Mystic Full Moon: The Poisonous Curse

Mystic Full Moon: The Poisonous Curse

By:  AnnaShannel_Lin  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lendon Martin was a renowned Duke of England. It said that he would lead world politics and business in the future. Everything was served to him on a silver platter, and his noble status was feared by many. His ruthless and cold temperament made everyone shivered, yet a dark secret lies on his deceiving look. For many years he suffered a series of attacks, and his body has been deteriorating. Kendra stumbled on his way, and he treated her like his possession. He gave passion yet caged her. One full moon night changed their lives together. “What is that smell?” The man suddenly got close to Kendra’s neck and whispered. He smelt Kendra’s body carefully. He had never smelt this fragrance before. It was not like the smell of rose or lily, but he was attracted. Who was this girl? How did she dare to come here on a full moon night? Wasn’t she afraid of death? The man stared at Kendra and wondered. Kendra moved back in horror, but the man kept coming to her. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” The man's voice came again. When the man opened his mouth to speak, Kendra thought he wanted to eat her alive. “Don’t come here! I…I just happened to come across.” she hurriedly retorted. “What a coincidence!” The man sneered. The next moment, the man rushed to Kendra and pushed her down.

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79 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Mystic Full Moon
A bright full moon emerged on a silent night. There was no star in the sky, but the luminous glow of the mystic moon gave it an enchanting beauty. In the depths of a thick forest in a suburb, the air was so quiet that it even felt weird.The wind blew heavily, and someone was screaming horribly.An ugly and ferocious man pressed Kendra Miller on the ground and tried to tear her clothes apart rudely. He scratched Kendra’s body urgently and laughed dissolutely.“Let me go! Don’t touch me!” Kendra tried her best to struggle and shout desperately, aiming to escape from his firm grasp.“Your mother sold you to me. You are mine! I can do whatever I want to you!” The man shouted excitedly.Kendra
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Chapter 2: Her Father’s Accusation
One month quickly passed since that tragic night she encountered.Today, Kendra kneeled before her father, Robert Miller, in the living room of their house. Robert felt so irritated.“How could you do that? I raised you up decently! You didn’t give me anything back but a bastard! How dare you sleep with a random man so casually?” Robert shouted, and veins popped out in his forehead.“Dad, I didn’t sleep with anyone. I don’t have a bastard.” Kendra insisted stubbornly. She had no intention to accept her father’s accusation.“Stop lying to me!” Robert yelled and threw some paper to Kendra, “Explain to me! A clear medical report containing your name. Are you blind not to see your name on it? It said you are p
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Chapter 3: Who Are You?
Minutes passed, the rain was getting heavier and heavier, along with sharp lightning.A black Bentley pulled over nearby. A man sat inside the car and stared at Kendra through the window.“My Lord, this is the girl we are looking for.” Curtis looked at the files in his hands and said. He was the man’s steward.“Are you sure?” The man asked. His voice sounded as cold as metal, without any warmth.“Yes. I have been searching for her for a month. I am sure that she was the girl who broke into the castle.” Curtis answered clearly.“Take her to me.” The man ordered.“Yes, my Lord.”Read more
Chapter 4: Are You Fooling Me Now?
Lendon smirked. “You are smart, aren’t you?” Lendon grabbed Kendra’s chin and sneered, “Are you fooling me now? Woman, don't you dare. You pretended that you forgot what happened one month ago and then faked your pregnancy. I will let you know how I will punish you,” Lendon kissed Kendra again.“No! No!” Kendra struggled and shouted.“It’s too late! You came to me first!” Lendon said savagely and locked Kendra in his arms.Kendra wanted to defend herself, but she couldn’t. She didn’t like the feeling that she was controlled. When Lendon took her body up again, Kendra felt such pain and passed out. *** “Alexis, why d
