" The ever-'high' Yin gave the young man a toothy grin. "Faster is better!" She then made herself comfortable in the young woman's arms, cuddling closer and naughtily poking the 'most comfort
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6 - Sad Face
"Why the sad face, Yifan?" asked an ancient voice that seemed to echo with the Dao.One could not determine whether the speaker was a male or a female, only that whoever it is, he or she must be ancestor-level old."Do you miss your family?"Above the clouds, somewhere near the central part of the seemingly boundless lands, a beautiful white crane flapped its large wings against the midwinter wind. With a gigantic wingspan of one li, the crane looked nothing like an ordinary animal. Its feathers emitted a soft spiritual glow that wrapped its entire body with warm light, making it look equally sacred and majestic.On the crown of its head, a middle-aged man with white brows and peppered hair, a skinny teenager with a scar on his neck, a little boy not even a decade old and an ugly, fat cat were sitting cross-legged.Yes, even the ugly cat was sitting cross-legged. If one were to look closely, one could even see that the cat had a very humanlike expr
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7 - Wanna Play With Me?
"Ooh, interesting playmates have appeared." In one of the mansions belonging to the Ye Clan, a little girl in clean white robes sat on the ledge of a window while casually swinging her pudgy legs. A naughty glint could be seen on her young eyes as she had a faraway look towards the southern direction. Of course, the little girl was no other than Yin, who had actually accepted being called Little Yin for no other reason than that the old fogey Ye Mo would not let her have extra midnight pudding if she did not agree. Her skin was still marked with wounds and bruises, but her inner injuries were all cured by Ye Hua earlier. Thinking that she needed to sleep some more, he assigned her a room for her to rest in and promised to come back again in the morning. Ye Hua, known to the rest of the city as Fourth Young Master Ye, is the top healer and alchemist of the Ye Clan's younger generation. He was highly c
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8 - Seeking Death!
"Wanna play with Little Yin?" By the time she finished speaking the sentence, the tip of the sword was already a hairsbreadth away from her throat. 'Is she not dodging?' the black-robed man could not help but think. 'Is she stunned senseless in fear?' But then he remembered her age and realized that she was merely a mortal. Of course, she could not react on time. Though, this fact surprised him more. This little mortal girl found him despite the cloak of the night, not to mention that he was someone with decent cultivation. How did she do it? 'No matter what, she is unlucky to catch sight of me.' He was an assassin and his mission was of utmost priority. It might be a pity to kill a child, but this would not be the first nor the last innocent that he had to silence in his trade. 'In your next life, do not stay up so late at night, brat!'<
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9 - Yin is Yin!
An old man with silvery white hair, still strong as a bear in the waist and supple as a tiger in the back(1), appeared in between the unconscious Yin and the fleeing black-robed man. "You think you can come and go as you like? You do not really put the Ye Clan in your eyes, do you?" he snorted, pushing his hand forward before making a grasping motion. "Come back here!" The old man was no other than Ye Wuqing, the current Patriarch of the Ye Family and one of the strongest experts in Leaf City! Without letting out a word, the black-robed man released his hidden weapons before dodging to one side. However, would the mighty Patriarch of Ye Clan, a venerated expert of his generation, allow him to escape? Of course not! Not only for safety, but also for face! As Ye Wuqing dealt with the intruder, a thirty-something-year-old man ran out from a nearby residence, to be followed by a youn
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10 - Ye Mo's Face
"S-So cold… I hope my arms make it and not fall off in the middle of the street…"Ye Mo could not help but grit his teeth as he flew out from the Ye Clan Manor. He sped towards the Leaf City's Ming Yue Sect branch, a place that was on the other side of the city.Despite covering his skin with qi, the icy coldness emitted by Little Yin was freezing his muscles and bones.To think that this girl was this capable despite still being a mortal…Ye Mo could not help but feel excited. One had to know that he was an accomplished cultivator. A mortal should not have been capable of leaving marks on his skin, much less injuring him.Little Yin was someone found and saved by the Ye Clan! As long as no one comes looking for her, she belongs to the clan!Imagine once she started the road of cultivation… wouldn't that mean she can make ice cubes fall and snow storms erupt with a flip of a single hand? In the Body Cultivation re
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