Emerald (Book #1 of the Jewel Series)

Emerald (Book #1 of the Jewel Series)

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Emerald was loved and accepted by all of her family. However, two family members took out their hate and anger on her from the moment she was born. They hated her mother. Her parents knowing this took her to their closest friend and ally Alpha Jason. He was the Alpha of the largest and strongest pack in the state of California. Emerald's mother being of the fae people cast a spell upon his land that not only protected the pack but her daughter as well. It was not found out until later that Emerald and his twin sons Devon and Nate were her mates. Unknown to all of them Emerald's jealous family members had promised to give her to the rogue Alpha Connor. He wanted her for her powers so he could make his pack the largest and strongest. Emerald grew up returned to Alpha Jason's land, but she can't understand why she is drawn back here. Alpha Connor's son Ryder has become alpha. There is also a new threat to Emerald that no one is aware of. The Vampire King has become aware of her existence and wants her as his queen. With her as his queen, he would become the most powerful supernatural in existence. Emerald has once again met her mates but with all her insecurities can they make it work. Emerald just wants to be happy and loved but with everything stacked against her will she ever find her happiness?

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146 Chapters
Connor “Where is she?” I yell. “We don’t know. She disappeared after they were killed.” My beta says. “How fucking hard can it be to find a 14-year-old girl?” I ask. “Seriously, she has no scent, and being the hybrid she is it makes it almost impossible to find her.” He replies. “Goddammit, I want her. They promised she would be mine after her damn parents were dead.” I growl out. “I know. If they would have done their part to keep her there with them then we wouldn’t be in this situation.” He adds. I fall back into my chair and slam my hand down on my desk. Her damn great aunt and older cousin promised that they would hand her over to me once her parents were out of the way. They had promised her to me the day she was born. I look out my window at my pack. We aren’t technically a pack since we are all rogues. We have all banded together, and I became the alpha 14 years ago. That’s when all this started. I wanted to have the biggest pack in the state. She was go
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Emerald (6 years later) I step off the plane and suck in a breath. A smile spreads across my face. I am coming back here after two months of being over in Europe. I had been backpacking across the country and mostly ended up staying in the Mediterranean area. It is so beautiful there. I had debated on just staying there, but something about this town in Southern California keeps drawing me back. I remember the first time I came here. __FLASHBACK__ I had just turned 13 two weeks earlier. I was with mom and dad, and we were driving to visit a friend of theirs. He is the alpha of one of the largest packs in the state. I think I had met him before, but I was really little, like 3 or 4 years old at the time. I remember a nice man and woman. “How much longer?” I ask. “About ten more minutes. We should be pulling up to the house any minute.” Dad answers. I look out the window as a huge house comes into view. There are so many people walking around. I see a wolf run by, an
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Devon Nate and I are hurrying back to the packhouse. We ran into town to grab some food for this meeting between dad, the fae king Marcel, the werecat king Samuel, Rich who is the grandson of Marcel, and Helm who is Samuels grandson. Helm is his nickname. His real name is long, and honestly, no one can pronounce it. Rich and Helm are picking up their cousin, who is the main topic of this meeting. The two of us have known Rich and Helm since we were 14. I have no idea who this cousin is or why he is so important. “I caught that scent last night while I was out patrolling,” Nate says. “Seriously, did you see her?” I ask. “No, by the time I got to the place where the scent was the strongest she was gone.” He states. I bump my head against the headrest of the seat. The two of us have been trying to find her for years now. We know she is out there somewhere cause we catch her scent often. I look at Nate, and I can see he is thinking the same thing we are. I remember the
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Samuel I had a feeling this was going to happen. I remember Tyrone telling me that a few weeks after they had visited Jason last time, Luna Renee told him that her boys had told her that Emerald smelled of chocolate, coffee, and almonds. The two of us thought that was strange since Emerald had no scent. Neither of us paid much attention to it until she turned 14, and so far, she had not found her mate. She did tell me when she was 16 that, for some reason, she felt drawn to this town, but she couldn’t explain why. I have a feeling that it was because of the twins. “Ok boys, what is going on?” Jason asks. “We found our mate,” Nate says. “Our mate?” Renee asks. “Yes, our mate. We are twins and we have shared everything. We also share a mate.” Devon explains. This is not unheard of in shifter communities. I know several sets of twins that share a mate. Identical twins are one that is split into two, so it makes sense. “Wait it’s Emerald isn’t it?” Renee asks. “Yes
