The Girl Who Refuses an Alpha

The Girl Who Refuses an Alpha

By:  Apollona  Completed
Language: English
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There's nothing certain in this world. When two people were supposed to be together, are they what really is called soulmates? The moment Mirabella accidentally stumbled upon the famous Alpha, Jason Langton in the library, the first words he was spouting was about rejecting her. What did she do? "Well, I reject you too." Mirabella said playfully, not the slightest bit bothered. Her words and reaction caused him to be stunned. He was caught in a trance for a moment. When he looked up again, she was no longer standing before him. He found her figure trying to reach for a book in one of the shelves. It seemed that the book is more important than the matters of him rejecting her? Rejected by an Alpha? For her, wasn't it just mutual rejection? He rejected her, she was just returning the favor!

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    Chapter 1
    "Do you have another schedule after the classes end?"Mirabella --or Mira for short-- sipped on her drink, flipping the page of the book in front of her. When she heard the question, she shook her head. "There's none. The basketball practice is canceled for today."The girl didn't look particularly eye-catching with her current appearance. That was probably because she tied her long jet-black hair into a ponytail and the red hat perching onto her head made her seem a bit boyish."I will wait for you then. We will walk home together." Azarias grinned while stealing a french fry from her table. She looked up, glancing at the piece of the french fry that was about to enter Azarias's mouth with reluctance, yet she did nothing to stop it."You have to buy me food instead," Mira muttered. Azarias chuckled slightly at her reluctant expression and nodded readily. "Alright."Satisfied by Azarias's answer, her face eased up slightly. After a few moments, Mir
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    Chapter 2
    Mira looked around, skipping and bouncing as she walked. She was eating candy while her hand played with the ball she had just taken from the basketball field. She was dribbling it nimbly.The time was too early for the students to come. Azarias probably had woken up quite late, so Mira just left a message that she'd go to the college first.The college ground was vast and filled with green scenery. It was not such a wonder since the area was so close to a forest itself. Werewolves sometimes spent their time in nature when they were in wolf form.So, the forest wasn't completely unexplored despite its vast area. It was only right to say that this whole area was practically the territory of the werewolves. Mira had called that dork, Josh to accompany her to play and come to the college sooner, but he refused. From the drowsiness in his tone, he was probably going back to sleep after picking up her call.After some time playing around, she grew
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    Chapter 3
    "W-what?" Mira's eyes filled with tears as they fell down her cheeks. Her eyes were full of disbelief as she gazed at the Alpha, Jason with an agonized face."How could you?" Mira's hand reached out to tug at his clothes.Jason frowned, looking at the human girl in front of him in displeasure. He moved away, causing her to almost stumbled in the process. "Can you tell me why?" Mira's voice quivered, her eyes gazing at him with such sadness.Jason faltered slightly. The momentary silence hung uncomfortably. However, his eyes suddenly turned cold."You are not worthy."The ruckus between the two had begun to cause some people to look their way. She was so loud that people would soon come to find out what happened.Rejecting one's mate was still a taboo in werewolves' world. It was considered blasphemy against the moon goddess. After all, she was the one who watched over the werewolf race and bestowed them with mates.He wan
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    Chapter 4
    Mira nonchalantly entered the cafeteria, instantly attracted quite a little attention. The hat she was usually wearing was absent today, and she didn't tie her hair. The jet-black hair cascaded down her shoulder in a perfect way, complimenting her fair skin and delicate appearance. The round, big eyes made her seem especially cute.Mira's mood was rather good today. She had taken a day off yesterday due to the unbearable pain. Azarias was panicking non-stop that he didn't even let her go to the campus. He brought a lot of snacks to coax her. How could she not feel wonderful? Josh and Arlan had also visited her as soon as their classes were over.Humming to herself, she took a look around and discovered two people she had been looking for. With a grin, she strutted to approach them."Buy your own food," Josh grumbled as he helplessly could only watch as Mira popped the stolen snack into her mouth.Mira didn't say anything, she shifted her attention to Arla
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    Chapter 5
    Mira stealthily gazed around, making sure that a certain someone wouldn't stumble upon her. She winced inwardly, the pain in her left leg was throbbing painfully.She leaned against the wall, sighing in resignation. A trace of coldness flashed across her eyes as she thought of something. Then, her expression was back to normal.How annoying, she thought. It had been a month since that Alpha rejected her. Lately, she seemed to have been through a lot kind of problems. She has gotten injured, again.That heart pain from the rejection was hell, that was why she despised that Jason so much. The pain made her weak, and she hated it.But today, she came across yet another misfortune. Her senses failed to detect who the perpetrator was. A person in black which covered his figure from head to toe had pushed her off the stairs.It was only through luck that she managed to balance footing in time, resulting in the sprained foot."Are you alright?" The
