Mated To The Werewolf King

Mated To The Werewolf King

By:  Demiah13  Completed
Language: English
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*Warning- This book contains mature themes Rue ~ her name has brought many to their knees when uttered. A devious witch who brings chaos to the were kind. She simply wants them all dead. That is until everything changes. With a twist of fate Rue finds herself trapped inside an enchanted forest with none other than the soon to be werewolf king, Ares, who so happens to be her mate. With a possessive werewolf king and a devious witch who thinks she is too beautiful to be mated to a 'mutt', their story is bound to bring chaos and it has only just begun. "I'm going to stretch you out and make you submit to me little witch." Ares grumbles, his canines teasingly tracing where he was supposed to mark me. His words held a promise and I nearly came undone by the thought of him dominating me.

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88 chapters
Prologue I pant allowing her to descend and take in my harden c*ck. Her sharp nails trail along the hard planes of my chest, dragging them teasingly as her heated core wraps around my length. I could feel her walls stretching to accommodate me, her breathing shallow as a moan slips pass her juicy lips. " That's right little witch take all of me." I breathed out.  She was tight, hot, and wet. I nearly collapse at the amount of pleasure I felt just by being inside her.  "You're mine." I said in a rough possessive tone as my c*ck break through her maidenhead. Her thighs shook, a painful gasp slips past her lip
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Ȥeƒer"The toxin you have been giving Ares is working. The child is growing weaker each day. Tis only time until he drops dead." I smirk running my hands through a silky mass of dark hair. Mericel looks at me through thick lashes, her dark eyes swirling with wickedness. Her dark hair sprawled against my bare sweaty chest.  We had only just finished our love making and I wanted more. This woman was about to give me everything I have ever wanted. The crown. "Not so fast my sweet." She whispered looking at my chest as she traces on my skin. Her lashes flutter as she looks at me beneath them. "My crows have informed me of a little detour on our plans. Your brother Zachary and Isabela are seeking a cure." Read more
ARЄS"Prince Ares you cannot come out of bed. You are too weak my child." Madame Lucia protested pushing my weak body to the mattress.  I glared at her in defiance as much as I could. "Lucia tonight is the full moon , what remains of my wolf is seeking to emerge. My wolf is restless. Please Lucia I need to feel the earth one last time before I go."  Her azure eyes narrow. "Nonsense child, you will not die! King Zachary and Queen Isabela are seeking for a cure." My face sadden. I was at the brink of death. I could feel it and I was certain they could smell it. Wolves' senses were heightened. Death clung to the room, its scent putrid. It is not long until my
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Ȥeƒer "Tonight is the full moon. We cannot go beyond our borders for there are main concerns of vampires roaming about. We cannot risk them breaching our borders again and attacking the young and the weak." Zachary declared as he sat on his throne that was made of real gold. A gold crown embodied with crimson crystals sat atop his head. His fingers wrapped tightly around a golden scepter that had the head of a werewolf sculpted at the top. He reeked of power and authority to others yet to me he was nothing but an imbecile who cared about his dying son and mate. They made him weak. To hell with the young and weak. If you cannot fight for your life then you are not meant to live. Bla
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Rȗҽ Death. The scent clung to the air. It was putrid and my heightened senses made it all the worse. I amble through the woods finding myself following the scent of death.I didn't know why but I felt an unmistakable pull. The sound of the leaves dancing on the branches as the breeze brush passed relaxed me all the more. It was like a continuous chant pulling me in further.The earth beneath my boots was not damp anymore and the trail I followed was cleared of crazy roots that usually peeked out from the dirt.The more I walked the more the scent of death got stronger and the more I got further away from home.I could only hope that no wolves could take the scent of me, they would surely not be happy to know a hybrid was lurking insi
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Rȗҽ"I am twelve." He answers and touches the knee that was injured a few seconds ago. His finger trembles showing his weakness. "Thank you for healing me."  He then lifts his gaze to mine and looks me over in curiosity. "Why can I not take your scent? Even if you are a witch I should be able to."  "Ease your mind wolf. I have masked my scent. " I told him then felt a sudden shift of power crackling through the air. I do not know if the boy noticed. My eyes quickly turn to the potion bottle with the glowing flower. I am surprised to see it is floating a few inches above the ground. I am mesmerized and feel a sudden pull. A voice taps into my head. It is not alarming and not one I would recognize as my wolf. Read more
ȤeƒerI shift back to my human form, my bones cracking back into place. I looked down at Michael's dead wolf. Bastard thought he had a chance against me.  Ester coughs, blood spurting out of her mouth as she weakly drags her body to her dead mate. I had teared the flesh of her neck, the witch will not live. Still I watched as she dragged her body to the useless dog, it was amusing. Mericel had indeed cloaked us as if we were Zachary and Isabela. Ester was surprised to see us, stuttering as she let us in.  She had awkwardly laughed as she blabbed about not yet finishing the potion. Ofcourse I did not care, in fact I was pleased to know that she had not  finished it. Read more
ȤeƒerI hear cheers as Mericel teleports me back into my chambers. I had taken a quick bath in Ester and Michael's bathroom a while ago. Their bathroom was small but it had to do.I did not want anyone to take the scent of a dead wolf on my skin.  I quickly got dressed and then felt the push of someone trying to communicate through the mind link. Zachary. My eyes turn foggy awaiting his words. Brother you must come down now! We have good news! He says happily. I nearly cringe at his voice. I will be down in a minute. I answered trying to keep the disdain from my voice.  Read more
Rȗҽ*13 years later*A green silk dress hugged my enticing figure. It reaches just an inch above my knees with a split to the side, showing off my creamy flesh. High knee black boots fitted on my feet, the bottom walking over tiny pebbles on the ground. On my head, a green witches hat covering the top of my lengthy icy blonde hair that whooshed over my shoulders. The moonlight casted a soft glow on my radiant form, I would be hard to miss. I was a witch and I loved to act the part. My fingers tighten on the broom as I walk, Cylester on my shoulders. "Rue are you sure you want to enter that bar? You of all people know the kind that goes there to quench the
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ARЄSBurnt flesh. I step onto the ashes of the burnt wolves. I sniff trying to see if I could get the scent of who had killed them. There's nothing but the scent of burnt wood and flesh. "Ares there are no living wolves around. All have perished." Sebastian comes up to me. He gags when he sees a burnt finger underneath some rubble. I inspect the area. This used to be a bar from what I have heard. But now what was left was burnt bodies of wolves. "Whomever did this, did not have mercy." I grumble.  Another wolf comes to me, this one was not in human form. I watch him over my shoulder as he stops behind me. I did not get any scent of who might have done this A
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