Werewolf Academy : The Alpha & Luna

Werewolf Academy : The Alpha & Luna

By:  Arden West  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hailey Woods gets marked by a wolf on her sixteenth birthday. Now a wolf-pup, she's forced to enter the Academia of the Moon, where people like her train to become full-functioning werewolves and manage their powers. Once she arrives at the Academy, she learns she's an outcast—even among her kind. It turns out the Moon Huntress, Diana, has special plans for her, and there's another girl that can't handle that Hailey's getting all the attention. Not to mention, why does she become all tingly when the gorgeous Elijah Ledger, the future alpha, is around?

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35 Chapters
1. Mark of the Wolf
  There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in detention on a Friday afternoon—especially if it wasn’t your fault.  I twisted around in my seat to pin Luca Greene with a glare, promising all kinds of wrath on him. In exchange, he ruffled the obsidian rat nest on his head and grinned at me.  The audacity!  I bared my teeth and flipped him the bird.  "Hailey Woods," Mrs. Whit barked. "You just earned yourself another Friday afternoon with me." I groaned and turned to face the front, catching a last glimpse of Luca's punch-me grin. I held on to either side of
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2. The Curse
I found Mom in the kitchen slumped over the table, an empty bottle of whiskey in her hand. She kept mumbling to herself and stared glassy-eyed at the space in front of her. It was apparent she had more than just whiskey this time.  A lump grew inside my throat, and I wondered how she would react to what I was about to tell her.  That was IF she even would react.  I used to think my life was terrible. Uncaring parents, no friends, and I went day by day clinging to the hope that when I turned eighteen, I’d get to start a new, better life for myself, away from all this unfairness.  It was all that kept me going. I clung firmly to my optimism, writing down my daily gratitudes and convincing myself that there were people out there living off worse than
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3. On My Own
Mom left me staring after her as she sped off—alone on a paving spotted with old gum. I held a duffel in each hand, containing clothes, toiletries, and my most prized items. A photo album and a dolphin necklace my grandmother gave me before she died. I couldn’t believe Mom had done this to me. I reached down and withdrew the sunglasses from the side pocket of the duffel and perched it on my nose to hide my eyes. In a rushed attempt, I covered my face with a thick layer of foundation and powder in hopes of covering the worst of the veiny look. No doubt I looked like a ghost. I supposed it was better than people seeing me for what I really was. Fighting back the tears, I turned and began walking.  The train station was dark and empty, except for an elderly man sitting by the ticket booth reading a newspaper be
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4. Hysteria
“What’s your name?” I asked, stepping out from the motel’s lobby. “And how do I know you’re the real deal? Not some random guy who's trying to lead me into the woods and do something devious?” He reached for my duffel bag, taking the strap out of my hand and throwing it over his shoulder. “I’m Elijah. Elijah Ledger, but my friends and family call me Eli.” “Right. So, Elijah?” Elijah sighed, putting down the duffel beside his feet, and rolled up the sleeve of his navy shirt, revealing a geometric-like symbol with a print in the center that looked a lot like a wolf paw. “Happy?” A dark brow quirked. “Mine is a little different from everyone else’s marks, considering my dad is the alpha.” “Alpha, as in leader?” I enquired.  Read more
5. Academia Of The Moon
  “Let go of me!” my voice echoed down the cavernous hallway. We were inside a cathedral-like building, where we appeared after wolf Elijah dragged me through the portal. When I turned to punch him, he was human again.  Before my fist landed in his face, he grabbed hold of it. “You need to calm down.” “I told you I didn’t want to come here,” I shouted. “Take me back, now!” “So you could run in front of another truck?” “Anything is better than being here,” I cried out. “Please, just send me back. I won’t be a problem, just—” There was a long whistle and then laughter. “Another pup, Eli?” I turned to pin a mean glare at the boy who said it. Holy, living crap.
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6. Huntress Diana
“I still don’t understand how she could favor me.” I sat down on a comfy chair across from Mrs. Humphrey. “There’s literally nothing special about me. I suck at school. I never had friends...Luca marked me and now everyone thinks—” I paused, remembering where I was and in whose company I was in. I doubt they’d appreciate me referring to them as freaks. I peered at Elijah before my gaze settled back on Mrs. Humphrey. Elijah seemed decent. I have yet to decide how I felt about the high priestess. “People back home aren’t exactly fond of werewolves. Everyone used to tell me scary stories about your people.” Mrs. Humphrey sat forward in her seat. “Your people?” She arched her brow. “You mean, our people? You’re one of us, now, dear.” Read more
7. Roomies
“This is your room.” June turned her back to the cherry-red door decorated with postcards from across the world. A few faux sunflowers were stuck haphazardly in between. “You’ll be sharing it with another girl. Ariah Winter. I think you should get along quite well. She’s a bit shy, but a sweet girl, non the less.” I nodded, stepping toward the door.  “I see you only brought this.” June pointed at my duffel. “We have a store room filled with second-hand goodies for those who come over empty handed. You know, not everyone’s parent’s, especially those coming from human ones, are exactly keen on helping their young ones settle in and make their stay as comfortable as possible.” “Yeah, well…” What could I say? I was still having a hard time processing the fact that my mom did this to me. I wondered how Dad was go
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8. My New
“You’ve never been to the moon festival before?” Ariah’s eyes bulged. “I’m not from a werewolf family,” I explained, placing my neatly folded clothes into our shared closet. Ariah had moved her clothes to her side to make space for mine, but it was a tight fit. Where her side was overflooded, mine was mostly empty.  I wasn’t sure how werewolves worked for money, but it was at the top of my list of things to do. “Like I said, humans don’t go out of their way to take part of anything out of the human norm.” “Hmm,” Ariah responded. “I’ve seen a lot of humans partake in our festivities.” “My parents are anti-werewolf.” “Oh, you’ve got one of those.” Ariah remained silent for what could be a minute. “I’m sorry, Hailey. T
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9. Surprise!
The dining hall carried a happy vibe interwoven with color and the aroma of baked goodies. Ariah grabbed me by the wrist, practically dragging me across the room.  Slowly, heads turned and took notice of me. Few nudged their friends, while others pointed shamelessly. I think it might be because I had my arm fully exposed, and everyone could see my marks. It became painfully clear that I was an anomaly. Not a single other student had markings like mine. Theirs were all a smaller version of the one Elijah had, minus the paw-like print.  And, minus the hideous veins—which Elijah claimed went away eventually. I really hoped he was right... “I’m introducing you to our friends. I just know you’re going to love them,” Ariah exclaimed, steering me to the left side of the room toward a table where two other stud
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10. Learning The Ropes
“How do you talk to the huntress?” I asked, trailing after Ariah. She was showing me around and getting me acquainted with everyone. People were mostly friendly, but no one passed an opportunity to ask about my marks.  Hopefully, by next week people would have grown used to it and forgotten about it. It was getting tiresome to explain the same thing, over and over again.  No one seemed to come to grips with the fact that I had no clue why mine was the way it was. If anything, I’d like some answers too.   “You tap into the spiritual realm. It’s quite a process, so I can’t just explain it to you. In separate lessons, you will be taught how to, most likely, since we already covered it at the beginning of the year. They always do that with new pups. Catch them up on the essentials in separate less
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