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Nate It’s been three days since everyone showed up to discuss everything. Since then, Devon and I have hardly seen Emerald. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she had become. She was already so pretty back then, but now she is absolutely stunning. I have cough glimpses of her, but she has been avoiding the two of us like the plague. I thought I would lose it when Samuel and the others explained what happened to Emerald as she grew up. How dare those bastards to tell her shit like that. I could see her fighting with herself during the meeting. I would see her start moving like she wanted to come over, but she would force it down and stay in that damn chair. We were all sitting down to eat breakfast when Emerald walked into the room. The only chair left was between Devon and me. I smiled internally because I didn’t want to frighten her. I could see the internal struggle on her face. Emerald huffed out a sigh and sat in the chair between the two of us. “Can you please pass the
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Emerald I successfully avoided the twins for two days after the meeting. I knew as soon as they walked in that they were my mates. I immediately started to freak out internally. I saw grandpa Sam look at me, but I ignored him. Rich said something, but I violently shook my head to stop him from finishing his sentence. This could not be happening. I could feel them staring at me once everyone else sat down. I was able to keep myself from looking at them for most of the meeting. When I finally did, my heart stopped. I thought they were cute when I was 13, but now they looked like reincarnated Greek gods. Nate stood up, and shit, he had to be at least a foot and a half taller than me now. They both still had their wavy sun-kissed blonde hair and bright pale sapphire blue eyes. Devon smiled at me, and I gave him a soft smile, but it dropped as I turned back to face Alpha Jason, who was talking. “Emerald are you in there?” Grandpa Sam asks. The knocking at my door brought me
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Scott I knew that if anyone found out that I had told Emerald what I told her, I would be thrown into the dungeon. I really don’t care. This had been our plan all along once we realized who she was. I had been talking with my cousin Ryder, and he told me about the girl his father had been looking for for years. Ryder had become his pack's alpha after his father died when he was 17. He is now 24. I was there when my Uncle Connor died. He had been searching for this girl since she was born. I knew Emerald was different and special when I first saw her. I knew immediately that she was the twin’s mate. They acted way too protective over her for her not to mean something to them. “Well did you show her the video and tell her what you know?” Ryder asked. “Yes, I told her that they are my friends and then showed her the video. She held it together well, but you could tell that it broke her.” I tell him. I actually felt bad doing this, and so did Ryder. We needed her off t
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Helm Emerald was not present at breakfast this morning. I instantly got a back feeling in my gut. I could tell she was upset last night at dinner. She sat between the twins but kept her distance and wouldn’t touch them. I know that Rich went to her room and tried to talk to her. I also know that he didn’t get anywhere with that conversation. It was now almost noon, and I still had not seen Emerald. The twins and their father were not present at breakfast. They were in a meeting because some of the patrols also found rogue prints and picked up their scent. “Have you seen Emerald?” Lyra asks. “No, have you?” I ask. “No, and she was not in her room when I went to check on her.” Lyra states. “Her bag wasn’t there either,” Leena adds. I look over at Rich and see a concerned look on his face. Her bag is gone, which means she has left. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, which means the meeting is over. The next part of this conversation is not going to go well.
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Devon I have never been this scared in my life. All I want is to find Scott and kill him for telling Emerald all that shit and showing her that video. It has been six hours since I got here, and she is still sleeping. The doctor was in here checking on her about half an hour ago, and it appears that she is starting to heal. I am not sure what made her stop fighting herself long enough to let herself heal. She is not healing as fast as I or any other wolf would, but she is healing faster than a human. I think the fact that there is nothing I can do is what pisses me off even more. “I want her to wake up,” Nate says. “I do too, brother,” I reply. The two of us had not left her side since we got here. We have been sitting here on each side of her the whole time. I stand up because my back is starting to hurt from leaning against the top of the bed. I am also starving. I can hear Nate's stomach let out a very loud growl. We decide to go get something to eat. We walk out i
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Emerald I remember Scott telling me what the twins had said and what they were going to do. I also remember the video. I left the next morning before breakfast. I headed to the waterfall and to my cave. I sat there for a few hours, just crying and trying to figure out why my life was so damn shitty. I couldn’t understand what I had done to deserve everything that had happened to me. I must have done something to make everyone not want or love me. I knew both my grandfathers loved me, and Rich and Helm also loved me. Both the fae and werecat kingdoms accepted me, but the rest of my family and my mates didn’t want me. I started walking towards town. “Well, what do we have here?” A man's voice asked. I looked up, and there stood three rogues. Two were already in wolf form, and one was in his human form. I watched as the one shifted, and I thought about fighting, but then I just closed my eyes and stood there. I knew they would attack me, and I figured this was my chance to
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