Alpha's hostage

Alpha's hostage

By:  Valkyria Wolf  Completed
Language: English
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She is a Pure omega and queen of her pack, until her husband dethroned her and locked her away. Two of his sons discover the truth and ask the alpha of the enemy pack for help. But it will only accept on one condition. She has to be his And she will never belong to anyone

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86 chapters
Our worst enemy
Hades, alpha of the Silver Pack, couldn't believe his eyes. Two of the sons of his greatest enemy were kneeling before him, imploring him to overthrow none other than their father. That was a joke in very bad taste. He was not a closed person of character but he would like to give some good corrections to those two puppies who dared to make fun of him. Or maybe that was simply his father's strategy to end his power. He was known for his kind nature with puppies but not with those who tried to manipulate him. But for the moment, he would play along. Nobody knows how it could go. -And what is the purpose of coming to ask me for something like that? - sitting on the throne in the great room, he commanded respect like the tycoon he was. The others present were uncomfortable about the present situation but without his order they would not
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Damn alpha
The heat was stifling. Her throat ached when she swallowed from thirst, she couldn't remember the last time the precious liquid had passed through her. The shackles brushed the open skin of her wrists and ankles, shaking her entire body. The lashes in her stomach multiplied every second, taking her breath away.  Her belly, which had grown in the last four months, holding her next puppy in it, was now losing thickness from a pool of blood under her legs. She did not care, maybe it was better that way, her body was so weak that ending a pregnancy would be impossible. If only everything disappeared What had she done to deserve this? *** -Do you think they're lying?- Hades leaned back against his red velvet seat, staring at Siran
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Well kept secret
Days before Noa glanced over his shoulder as he sprinted down the hall, watching out for his pursuer. His lungs clenched for air as his brown hair tousled over his eyes. He rounded the corner dodging a table when the scent of his enemy was behind him. His head was in a whirlwind to think of a plan. He felt so close, but where, was not behind him. He couldn't allow himself to be caught, not now. A taller figure crossed the path. Noa stopped short and tensed his muscles. He had to escape, he had to ... -Noa, you bastard, when I catch you you'll see what I'll do to you- An annoyed laugh came from the mouth of his older brother who was still wearing his shirt stained by some viscous
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Don't lie
The cubs swallowed when discovered and a light layer of sweat covered their bodies, but they were reassured by smelling, behind their back, the scent of their older brother. -Nico- Alan turned and showed an uncomfortable grin- We were just taking a walk. We already go back to our rooms to change for dinner- The brown-haired wolf, like them, who wore it in a long braid along his broad back looked down the hallway that led at the end of his father's office. -Did you hear what he said?- He asked with a frown. Noa raised her hands in surrender and doubt. -I don't know what you're talking about- if there was something that Nicolas never did, it was get upset, but poor that he was around when it happened. The older wolf paid attention to them again, his tone of voice dry and serious. -You two. Come with me- There was no reply to his words. The two puppies followed their brother, who after usting them into his room and
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I want her
*** Alan and Noa were running as fast as their legs would allow. Alan dragged his brother through the forest, dodging the trees with difficulty on the swampy ground after the rain. They had made the worst mistake of their entire life. They had thought that all the brothers were together in this cause, in saving their mother from the clutches of the alpha, but how deluded they had been. The betrayal hurt and more when it was the first time. They had not yet come out of the shock of seeing the condition the former queen was in when returning to her room they had seen her older brother and the first-born of the five. Rodrigo. Like his father he ignored them and if he could humiliate them he did it, so he had been taught. He was so faithful to his father that it was disgusting to see him, but he was still her brother and that woman's son. That night things had gotten out of control, telling the wolf that they knew where their mother was looking for their support
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A past without a future
The door opened, letting in a faint flash of light that vanished with the same speed. She raised her head with such effort that opening her eyes was quite a feat. The image before her sickened her so much that she felt nauseous even more intense than she had. Its claws began to break through the skin of the fingers as its fangs grew larger. She let out a roar using all his strength to reach the person to rip their throat out. Her body beginning to transform, but the rusty shackles around her wrists and ankles cut off her circulation and skin. Pain ran through his body like fathoms of fire falling to her knees and gasping without strength. A triumphant smile crossed the alpha's lips as he knelt and brushed the dirty hair from the woman's haggard face. -How many times have we repeated this event, my beautiful queen?- He wiped a drop of blood that stained his cheek and then raised her hand and hit it with a dry noise. The woman's head hit the uneven grou
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More than perfect
Leoxi was reading the letter that had come into his hands. As the alpha's twin brother and Pack Commander, he had more responsibilities than he wanted in his life. His brother had less time than he, so he had no right to complain, even now he knew that he was planning well the blow they would deliver to the gray pack. He ran his hand through his hair, ruffling it. He was somewhat overwhelmed with the new events. What the hell were those wolves thinking of doing that to an omega? And a pure one to conclude. Did they not know that they were as strange as albino wolves. With the ability to reproduce in large numbers, their bodies were tough enough to withstand giving birth three times as many times as a normal wolf, which only obtained its heat every 100 years. What wolf did not want multiple cubs with his wife, was his greatest longing. He read the letter again, concentrating on the most important item on his itinerary. He recognized the handwriting of that wolf prince
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Betting everything
Years ago Nicolas left Alan and Noa in their respective rooms after spending hours trying to get them to behave like decent puppies. His father had given explicit orders that he did not want anyone inside the mansion that night and, unable to get them out, had confined them to his room before the sun went down. His younger siblings loved to rile him up and have him scold them, drawing his attention at all times. He couldn't deny that they were adorable when they did that and he always ended up smiling and giving them a kiss on the top of the head. He was a tremendous babysitter, in the absence of a mother and almost a father, he was the only person to give them affection. He left the room of the youngest of them and went to his. He was exhausted. Dealing with the problems of his pack, which were overlooked by his older brother, with whom he barely exchanged words, his father and the upbringing of his brothers had brought out more than one gray in his chocolat
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Just trust
Hades rose to his full height, reverting to his human image. He looked at the five wolves before him and nodded for the leader of these to copy his very action. Nicolas hesitated a bit and transformed more slowly, kneeling on the ground with his head bowed. Looking into the eyes of an alpha that was not of the pack was considered a fatal offense and Hades could rip his throat out just thinking about it. -Are the conditions ready? – -Yes alpha, all those who could be evacuated are hidden in a safe place, the former beta of the queen and current commander, awaits orders to start the revolt- -You have thought carefully about all this, maybe you want to be the alpha and you are using me as an excuse to achieve your plans- the growls of the other wolves of the silver pack were heard in the air and the muscles of Nicolas's back tensed , sweating slightly. -I never had the intention of being alpha, I just want my pack to be as normal as anyone, that there is
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Son's tears
Hades gave a loud gasp. That fight had become intense. Maybe not enough to meet his expectations, but to enough to take the breath away. The gray pack alpha was not weak despite his looks, he was very well trained and his strength was not to be overrated. That did not mean that he had the advantage. He had attacked the neck several times, managing to snatch the chain from it, dropping it on the legs of Nicolas, who now took care of it with his life, although in the process he had earned several wounds on his chest and front legs. Now both of them returned as at the beginning, facing each other showing their fangs covered with bubbling saliva. Nicolas went back to where the beta was, felt the tension in the environment and the pressure made it difficult to breathe. When two male alphas challenged each other, the weaker wolves could feel their power. The fight resumed. Both beasts rolled on the ground until Hades managed to bury his teeth into Rudoc's neck and
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