Hidden By The Gods (Book #2 of Silver Moon Series)

Hidden By The Gods (Book #2 of Silver Moon Series)

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Everyone knows the mythology of the gods. What happens if what is known was manipulated by the gods themselves. Our favorite triplets are back. This is their story of how they came to be. Follow along as they grow up and find friends, enemies, and their soul bonds along the way. This is book #2 in the series. They weren't supposed to exist, yet here they are. "We have to keep them protected" Zeus roars. "That doesn't mean we have to keep them locked up." Aphrodite states. The gods turn as they hear the door opens slamming against the wall. There stand the triples. A look of surprise spreads across everyone's face. "What the hell did you do to your hair and are those tattoos?" Poseidon asks. "We dyed it, and yes they are tattoos and we also got a few body piercings" Kylani answers. "We will not stay hidden away or kept locked up. We have no interest in this life. We are going to walk on the earth with the supernatural and humans. They accept us more than you do." Mykenzie announces. The girls vanish at that moment. Chris stands there with a look of regret in his eyes. He knew this was coming. They wanted sweet, innocent goddesses like their mother and aunts. What they got was an attitude in a 5'4" package only doubled. "I told you not to force your ways upon them. They have been independent since birth. You brought this upon yourselves." Hades tells them

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87 Chapters
Vepar “Just look at them sitting there all high and mighty,” I say. “I know. They think they are so special and so important.” My friend says. The two of us were sitting there watching the gods. They were all there drinking, eating, and relaxing as if nothing could touch them. They are so fucking self-absorbed and consider themselves above everyone else. It’s time that someone brought them down a few notches. Now to figure out how to bring them down. I looked at my friend, and I knew I couldn’t trust her with the idea brewing in my head. I needed people that thought like me. The twelve main gods had been in power now for 2000 years, and in that time, they had grown so arrogant. They thought nothing could bring them down. Well, I have an idea that has been running through my head now for a few years. I needed to get to my mate, but that was tricky. See, I am an angel, and my mate is a demon. I stand up and decide that watching them is just pissing me off even more. Th
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Asmoday It was a week later when we all finally were able to get together for this meeting. While the gods didn’t pay close attention to us, I knew that if they saw all of us meeting together, it would raise suspicion. I told everyone to leave from a different location and at a different time so that it wouldn’t be obvious. When I got there, Vepar was already there. I walked up to her and kissed her cheek. “Well isn’t that sweet?” I hear a deep voice say. I turned around to find Damian, Marshall, and Ian standing there. I have known these three for a few years now. In fact, they work for me. After all the gods created all their damn creatures, they decided to keep what they call the supernatural world and humans separate. Most supernatural creatures can walk among humans, but most humans have no idea they exist. The few that do want to own the rarest and strange of the supernatural creatures. Even some of the more powerful supernatural creatures want to own the rarer ones
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Dominick I knew when I saw Vepar slinking around town that something was up. Dimitri and I had known that she and Asmoday were mates for years now. We honestly didn’t care, so we kept our mouths shut; it wasn't any of our business. Mates are important to our kind, so we weren’t going to ruin their happiness. We often saw the two of them sneaking around to be together. However, the way she was slinking around tonight raised our hackles. We kept in the shadows and watched the shack she went into. Not long after, we saw Penthesilea, Phlegyas, and some witch at the door. As soon as I saw Penthesilea and Phlegyas, I knew they were planning something bad. Those two alone were bad news. We never did see Asmoday enter, but when we got closer, we could hear his voice. We also heard another male voice, but we could only see Vepar, Asmoday, Penthesilea, and Phlegyas. We listened as Vepar explained her plan. I looked at Dimitri. We stayed there through their entire meeting and left
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Dimitri Dominick and I are sitting in the spot where we normally meet with the gods at. We are waiting on Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades to show. We sent a message to them last night after we had heard what the others were planning, letting them know that we needed to talk to them and that it was serious. “Well, what is this important information?” I hear Hades ask. “We overheard a conversation between Vepar, Asmoday, and a few others that we couldn’t place last night,” I tell them. “Why would Vepar be meeting with Asmoday?” Zeus asks. Dominick explains that they are mates and have been sneaking around for years now to be together. I hated that we were ratting them out, but the fact that they have decided to try and overthrow the gods overrules them being mates. He also explains the plan that we heard them discussing. To say that the three gods in front of us are pissed would be an understatement. I swear the vein in the side of Zeus’s head might explode at any moment. I can
