Carefree God of War

Carefree God of War

By:  Word Breaking Venice  Completed
Language: English
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His father disappeared; his brother committed suicide. Thomas Mayo, the God of War, returned, and he swore that he would take revenge…

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2419 Chapters
Chapter 1
The autumn wind was cold in early September.Dried leaves fell on his broad shoulders.Thomas Mayo stood under an old tree and was looking at the office building of Shalom Technology.‘Brother, they worked hand-in-hand to set me up. I can’t fight this any longer.’Two months ago, the capital chain of Shalom Technology had ruptured. Its chairman, Scott Mayo was burdened with a huge debt of 1.2 billion dollars. As a result, the company was mortgaged to Darcy Davis of the Skyworld Enterprise.‘Brother, I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry for leaving first.’At midnight, Scott leaped from the roof of the building and died on the spot. A talented young man of the corporate world of the era died, just like that.Everyone had clearly identified the problem within. The business arena was like a battleground. Scott was just a pitiful sacrifice.In the cold wind, Thomas sucked in a deep breath and raised his head to look at the stars shining in the sky. “Scott, I’m sorry that I was la
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Chapter 2
On the stage, Darcy raised his head while he looked at Thomas with contempt. He relished the feeling of looking down on people from a superior position.However, Thomas’ expression remained unchanged.Darcy misunderstood that as Thomas not daring to speak out of fear, so he provoked Thomas. “Sorry, I’m a very straightforward person. If I’ve hurt your fragile dignity, I really apologize.“Actually, I know why you’re here today. You just want to extort money from me for your brother’s death, right?“I’ve seen a lot of people like you.”Darcy shrugged and added, “Nevertheless, I can still give you some money. As long as you’re willing to say ‘Scott Mayo deserves to die’ thrice in front of everyone, I’ll agree to give you… hmm… five thousand dollars. Deal?”It was a humiliation.It was a complete humiliation!The people offstage laughed. Everyone was laughing so hard that their bodies shook. Some of them even spat the alcohol out of their mouths because they had burst into laughter
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Chapter 3
Samson cracked a smile. He understood what Thomas was up to.“By the way, Boss, I just received a notification from the superior.“He says the three districts of Shaol, Desert Cele and Oceania Hail would merge to form Southland district, and you would be the chief officer in charge of this.“Boss, this is a lucrative sinecure!”Thomas looked outside the window and said, “I’m no longer interested in this. Let’s go.”“Huh? Where are we going?”Thomas thought about it for a while, and said, “Since we’re here, let’s take a trip down to my hometown.”After half an hour, the car slowed to a halt.After Samson left, Thomas walked into a prominent district and all the way to a slightly old-fashioned multi-story villa.He knocked on the door several times.“Who’s there?”A middle-aged woman opened the door. She was Thomas’s mother-in-law, Felicia Musk. She was stunned for a few seconds after being greeted by the sight of Thomas. Then, she said happily, “Oh, Thomas, when did you come
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Chapter 4
After they entered the hotel lobby, they saw that fine dining banquet tables had been neatly arranged.The people who came and left were dressed in luxurious outfits with fancy jewelry. They were also holding glasses of wine while having happy conversations.Emma led Thomas to a table at the center of the hall and smiled as she spoke to an old man. “Grandpa!”The old man was the current head of the Hill family, Richard Hill.He narrowed his eyes. “Hello, Emma. Why have you only arrived now? I’ve been waiting for you in agony. Come on, have a seat.”When he turned around, he saw Thomas beside Emma. “Who is this?” he asked in confusion.Emma lowered her head and responded with a lack of confidence, “He’s my husband, Thomas Mayo.”“Oh?”Richard sized Thomas up before he said, “I heard that you joined the army. I didn’t expect you to be back today. Come, have a seat.”“Thank you, Grandpa.”As soon as Thomas sat down, Harvard Hill sarcastically questioned him from across the tab
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Chapter 5
The crowd stared at one another, ‘God of War? What kind of post is that?’Donald fake coughed and said, “I don’t know much about the situation over the west coast. However, I do know everything about military ranks. There is no such position as “God of War”. Thomas, stop making up stories.” Just then, the crowd was relieved to hear that.“So, it is a made-up story, after all. No wonder I’ve never heard of it.”“He should have made up a more reliable story.”“A position where not even Donald is aware of. That position certainly does not exist.”Emma was confronted with the cursings from the crowd. She felt embarrassed and wished to dig a hole and hide inside.Meanwhile, Thomas was very relaxed. He said casually, “Perhaps, you’ve not gotten in touch with him, that’s why you’ve not heard of it.”The crowd fell silent.Then, there was an instant uproar. The crowd stared at Thomas as if they were looking at an idiot. He was outrageous and could simply spew out anything.Who was
