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Melora Channing hasn't seen Chance Benson in years, not since he used to hang out with her brother in high school. But now she and Chance are guests at the same wedding where the notorious billionaire offers her a wild proposal, a sexy, scandalous, and irresistible affair! Chance's outrageous proposal was supposed to be a simple thing, it was merely a trick to distract the tabloids from another, all-too-real scandal. But neither he nor Melora expected such a very public affair to prove so very hot in private... Or to have such lasting consequences...

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          Paparazzi everywhere exploded. Shutters snapped like automatic fire around him as all those vultures from tabloids of all caliber called for his attention, each voice clamoring to rise above the rest.          Being here, participating at this wedding, was the ultimate sacrifice one could’ve asked of him, but Chance knew he had to do it. This was the only way since she was going to be present for sure and he needed her help.  “Mr. Benson! One more over here!”          Beneath the awning of the ‘King of Prussia’, one of the most exclusive hotels in New York, Chance Benson offered up a stock smile, responded to a few light questions with a handful of ambiguous words, and waited for the question he knew would come. It didn’t take long.“Mr. Benson! Care to e
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           ‘He’d do it, too, the bastard. I know he would,’ she thought, giving in to the inexplicable smile that seemed to rise from the ashes of every memory she had of the man that went away with her heart forever. Nearly every memory anyway.          Chance knew no limits when it came to getting what he wanted. And now, after a decade with little more than the most limited greetings passing between them, and only when absolutely necessary, he wanted to get into her hideout.“Now, Melora! You need to say something right this instant, otherwise... 3… 2… 1…”          With a reluctant sigh, and then a second, louder, more pointed version of the first, Melora gave up her holding on the door and scooted into a seated position against the wall where she’d arranged a pile of linens
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“I want you to pretend we’re together in a relationship. That we’ve been involved for the last month, actually.”          Chance watched as Melora’s face turned in a second from white to red before she finally nailed that single-word demand for clarification.“What?”“To pretend that we’re involved in a love story.”“Oh, so I did hear right… You, Mr. Benson, must be out of your damn mind! You’re delusional if you think that I’ll accept.”          Well, Chance hadn’t expected her to simply agree and climb into his lap. And, man, as much as he liked the hot flush across her skin, he definitely didn’t need to think of Melora’s lush curves and petite frame curling into the seat of his thighs. Not a good idea at all. Never had been.“Just take
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          Her mouth opened, to gasp or deny, only nothing came of it but a slow leaking breath that might have been regret. Once upon a time she had been so in love with him. She would have given Chance anything. Done anything he asked. She was only sixteen, but Melora had always been an old soul in a young body. And loving Chance has been the most profound feeling she had ever experienced.          If he’d decided to use her as a means of payback or revenge or whatever motivated him back then, Chance would have found no resistance. Only the eager willingness of a girl desperate for him to see her as a woman. And the consequences… “Brando would have gone out of his mind.”          After hearing her words, Chance let out a bark of laughter.“Yeah... Well, rest assured it wasn’t t
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          The kiss was shameless and intense, an impressive display of passion that bowed her in a delicate arch, caged by the unyielding iron and steel of Chance’s powerful frame. Firm, smooth lips moved over hers in a back and forth rub so skillfully seductive Melora could only sigh under their assault.          Give into the idea that, if she wasn’t going to escape the spotlight as she’d planned, there were plenty worse things than being exposed while discovering what it was to be really kissed by Chance Benson. It was all-consuming. There was something undeniable in his touch, something chemical, instinctual, and absolutely unexpected.          She didn’t understand it, couldn’t defend against it as, locked in his hold, her body and mind pushed into overdrive. Eyes closed, fingers flared at his should
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          Her words felt like an electric current straight to his groin. Chance was a man accustomed to taking what he wanted, how he wanted it. Because of who Melora was, he’d been willing to exercise more restraint than he ever did. But with that soft-spoken challenge thrown, there was no going back. Melora wanted him and he won’t say no to her proposal.“If this is what you really want… Then we need to get out of this hall. Now.”          Her eyes lit, the seductive curve of her lips stretching as she reached for his jacket’s lapel, urging him back toward her storage closet. No one is going to find them there.“We should go back to the utility room.”          He let out a bark of disbelieving laughter and stopped her with a firm hold at her wrist. Spun her back with a t
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          Brushing her hands aside, Chance stood before Melora, his chest rising and falling with the efforts of his restraint. Need raged in his eyes. Lines of strain bracketed his mouth. The corded muscles of his neck stood out in stark relief. For her.          Her hands relaxed at her sides as Melora leaned back into the wall allowing this devastating man to take her away. And then she was in his arms, beneath the renewed assault of his kiss.          His response was rough, scoring her lips as he pulled her into the unmistakable hardness of his ready body. Wide, strong hands skimmed across her back, her hips, her thighs in a reckless exploration that left the surface of her skin tingling with anticipation, with awareness, pulsing into the very center of her.          It was ero
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         Melora moved slowly, opening her eyelids only to encounter a tangle of brown curls blocking her view. Shifting slowly, she reached up to shove the mess from her eyes, halting at the slow rise and fall of a chest beneath her cheek.          Oh, God… Chance... She swallowed down the burst of joyous excitement as images, sensations, and whispers of the night before bombarded her waking consciousness. He’d been so gentle with her the first time. So careful. And then after that…          Her toes curled deep beneath the sheets at the thought of all they’d done. Every single thing. They’d made love, over and over again. She smiled remembering Chance waking her with his hands, his mouth. A seductive growl accompanied by his rising need.          Everything had been inc
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          Melora stood under the shower, her body still sore from that night filled with wild sex, her mind whirling a mile a minute as she began to sort out everything that just happened with Chance. Everything that would happen from now on.          She needed to keep her calm and composure. She also wanted to make sure he understood she didn’t have expectations about a future together. Or at least a romantic future. Because while last night had been incredible, exciting in a way she hadn’t believed possible and would never regret, it was the going forward that mattered. Going forward as friends, as they’ve decided.          Tipping her face beneath the water, she pushed back the sodden curls, wringing the heavy mass clean. These past hours with Chance had been a taste of what she’d missed so much over the ye
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         Chance ran his fingers through his hair, letting them slid at the base of his skull before letting go with a grunt. He started to walk fast, as far away from the ‘scene of the crime’ as he possibly could or want. Halfway from his Lamborghini, Chance stilled and turned to face the hotel’s entrance.          She was still there, reading his stupid post-it… The only person willing and ready to help him, received from him a pitiful note after she gave him the most perfect night. But this was the problem, part of the reason why he’d reacted as he did and almost ran away from Melora.          He acted like a jackass of epic proportions, but he needed her to understand how things would go between them from that moment on. Maybe he needed to understand it too. He also needed to forget stuff about the Melora from h
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