Safeguarding Isla

Safeguarding Isla

By:  Neha Baig  Completed
Language: English
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Isla Moon Gambino, daughter of the mafia crime lord Richard Gambino has led a sheltered and caged life due to all the dangers that lurk around the mafia family members, now when a rival mafia family threatens the Gambino family's safety, she has been appointed a personal bodyguard. Alexander Rossi, Ex-Marine seal with demons of his own is the appointed bodyguard to the sweet and sheltered girl who goes out of her way to befriend him and make him talk to her. Will she be able to penetrate his ice-cold exterior? Will he be able to free her from the caged life she leads? Will their forbidden love last?

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43 chapters
Chapter 1: In Which It Begins
Alexander stood in a crisp black Armani suit, shoes polished, hair combed back in a charming quif to the side, the earpiece tucked in place behind his ear, again tucked in his holster and posture perfect with his hands behind his back like a true soldier even though there was no one in the study he was standing in.Alexander was waiting for Richard Gambino, the notorious mafia leader to arrive and meet with him. He had recently been hired to protect his daughter and Richard Gambino wanted to meet with Alexander first.Alexander has tried to do some basic research on his daughter, Isla Moon Gambino, just a simple google research but he didn't find much at all except the fact that she was Richard Gambino's daughter and her place of education, even the only pictures up on the internet of hers were either of her side profile or covered by a man in black as she got into the car.She was a real mystery.The door of the study jolting open and The sight of Richar
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Chapter 2: In Which He Gets Promoted
Isla didn't have much to do that morning so currently, she sat on the swing that was a little too high for her feet to touch the ground after a few kicks.Alexander stood at a little distance behind her, chin up, posture firm, and hands one on the other in front of him just like a proper bodyguard keeping an alert eye to the surroundings."Alex umm is it okay if I call you Alex? Could you give me a little push please,I wanna go higher but it seems I am a few inches short" she requested sweetly."Yes ma'am you can call me as you wish" he told her stepping forward to give her swing a little push making her go higher than before.She tilted her head backwards as the cool winter wind swept through her lustrous long black hair and a smoked graced her lips. She always kept herself busy like that, alone."Tell me about you Alex, where are you from?" She asked."San Francisco ma'am" he answered."Cool. How long have you had this bodyguard job
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Chapter 3: In Which He Is Impatient
Alexander jolted awake, his heart rate skyrocketing and cold sweat beaded at his forehead. He took in a deep breath, coming to his senses and registering his surroundings, reassuring himself that he wasn't in Iraq leading a raid but back in his home country.This wasn't the first time he had woken up to a nightmare but it didn't mean he was used to it, each time it was just as startling and difficult as the last.He looked at the digital clock placed at the bedside table, it read 6 30 AM so he threw off the covers and swung his legs off the bed, standing and heading to the bathroom for a shower. It wasn't like he would've gotten much sleep anyways.Alexander was given the pool house in the Gambino estate because it was fairly close to the main house, in fact, Isla's bedroom window was could be seen from the pool house so in case of emergency he wouldn't have to peruse around the whole estate in order to get to the main house.After a good shower he got dr
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Chapter 4: In Which He Is Ruthless
It was dark outside and it was night time as the clock read 9:00 PM. A yawn escaped Isla's mouth as she stretched on the couch, Alexander standing right behind her.Doesn't he get tired standing? She thought. She felt bad for him, his legs must ache at night."Alex?" She said getting his attention."Yes ma'am?" He asked."Don't you get tired? Don't your legs hurt?" She asked peering up at him with concerned eyes.His heart warmed at her concern. Her question was so innocent, it was hard to imagine that this angel was the daughter of a notorious mafia boss."No ma'am, I am used to it, we train for it" he explains in a few words.She nodded her head, still not satisfied but it was his job so she couldn't say anything about it.Another yawn escaped her lips and she rubbed her eyes. She was very tired."Alright Alex, I am gonna go sleep now, I liked your company today, now you go sleep too and I'll see you tomorrow" she said
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Chapter 5: In Which He Bleeds
Isla sat at the pool side dipping her dainty feet in the cold water after hiking her white, silk nightie up to her knees.A chill traveled up her legs to her neck making her shiver a little bit the cold sensation felt relaxing on her feet.It was late at night and she could hear the chipper of the crickets. She had snuck out of the main house to the pool house, it was a hobby of hers when sleep wouldn't come to her easy or she'd wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go to sleep. It was the latter this time.She was lost in thought when she heard footsteps approaching near the pool and she turned her head around to see who it was. She could see the silhouette of a familiar tall bulky man nearing her.She was surprised to see the silhouette belonged to Alexander who had just returned from his raid mission and was quite astonished himself to find her sitting there by the pool.She looked like an angel in white silk to him, a fae.<
