My Mate Outside of Sun Moon Pack

My Mate Outside of Sun Moon Pack

By:  Dee Gleem  Completed
Language: English
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When Theo lost his mate and their son in a terrible car accident, his world came crashing down. The things that he used to enjoy doing with his family became only terrible reminders of what he has lost. He couldn't even sit in the pack house and eat with the other pack members, because it would remind Theo of the glorious times when his mate and son were there with him. When he couldn't handle the pain any longer, a glimmer of hope for a possible solution arises. Alpha Wyatt needs someone to work at another university outside the pack to help be the eyes and ears for the pack within the human world. Theo doesn't think twice and jumps at the opportunity, but will he be able to get the new life that he so desperately wants. Can he handle living outside the pack for the first time in his whole life? Only time will tell.... ** This is a companion story with "The Male Omega's Awaking". **

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37 chapters
Chapter 1 - Theo
I set down the last box in my new apartment.  I can’t help but sigh.  I would have never guessed that this is where I would be when I turn 28.  However, what can I do, when I can’t stand to be in my own home anymore.  Everything is just a sad reminder of what I used to have and what I was hoping the future would be.  I sigh again as I look around the living room.  The room is so bare compared to what I’m used to having.  Well, it does have furniture which is a little old and warn since it came with the place.  The walls, however, are completely bare and so is the coffee table.  There isn’t one single piece of décor and I don’t plan on changing that.  I don’t have a clue what to do when it comes to décor and decorating a home.  That was my mate’s job, and she did an amazing job at it too.  Our home always would look and feel so warm and cozy.  I can’t forget that it felt like home.  Definite
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Chapter 2 - Tyler
Even though Theo told Fai that he doesn’t want meetings late, it doesn’t mean that Theo doesn’t end up working late.  He is happy that Fai has been able to stop the meetings at 5pm, but he wishes that there is a way for him to get through the work faster.  He still can’t figure out how the previous Dean was able to have all those silly meetings and still have time to do his own work.  Theo has a hunch that the previous Dean had other people doing the work for him though.  There is no way that he could be doing stuff, like Theo does, and have all those meetings. Theo’s stomach suddenly growls. Well, he guesses that is his cue to go get something to eat and go home.  He still hasn’t really cooked anything at home yet.  He doesn’t have the time.  Similar to the fact that Theo doesn’t have enough time to do all this work.  Ugh….Before his stomach growls again,
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Chapter 3 - Tyler
Luckily, the restaurant isn’t too far from the university.  I have heard about this area.  A lot of the students talk about it, but I’m always too focused on studying and getting good grades, that I don’t take the time to visit the area or even go out to restaurants much.  Not only does it take my time away from studying, but it also takes money, which I’m very tight with.  I have only so much that I can spend, and I don’t waste any on fancy meals at restaurants.  The main reason that I have agreed to come tonight, besides Noah pestering me, is that he has promised to pay for my meal.  Now, who could turn that down. As we sit by the restaurant’s front windows, Noah keeps glancing out and looking up and down the street, like he is waiting for someone.  I furrow my eyebrows and lightly tap on the table.  “Are you going to tell me why we just had to come to this restaurant tonight?”
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Chapter 4 - Theo
BAM!I slam my hand down on the conference room table and slowly stand up from my seat, while I glare at the department heads sitting around the table.  I have had enough. With my blood boiling and steam coming out my ears, I hiss, “I said that we have to keep these meetings to a two-hour limit.  I wasn’t joking.  I have been here for several months now and this isn’t anything new.  You have had enough time to be able to adjust to my request.  Wait.  Not request.  It is a demand, which I expect everyone to be able to accomplish.”I point to the clock on the wall.  “LOOK AT THE TIME!  We have been in here for two hours, and we aren’t even halfway through all the departments.  I have stated many times that all budget requests must be provided to me prior to the meetings.”BAM!I slam my hand down on the table again. This is it.  They ha
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Chapter 5 - Theo
