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After a year of Vesta's twin brother Xyller's disappearance and the news that he died, she still hopes that he's alive and that what they said was a lie. Vesta decided to go to La Moran against her Aunt Elena's will to find her twin brother. She thought that it would be an easy way to find the lost, but she was wrong. Vesta found out that vampires exist, and the connection of her twin brother's disappearance connects with the disappearance of some people in the place especially when one of the people she has known died. But digging up will lead her to risk her own life just for the truth. One of the things she did not expect was to fall in love with a mysterious man, Zaiden. When Zaiden reveals his identity, will she ever love her despite him being a vampire? Will Zaiden follow his heart when he knows it's a mortal sin to love a human? Is he ready to sacrifice everything for her? With Vesta's main purpose was to find her twin, will she ever find him, or was she ready to let go of him if he's gone, forever gone?

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15 chapters
Bad Dream!      I got up from lying down. I’m running out of breath. Again, I dreamt of it, the same dream ... the same nightmare. I’m staring blankly at the wall. I once more drifted back.     I shook my head, trying to erase the dream in my mind while I let my body fall on the bed, bouncing me gently for a second. I spread my arms and stared at the ceiling for a few moments before turning my head to the alarm clock. The sound of it made me realize that it’s already eight o’clock in the morning.   I usually get up around 6 a.m., but whenever one of my nightmares comes to visit me, I wake up within two hours. It has
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Pursuance One
            It was a Friday night, and the moon shone brightly outside the five-story building. On the third floor, a light was still on. Vesta Fades was sitting in a chair in the dance studio, gripping a hand mirror. Her eyes were swollen. In her beautiful
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Pursuance Two
  Vesta silently sipped the wine while thinking about what her friend had declared. It melted her of how sharply Jillian’s gaze gave to her. “Don’t make a stupid decision, Vesta. Let Tita Elena just be on that thing.” Jillian was not pleased about it. Vesta presumed Jillian could help her, but as her aunt, Jillian was from the same perspective. Vesta placed the half-content wine glass on the glass table. Vesta scowled, it’s not the thing that Jillian averse but the reason that they don’t want her to go there. “Will you please tell m
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Pursuance Three
When Vesta and Ashley reached the house. It amazed Vesta how there were no changes in the house of Godmother Estella. The euphoria of the past snatched her out of the present. The paint was the same when the last she saw it, even though the gate was still the same. Like nothing changed for eight years. There were many flowering plants in front of the two-story house.     How Vesta misses this place so much. They always went here and played with Ashley and a few of their friends when they were kids. Ashley opened the gate before they entered the house until they reached the garage. Vesta came out to the front seat, and she saw Godmother Stella approaching them. A big smile set Estella’s beautiful face. She missed her so much after eight years.   Vesta moved was quicker to hug Estella, giving her a tightened warmed embrace that she also gave back to her. She saw that her godmother Estella didn’t change that
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Pursuance Four
Vesta tossed the tissue in the trash can before she opened the door of the comfort room. She looked in disbelief when Ashley left her. Ashley told her she will stay outside because Sean called. And now Ashley was not here. Vesta walked fast while looking at her surrounding until she walked to the stairs leading to the second floor.    Then she saw Ashley in the middle of the hallway.  Vesta approached Ashley, who was calling for someone. "Ash, why you left me in the comfort room?" she asked Ashley immediately. Vesta wanted to know the truth about why Ashley left her.     “Sad, he left,” Vesta heard what Ashley declared. The who?      “Who left?” Vesta was wondering what Ashley said.     “The new handsome guy. I didn’t get his name and phone number. Gosh, Vesta, if you only see him, you going to fall in love with him.
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Pursuance Five
    “Nothing? What’s nothing?” The first thing Yuki mumbled after Draze let him knew Daro evaded his prison.   Yuki faces confusion because for him it was very absurd to escape it.   “Daro is no longer in his cell. One of your guard men confirmed it to me and I verified what he said was true.”   Yuki stood up in his chair in horror.    “What? How did he escape?" The fell face expressed in Yuki’s representation. Draze also responded with an identical reaction when he first heard it.   “I think someone had helped him to escape. Someone in your man who is a traitor, one of whom you trusted,” Draze muttered seriously.   Yuki clasped at the edge of the table. He was angry, and Draze saw it in his uncle’s face. “Tell the three Elemental vampires that Daro escaped from prison. You passed this fastly, it will caus
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Pursuance Six
Vesta was watching the night sky, looking for the stars, but she saw nothing. She was on the terrace, leaning against the white marble bannister, looking up. She had been waiting for her cousin. It’s been two hours since she left to buy some books in town. Until now, she was not at home.The black sweater she’s wearing fits the curves of her body, paired with her favourite blue jogger pants with an imprinted word on the side, the colours. She turned her gaze to the garden below her. Through moonlight she could see the different colours of roses planted by her godmother and some flowering plants.The cool breeze was playing with her short hair. Her eyes moved at something moving in one tree of the mini forest, twenty meters away from where she was. Forming a furrow on her forehead, trying to figure out if someone is lurking behind. A sigh came out of her mouth, the coolness of the air she breathed
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Pursuance Seven
Vesta slowly opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the white ceiling of the hospital, smelling the antiseptic and bleach combined in the puff of the aircon. She winced when she felt the pain in her head, using her trembling hand she touched her head, feeling the clothes of the bandage wrap around. The flashback of what happened came to here unexpectedly, the man appeared in the road, the screeching of the tires as she steps on the brake, causing her to lose control of her maneuver as she tried not to hit the person, and she crashed on the nearby tree. That's what she had remembered, she could not remember who helped her. Fear crep
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Pursuance Eight
Vesta got up with dizziness, she sat on the bed, roaming her eyes to her surroundings. She was in the University's infirmary. She got up from the bed, there's no one in the room. Then Vesta noticed the cap on her head was gone, the white bandage could be seen, and her face felt so cold.Vesta knew any minute her cousin would be here, but before it happened she needed to get out of here, afraid of her cousin's reaction if she knew. She tried to remember what happened but the only thing she could was the tremendous pain in her head as well as the images of two kids and a young woman, that she could not understand. Irritation rose on her, why was it happening to her?The infirmary looks like a hospital where she had been, the white paint in the walls, and the white curtain that separated the three-bed in her back, and another three in front of her. The first thing she looked at was the journal, fear crept in her when she could not find it on the table beside the bed.<
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Pursuance Nine
The moon was shining brightly in the night sky above him while driving the car out of the city. When he knew that Vesta was in La Moran after Sean told him, he decided that it was time to tell her everything he knew. He has long wanted to tell her what happened to his brother, but he was always restrained by himself because he was afraid that if he said it so much trouble will happen.But the guilt was killing him every day, he was thinking did they feel the guilt of what they did? For him, this remorse inside killing him enough to the point he could not eat. The sound of I lost myself by Munn was played in his car stereo. It seems like medicine to him, to always remind him he can't outrun what happened.He needs to go to his friend first, he wanted to talk to him about the important thing about the problem going on inside the VHSO or Vampire Hunter Secret Organization
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