The Alpha's Daughter

The Alpha's Daughter

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It was a century ago when A pack of wolves decided to stop fighting. They must give up everything in order to gain the benefits of tranquility. Some of them opt to stay, while others choose to flee. Hide in the farthest reaches of the earth. In a world where they wouldn't be seen again. They give up a lot of material possessions. The wolves who had decided to give up everything gathered all of their best engineers and powerful members of the wolves who desired peace to construct a base in the underworld. Slowly, they've stopped talking about what they've lost, and they've forgotten that there was a way to get to the surface. The group of wolves who decided to give up everything gathered all their best engineers and powerful members of the wolves who wanted peace to build a place in the underworld. Slowly, they haven't talked about what they lost, and eventually they forget that there was a path to reach the surface.    Yet time passes by as their population grows and their beliefs and opinions of them differ. However, because of how many hundreds of years have already passed by, they forget that there was a path to slink off at that place.   Slowly, they were lacking food, and the place was slowly collapsing because of the climate change from above.   Because, whether you liked it or not, there would always be people who were born voracious and greedy.   Because of those kinds of people, the place that was once called peaceful now turns into a warzone like the place that they elude back to the surface.   How could they bring back peace? How could they avoid war again?

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59 chapters
1_ the beginning
Several years ago,"Come, Princess, I'll show you something." he says.Serena was awoken that night by an angelic voice that took her to the window from nowhere."Do you see that?" asks the angelic voice.The young princess inquired, "The forest?""Hmm, would you like to play with me there?" the charming voice inquired."However, isn't it already dark?" the young princess inquired."However, if a large number of people could see you, they would stop you."The princess's delicate intellect carefully considered the matter; the heavenly voice was correct; she would never get her father's approval if she asked. She'll be able to get to her desired location only this way."All well, but promise me that we'll be back right away."The following was Serena's reaction. She was already screaming and rushing through the forest's heart."Help! Is there still anyone here? Please help!" She cried uncontrollably. Her feet were weary, much like the rest of her body.
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2_ wait for me
Narrator"  Dark, gloomy, bitterly cold, and deafeningly silent. That was the customary mood of the Crimson Blood Pack's colossal mansion. A group of wolves that live underground. The creature here wasn't experienced enough to see the whole form of the sun, moon, and even the whole world. Why? Because they were thousands of feet above. However, they were unaware that there was a passage to the surface. They were unaware of this since the route through the passageway was too risky, and passing through it required overcoming numerous obstacles. But first, they wanted to determine whether there was an escape route from the location where their clan had been residing for millennia.————   (Killian)   "Could you please wait for me, Killian? Someday, you'll realize that
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3_ steal
"Serena" I looked around to see if anyone had been nearby who would have been able to apprehend me if I had stolen my father's horse, but there was no one there, not even my obnoxious guard, Killian. I regret informing my father about my young obsession with him, because he literally saved my life. Yet, a seventeen-year-old handsome kid that I was obsessively following at the time grew up to be a freaking deity, and a slew of girls pursued Killian. However, I was the one the guy was tailing, and much to my chagrin, he wasn't pursuing me because he liked me or anything like that. He simply followed what my father instructed him to do, nothing more, nothing less. Even if I were a princess, he continued repeating that. When I was younger, I usually cried because it was so awful, but as I grew older, I came to despise him as well. I keep pleading with my father to rescind his decisi
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"Killian"       How do I improve my patience and conceal all my sentiments and emotions after 10 years as Serena's personal guard? I couldn't have that. That is not permissible for a zeta. My father often tells me that I will inherit his estate. I shall be his heir, the one who will lead the crimson blood pack soldiers. I need to develop the ability to conceal my feelings. I'll admit that there were times when I faltered...the sole reason for this was this brat girl who constantly evaded my protection.       How many times have I warned her not to leave the manor grounds? Nonetheless, a hard-headed person would remain that way indefinitely. I inhaled deeply. I was considering how much better it would be to come to the war zone than to be a guard for this obnoxious princess. I close my eyes in order to keep my temper in check. Nonetheless, as I ope
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5_ past