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Chapter 5: What Do You Want From Me?
Alexis suddenly shouted in surprise. “Got it!” However, he frowned the next second and looked at Lendon worriedly.“What is it?” Lendon stared at Alexis and asked.Alexis hesitated, but Lendon stared at him, so he could only say, “There is nothing special with Miss Miller. In other words, she is not useful.”“What do you mean? You really found the wrong person?” Lendon was pissed off and questioned.“Mr. Martin, please calm down. Let me talk to Miss Miller.” Alexis said cautiously.“Quickly!” Lendon shouted in anger.Alexis walked to Kendra and took the towel away. “Miss Miller, do you remember where you
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Chapter 6: His Sickness
Hours later, Lendon went to the dining hall. After he sat down, he suddenly kicked the table and shouted, “What are these? They look gross!”“I will let them prepare new food now, My Lord.” Curtis hurriedly cleaned the floor and said.Annoyed, Lendon growled and said impatiently, “No need. Just fire them all.” He stood up and left. When he passed the living room, he saw the huge monitor playing Kendra’s face.Kendra fell on the ground weakly, and there were frosts on her face. She looked like an injured angel. Lendon noticed that Kendra’s tears rolled out from her eyes. He suddenly felt heartbroken. Damn! What was wrong with him? Why does this woman cause him sadness?“Curtis!” Read more
Chapter 7: Who Allows You To Come In?
Quickly Lendon opened his arms naturally to catch her, and Kendra's body landed on his arms, and a good smell lingered on his nose trails.Kendra closed her eyes and thought she would fall on the ground, but she didn’t feel the pain for a long time.A few seconds passed, and Kendra still didn’t open her eyes.“You don’t go down?” Lendon asked coldly.Kendra suddenly opened her eyes and saw Lendon’s face. She felt so shocked and couldn’t say a word.Lendon loosened his arms and threw Kendra on the ground impatiently.This time, Kendra really fell on the ground. She got up and patted her clothes. “Can’t you just let me down? It h
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Chapter 8: You Want To Know The Answer?
At a quick pace, the man stretched his hands to Kendra. She felt so terrified that she sat on the ground and couldn’t move at all.Suddenly, Kendra heard a wolf roaring that added constant fear to her. She turned around and saw a pair of green eyes. For an instant, many similar pictures flashed across Kendra’s mind. She seemed to see that face and eyes before.“Who are you?” She summoned enough courage to ask while her body trembled.“You smell so good!” The man sighed inwardly.Through the moonlight, Kendra finally saw his face. In terror, she recognized him. It was Lendon!Lendon suddenly held Kendra and threw her to bed before Kendra realized what happened. He lay on Kendra’s body
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Chapter 9: Indebted To Him
When Curtis left, Kendra was alone. She sat on the bed dully and sadly cried. She was dirty now. What should she do? How could she face her fiancé in the future? How could she be his bride? She was so frustrated. “I am so sorry.” Kendra cried and murmured. She felt more desperate. It had been 15 years. Did her fiancé abandon her? Was their engagement just a joke? Kendra soaked herself in sadness and looked out through the window. After a long time, she finally calmed down. She wiped her tears and wanted to stand up. At that time, a maidservant walked in.“Miss Miller, let me help you.” The maidservant said.Kendra nodded and said nothing. She went downstairs after cleaning herself.Lendon sat at the dining table elegantly and e
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Chapter 10: I Am Not Pregnant
She left quickly. On Kendra’s way to her classroom, her phone rang. Lendon gave her phone back yesterday. It was Bianca who called. Kendra hesitated for a second and picked it up.“Hello,” Her voice came in and lack of enthusiasm.“Kendra! Where are you?” Bianca asked.“I am at school,” Kendra answered.“Where have you been? I kept calling you, but your phone has been dead. Are you okay?” Bianca asked worriedly.Recalling what happened these days, Kendra felt annoyed and kept silent. A few seconds later, she said, “I am fine. I'm in a hurry, I will hang up now. I will talk to you later.”“Wait, I saw you now.
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