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Chapter 6: In Which She Climbs
Alexander groggily blinked his eyes open as he heard the chirping of birds outside. Opening his eyes wide and rubbing the sleep away from them his brows furrowed as he felt a strange weight on his lap and an ache in his neck.Rotating his neck side to side in order to get the stiffness out he looked down to find Isla halfway curled up on his lap as her hands fisted his trousers and her hair sprawled over his shirt, she looked like an angel and the sight of her warmed his heart.He had stiffly sat on the bed and fallen asleep beside her while sitting and somehow in her sleep, she ended up halfway with her head on his lap.He took a glance at the time seeing it was 6 45 AM and it would be wise to get her back to the main house before anyone noticed her absence.How badly he didn't wanna wake her up and just keep her with him forever but that would go against all rules and principles.So taking a deep breath he lightly shook her form."Mi
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Chapter 7: In Which He Wishes
There was this invisible line at the Luxe bridge as the three escalades stood in a row with seemingly absolute precision just as same as their SUVs were lined in front of the escalades, on the opposite side.Alexander along with eight of his armed men got out of the SUV just as the Campbell men did.Yet again Alexander and his men were outnumbered by Campbell men, it was 9 against 12 but it hadn't come to that yet and he sincerely hoped it didn't cause he didn't feel like going back with a bloody wound again, it was a nuisance to clean and bandage the only one.Sometimes he thought if he just did this for the kicks which he probably did because he didn't feel that sense of loyalty towards Richard Gambino but his daughter Isla moon Gambino was a whole different story, he knew if it came down to it he would give up his life without a second thought for her.He shook his head rid of thoughts of the girl bringing his focus back to the situation at hand.<
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Chapter 8: In Which She Is A Goddess
Isla had recovered from her cold in less than a week with the help of Alexander's supervision who kept on reminding her to take her meds and gave her that look that kept her away from ice pops. She found it so endearing.Dare she say that the slight crush she had on him had developed into full-on having feelings for him, which was so wrong and she knew so but she couldn't deny her feelings neither could she admit them out loud."Well... this sucks" she huffed plopping on the couch like a sack of potatoes with her cheeks red and puffed out.They were in the main house, Alexander standing guard by a wall watching her huff and puff about not being able to go outside since it was raining. It was quite an amusing sight but as always, he kept his face straight."What am I suppose to do now?" she questioned no one in particular.Just then one of the men came in instantly putting Alexander on alert as he stepped forward, standing right beside where I
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Chapter 9: In Which Things Go Wrong
Alexander held open the door of the Limousine for the beautiful miss who got in with a faint blush on her cheeks, her dad getting in from the other side as the chauffeur held open the door for him.Alexander was instructed to be seated with Isla and her father for protection and so he got in after Isla taking a seat in front of her another guard, Mr. Gambino's personal guard got in the car sitting right in front of Richard.Isla bit her lower lip as she felt her bare knee brush against Alexander's pant clad thigh and her already red face flushed even more.This little action didn't go unnoticed by Alexander either. It was getting harder by the second for him to control himself and keep his facial expressions neutral with her creamy leg brushing up against his in the packed limo and her teeth tugging at her luscious lips.God did he wanna nite that lip for her instead.Isla looked up from toying with her fingers for a moment and her gaze met Alexand
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Chapter 10: In Which He Protects
Isla gasped out in fear and horror as people started panicking and running shoving past one another to get to safety.Isla felt helpless and blind in the pitch blackness, her mind in a frenzy. People had their phone lights on but she had left hers inside her clutch which was on the table they were seated at.Isla felt the tears, wet and cold streaming down her cheeks as she searched for the familiar faces of her dad and Alexander in the pitch dark.More gun shots were fired making her heart hammer so hard against her chest that she could hear her own heartbeat.Alexander who has jumped into action as soon as the lights went out had headed for the direction Isla was in but it was so chaotic that he kept on losing her in the dark, however, with the aid of his flashlight he located Isla, smack dab in the middle of the hall looking scared as hell.Without a second thought he ran towards her direction, with his gun in one hand and the flashlight in the
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