Narrator" Several years ago The alpha's chamber door was ajar. Kevin, the pack's zeta, dashed to tell the alpha that a large number of rebellious residents had gathered to rally. They suggested devising a way for us to ascend. The reason was that our land was slowly deteriorating and if we did not discover a method to climb back up, our next generation would perish from starvation. Their primary supply of food was dwindling. He was eager to inform the alpha. Nonetheless, he comes to a halt when he overhears someone speaking. It is not in his nature to simply listen in on anyone's chat. This, however, is an exception. "Salazar, what was this? What was the point of this map? Do not deceive me. I am not a fool. I can see plainly that it was a map for fleeing this location. There was a map that indicated how to get to the top and what and how to live above. Why have you concealed this information?"   That was the luna speaking to
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6_ twin
Killian" We came to a halt in front of the basic house; it was large, certainly, but it lacked a superior structure; it was simply a wooden structure. This, I suppose, is their packhouse. Though this is not the case with other rogue houses who have dispersed over our realm. They hauled me inside. Serena was still in my arms. They were forcing me away, and I nearly dropped Serena as a result. "fuck" I scream as I glare at the man who shoved me. Nonetheless, they disregard me. We came to a halt in the center of the living room, and I searched my eyes. There was a second level; wooden stairs led to it from the side of the house, where a large artwork of a wolf can be seen. If someone were to visit this house, they would believe it was a basic house that anyone could own... However, as a renegade location, I couldn't picture living in peace here. "put the lady on the sofa" One of the
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7_ ruined
Serena"   I awoke with excruciating shoulder discomfort. Each movement causes me to wince in pain. "ouch" I cautiously opened my eyes and looked about to ascertain my location. I became aware that I had returned to my room. My right shoulder was examined. I noticed that there was a wound that was just about to heal. I get from my bed and proceed directly to my bathroom. I remove my royal blue gown as I recollect my thoughts on what happened to me. However, when the door burst open, my eyes widened as I turned to see Killian standing there, his troubled and slightly fearful golden eyes staring at me.   I examine myself and notice that my cheeks had cooled as I realize I was only wearing my undergarments. I immediately panicked. I attained whatever I could. "yah!" I screamed and hurled the soap at him, which landed on his forehead. "serve him" Killian slammed the door shut in
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8_ the beta's son
Killian" Following the man's abrupt departure, the man who claimed me as his twin. With my hazy and scattered thoughts, I hadn't realized how I'd arrived at this location. Despite all the thoughts racing through my mind, I am still tightly clutching Serena in my arms. As we approach Serena's favorite location, which was previously my private location when I was younger, it has become my most despised location as a result of this princess. I am greeted by a powerful punch from the alpha, which suddenly brings me back to reality. My footprint is left on the ground as I attempt to remain still. I initially checked to see if the alpha's horse that Serena stole was still there. I was surprised that the alpha and the battalion were already waiting here. Perhaps the perimeter guards immediately alerted the other, as I was expecting. I remain immobile following that hit, not because I am stronger than the alpha, but out of fear of dropping Serena.
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9_ teasing
Serena" Naturally, I was joking when I said intimate matters. That would never occur. Alonzo was simply a friend to me. But it was the way Killian pushed himself to comply with my father's command that irritated me the most. I stomped fiercely as I approached my chamber. I'm sick of his present! Apart from that, I need to speak with this beta's son, and Killian should be kept out of the loop regarding what I would say to Alonzo. However, before I could enter my room, Adriana, Alonzo's oldest sister, appeared striding and swaying her hips with a slight hair flip and her bitch smile on display. Adriana said, "Hey brother," and bowed in front of me. Even though I am aware that she does not wish to do so, I have known for a long time that she despises me just because Killian was my guard. I'm aware that she adores my obnoxious creature guard. Nonetheless, the man's gaze was perpetually fixed on me. Although it is not because he likes me, b
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10_ humiliation
Killian" "I'm so excited when Luna ask me this task, I mean I precisely don't like that brat, but as long as you were my partner, everything would be ok" "Killian, are you listening?" Adriana muttered something, but I was preoccupied with the princess and her companion, and I kept wondering what they were up to now. Serena had completely forgotten about what had occurred previously, but the way her bare body looked was still as plain as water to me. And my screwed head is covered in shrouds, obstructing the sober mind that was left on me as a result. This is entirely the responsibility of the brat. The door slammed shut in front of me as the Beta's son and princess entered the room. Following that, I tilt my head to calm my nerves. "Don't worry they would be ok inside" Adriana stated, and I recall the Alpha saying the same thing. "From now on, you will remain within the prince
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