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Chapter 6
At the family dinner, a lot of people kept flattering Donald, one after another, and they were very friendly.Meanwhile, nobody looked at Thomas properly from start to finish.Emma, who was sitting beside him, also felt humiliated. There were a few times that she wanted to get up and leave because she was really embarrassed about being in that place again.At that moment, Thomas’ phone rang.“Excuse me, I need to answer this call.”After Thomas walked out of the room, he answered the call, and Samson’s voice came from the other end of the line.“Boss, we’ve received the document. They want you to take over as chief officer and be in charge of three cities. You will have to attend the succession ceremony.”“You know how I am. I don’t like these types of formalities. I can take over as the chief officer in charge, but just cancel the succession ceremony,” Thomas answered indifferently. “Hmm… it’s been fixed by our superiors. Boss, it won’t be easy to cancel this.”“You can atte
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Chapter 7
At night, Thomas and Emma entered the bedroom.Although both of them were husband and wife and were supposed to sleep in the same bed in the room, both of them were as good as strangers. Therefore, they found it awkward to have to sleep in the same bed all of a sudden. This was especially so for Emma. She had not even slept with other ladies, let alone a man whom she just met, despite the man being her husband.Thomas did not put her in a difficult position. He straight away picked up the quilt and spread it on the floor.“What are you doing?” Emma asked.“You sleep on the bed, I sleep on the floor.”“This…”“You don’t have to feel sorry about me. I’m used to sleeping on the floor all these years.”Emma did not say much. She switched off the light and slipped into the bed.In the dark, Thomas abruptly blurted out, “I’m sorry.”Emma trembled. She had never thought Thomas would actually say that to her.Thomas continued, “Throughout all these years, I’ve always felt sorry for
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Chapter 8
A row of them walked toward the building’s main entrance in order.There were a few dozen guards at the main entrance, and the guards in the innermost row were armed. It was a sign that the people who went there today were of high status.Donald and the other two approached the building’s entrance, followed by Thomas and Emma.A few of them were stopped by the guards at the door at the same time.“Please present your identity card.”Harvard arrogantly passed his identity card to the guard before he turned around and gazed at Thomas. “Look carefully, this isn’t a place where people like you can visit.”The guard scanned his identity card with the machine, and a very obvious, big red “X” was instantly shown.The armed guards immediately came over and stopped Harvard.Harvard was so terrified that his complexion turned pale. “Hey, what’s happening?”The guard directly returned his identity card. “You’ve been blacklisted. You’re forbidden from entering the building. Please leave.”
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Chapter 9
The duo arrived at the venue. At one glance, they saw Johnson carrying a gift box. He was pacing back and forth and looking anxious.“Father.” Emma walked over to him.“Why are you guys here?” Johnson was caught by surprise.Emma pointed at Thomas, and said, “He asked his friends to get us two passes. So, we are here to have a look.”“He’s able to get the passes?”Thomas smiled as he said, “A comrade of mine when I was still a soldier on the west coast is a good friend of the organizer of this ceremony. Therefore, he got me two passes through internal channels.” Johnson nodded and said, “So that’s how it is.”Emma asked, “Father, why are you wandering around here?” Johnson frowned deeply, and said, “It’s all about the gift. I’ve bought the Rhapsody beer. But, the problem is that I don’t really have the guts to give them out. Did you know that the beer costs three dollars and sixty cents per bottle only? Is it truly appropriate to give such low-quality beer?”Thomas said, “As
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Chapter 10
Samson spoke passionately for a long time on stage. After he finally finished his speech, he left the stage.The host held the microphone and said to everyone in the hall, “The event today has ended. Please exit in an orderly fashion.”The host asked them to leave, but many people still remained in their seats.After a bunch of people left, a man went on stage with a gift. He chuckled while he said to the host, “I’m Rayden Haynes, the General Manager of Victory Heavy Industry. I’ve prepared a small gift to welcome the chief officer in charge. Please pass this to him.”He opened the box, and a ginseng root that had been aged for ten years was visible. It was very pricey!The host nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll pass it to him.”“Thank you very much.”As soon as Raiden walked down the stage, a second man walked up the stage. People went up one after another to relay their “sincerity” to the host and request that the host hand their gifts to the chief officer.People gave him gold, pea
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