Ring….ring….ring….I tear my eyes off of the reports and computer monitor as I glance at my phone on my desk.  My scowl is quickly replaced with a smile when I see Wyatt’s name flashing across my phone. Oh, it has been a while since I’ve been able to see him or even talk to him.  I think the last time was when he came here for that meeting and that was weeks ago.I grab my phone and happily chime, “Hello, cous.  How are things over there?”Wyatt’s cheery voice spills from my phone.  “Hey, cous.  Things are looking up here.  How about you?”Wait.  Looking up.  Does that mean what I think it means?  However, if I’m wrong, I don’t want to make him sad either.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and let him tell me in his own time.I lean back in my office chair and push the documents across my desk and away from m
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Chapter 6 - Tyler
Noah huffs, “When are we going to celebrate us graduating?  It has been over a week now, and we haven’t gone out to have a drink with our friends.  I want to go and have some fun.  After all those years of studying, we deserve at least one night of fun.  Come on.” I continue to scan through the job postings online.  It has been a week since classes have ended, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy.  Besides making sure that the Dean has food every day, I have been looking for a job.  However, I’m quickly finding out that it isn’t as easy as what I thought it would be.  Most companies don’t want to hire someone with a doctorate degree.  They are happy to hire someone with a master degree, but they don’t want to pay that additional money for the higher degree.  I’m actually starting to get a little worried.  What am I going to do to if I can’t find a job right away?  Do I move back home to my parents’
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Chapter 7 - Theo
Tyler knows that he shouldn’t have agreed to go out with Noah last night.  Noah has kept giving him drink after drink and for some reason, Tyler isn’t arguing with him.  However, this morning, Tyler’s head throbs as if the university’s whole marching band is inside his skull performing one for him.  Not to mention, the dull ringing in his ears. Tyler stumbles out of bed.  If he couldn’t remember all the events from the previous night, he would swear that he has run a marathon instead of him clubbing.  Somehow, he manages to stagger his way to the bathroom and find some medicine.  But his hands tremble as he drops a couple of pills in his hand that he almost drops them down the drain.  He isn’t going to mention the fact that the room seems to be spinning or that everything is slightly fuzzy.  He has to go back to bed. Noah is going to pay for this. *** This morning has been a good morning.  F
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Chapter 8 - Tyler
It has been several days now and I’m not getting better.  To be honest, I’m actually getting worse.  My body aches, and I’m cold even with multiple blankets covering me.  I can’t hardly get out of my bed on my own to go to the bathroom.  There is no way that I can even think about going to a restaurant to buy myself a meal. However, even if I could drag my feet out of my apartment in the hunt for some food, I’m not hungry.  Everything tastes bland.  Nothing even sounds good. I shiver under the blankets as the soft click of a door shutting drifts into my room. My eyes drift across the room towards the window.  However, instead of sunlight spilling through the glass, darkness is the only thing that I can see. What time is it?My eyes slowly drift back to my nightstand and my phone.  I want to reach out and check the time, but I also don’t want the cold
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Chapter 9 - Theo
I bolt through the trees and around some boulders.  With each stride, I pound the ground a little harder.The wind whips through my fur as my claws dig into the ground.  This is long overdue.  I should have found a way to get out to the timber sooner and run for a bit.  I wish that the timber around this university could be as expansive as the timber around SM University or even my pack.  However, I can’t complain.  I have to make by with what I’ve got. I still don’t know why I’m so upset and irritated.  What I do know is that it has been a couple of days that the mysterious food lady has stopped bringing me food.  To be exact, it has been 5 days.  That is almost a week!Where is she? If she has decided to stop bringing me food, she should have given me a note the last time that she snuck food into my office.  But she hasn’t brought me anything.  No food. 
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Chapter 10 - Theo
What has it been now?  Almost two weeks. I’m starting to get really worried.  I think something must have happened to my mystery food lady.  My wolf now is constantly curled up in the corner of my mind whimpering, and I have finally come to the conclusion that this mystery lady is my second mate.  No matter how much I don’t want to admit it, my wolf knows already that she is our mate.  The thing that I can’t believe is that I still haven’t seen her, but I know that she is my mate. With me finally admitting that she is my mate, I have been able to get past my anger a little bit.  I’m still not completely back to my normal cold self, but at least, I’m not biting people’s heads off now. Now, my overwhelming desire is to have my mate (yes, I’m calling her my mate) to come back to me.  I don’t even know what she looks like, but I need her back.  Now.Read more Protection Status