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Dominick I am exhausted. I have never been this tired before. Dimitri and I got a vast majority of the leaders of the supernatural beings together and explained what was going on. So far, we had obtained the DNA and blood from all of the known animals in existence, DNA and blood from all of the original vampires, the Fae king himself had given us his DNA and blood, the mermaids had contributed as well, and of course, Dimitri and I had added our DNA and blood into the mix. I sat back and looked at all the other DNA and blood I had gotten over the last week I travelled. This made me realize how many supernatural beings we actually knew. “Are things going well?” Zeus asks. “Dimitri is out traveling to the beings he knows. We know so many and some only know him or me. I just got back last night and he left this morning.” I explain. “I am impressed with everything you two are doing.” He admits. I know when Aphrodite first granted the two of us our wolves, and we vowed always t
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Dimitri If whoever is shaking me doesn’t stop, he or she will end up with a broken arm. I got home late last night after being gone for a week. I found who I wanted and then some. Many supernaturals have been seeking me out, asking if our actions are true. When I tell them that it is true, they are more than willing to hand over their DNA and blood. Hell, even the Fae king handed over his DNA and blood to help. That was the first time that I was aware that a wolf had been in the fae kingdom. I am almost sure my mate is there because I smelt the most delicious smell. It smelt like a mix of apples and cinnamon. Those just happen to be my two favourite flavours ever. Apples are my favourite fruit. “Hey wake up.” Someone says. “Stop fucking touching me and let me sleep,” I growl. "Dimitri you jackass wake up,” Dominick grumbles. I open my eyes, and there stands my brother. Bastard, I still want to hit him for waking me up, but then he would just hit me back. That would jus
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Zeus It has been a month since Dimitri and Dominick came to Poseidon, Hades, and myself and told us what they had found out. The three of us were pissed when they told us what Asmoday and Vepar were planning. They did not tell us who else was involved, but I knew that a very powerful being had to be helping them in order to mix all of the samples together. That being is either a god, witch, or a Fae. I highly doubt it is a Fae. They keep to themselves and stay out of everyone’s business. I know for certain it is not a god. We are all way too gossipy to keep a plan like that under wraps. “I can guarantee that those two have Shade on their payroll,” I say. “Yeah, that makes the most sense,” Hades replies. Shade is a witch/vampire hybrid and has been slinking around for close to 1000 years now. She will do whatever for the right price, so I know Vepar and Asmosday have to pay her extremely well to go along with this plan. We all know about Shade and what she does. We have
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Shade I knew when Asmoday and Vepar came to me with a proposition that it was not good. I have never trusted those two, and I was not about to start now. I was absolutely shocked by their plan when I met with them and the others. I sat there listening to this plan and knew that this was stupid and extremely dangerous. Instilling that much power into one being was a recipe for disaster. I also felt that if this plan worked and somehow were able to impregnate Aphrodite, the power would be too much for one, and one would become two. “What are you going to do?” Taj asks. “I heard from a fellow witch that Dominick and Dimitri have been going around and collecting DNA and blood from every known supernatural creature possible,” I tell him. I could tell he was surprised at this. Taj and I had known each other for years. I was one of a hand full of people that knew of his existence. He was a werecat, but not just any plain werecat. He was the alpha of all shifters. I knew the go
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Penthesilea I thought this was going to be hard. It was easier than I expected. I really should have known that it would be easy. All these gods love to party and drink. Slipping the drug into the alcohol was easy. It took a bit longer than expected to take effect. It took a lot of alcohol to get any of the gods drunk. I knew it would have to be a strong drug to affect the gods; luckily, Phlegyas knows his plants and shit. “Well, that worked even better than I had thought it would.” He states. “How long till it wears off?” I asked. “Oh, this lasts for hours so we have lots of time.” He says. It just happened to be Hermes' birthday, so they had a huge party. None of these assholes really needed a reason to party. I stood there watching them sleep. Phlegyas, and Vepar, started collecting the samples we needed and putting them in the container Shade gave to us to keep them from degrading quickly. We take out time since the drug won’t wear off quickly. “I can’t wait fo
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Poseidon It has been a week since Hermes’s birthday party. This party didn’t turn out the way we thought. A few of us always party a little more than others. However, this time, we could not remember anything after Athena and Apollo brought out the massive cake. Considering it takes a lot of alcohol to get any of us drunk and the fact that none of us can recall anything, I have a feeling that someone drugged out drinks. “None of us have any marks signaling that someone took samples of us.” Hades says. “I still have a bad feeling. We need to watch Aphrodite closely.” I state. “All of our houses were destroyed. That means someone was here.” Zeus says. Whatever they drugged us with incapacitated us for two days. It took a few of us two more days to fully recover. That means we have no idea if anything happened to any of us for those two days. I don’t like this situation at all. A couple of us are still somewhat sick from the drug as well. Apollo, Aphrodite, and Hestia.
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