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    Chapter 6
    Mira came to school quite early again. She'd make sure that Arlan, that diligent boy had arrived in the college earlier to accompany her. Instead of being scared after almost falling off the stairs, Mira was dying to meet the culprit instead. The person only dared to make a sneak attack. If it was a man, she'd chop off what had made him a man. And if that was a woman, she'd make sure that the person would never look like one anymore. That just how angry she was. Mira's cheek was flushed red in fury as she remembered her condition again. She'd not be able to play basketball for a while. Her body recovery was indeed better than most humans, yet it was nothing compared to the real werewolves. As she walked through the hallway, Mira limped slightly. No matter how she tried to walk like a normal, she couldn't. It made her slightly missed her personal car-- Azarias. "What happened to your feet?" The voice laced with concern entered Mira's ears. She
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    Chapter 7
    Mira had a class together with Azarias. Josh and Arlan's class was also in the same direction as them. So, the four walked together. Or to be precise, only the three of them walked.Mira had gotten on Azarias' back, giggling happily. "Now, turn left. Hiyaa."Azarias's eye twitched, but he was trying to hold back a smile. "I am not a horse.""Hmm, in my opinion, you are one." Mira retorted back.Josh looked enviously at them. He turned to Arlan, who knew that this boy probably had something weird again in mind."What?" Arlan almost snapped.With an innocent look, he gestured to Mira and Azarias. "Why don't you give me one as well?"Arlan smacked his head, then he pointed to Erwin, who was nonchalantly walking far behind them. However, when his gaze met the four, it turned cold. "Go ask him.""No way," Josh shook his head vigorously.Mira looked behind her. At the same moment, Erwin was looking ahead at her. Their eyes met
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    Chapter 8
    Mira was humming as she walked along to the basketball field. Today was the day of practice for their team. She was wearing a red long-sleeved T-shirt combined with grey pants. The hair was hidden within her red hat. She was in a good mood. The foot was finally healed that Azarias didn't forbid her from moving around too much anymore. It was just yesterday that she trashed that spiteful Dave. Hmm, she wanted to do it again. Mira unwittingly caught the sight of a familiar back and groaned inwardly. It was that Jason again, embracing yet another girl against the wall. A sudden throb of pain in her heart knocked her awake. Mira winced. A  thousand curses rang into her head directed to Jason at the moment. The mate bond was such a hassle that it was even affecting her after the rejection. What the hell is this? Mira was perplexed and undoubtedly infuriated. After mates rejected each other, weren't they supposed to act like strangers? Mira def
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    Chapter 9
    Mira wiped the sweat on her face as she took a seat on the bench. She leaned against Azarias, making herself comfortable. She was still in disbelief that she spent the whole practice time in a daze, making the guys protest that she almost ruined their faces. She almost hit their faces repeatedly. "Want some water?" Azarias smiled in amusement as he handed a bottle of water. Mira blinked, she looked at the bottle of water and snatched it, gulping it down in haste. She hadn't realized how dry her throat was. "Why did you do it?" She but her lips, her eye twitched slightly. Erwin, who was sitting in front of her had a temporary look of confusion. However, that sort of innocent look wouldn't easily fool Mira. She harrumphed coldly. "I was just lucky, I guess." Erwin scratched the back of his head and shrugged. "Lucky..." Mira muttered in a mocking tone. She turned to Arlan, who was lying lifelessly on the ground like a starfish. Jo
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    Chapter 10
    "You are alone?"A voice disturbed Mira's focus. Her eyes widened slightly, and she almost choked on her food when she saw who it was.Jason sat beside her in the cafeteria, bringing that arrogant look with him. The beta, Jaron was following him. He also sat across Mira when he noticed that his superior had chosen a table. Most of the tables were occupied anyway."Those seats are for my friends," Mira's threw him an annoyed look."I don't see your friends," He said without too much care.Mira looked up to his beta, who seemed to be the sanest one among the hateful trio. Yet, she found him throwing a questioning look back at her. He seemed like an obedient subordinate who was willing to do anything his superiors ordered him to.That's it, she gave up. She pitied those who had to take residence in the Langton territory. Their future seemed bleak somehow.At the same time, Erwin passed by their table with a cold look on his face. Mira's
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