Adventures of a Klepto and a Gambler

Adventures of a Klepto and a Gambler

By:  Mo Marie  Completed
Language: English
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Heiress Jovie Wimberly has a stealing problem. She steals from stores, people, and even her parents. When she's sent to group therapy to get to the root of her issue, she doesn't count on stealing Reno's heart. Reno Valenzuela has a gambling problem. He's lost all his money to casinos, horse races and ridiculous bets. What he doesn't bet on is falling head over heels for Jovie. When Reno's debt catches up with him and Jovie decides to leave her fiance, they head on a cross country trip to save Reno's life. With hitmen and Jovie's fiancé after them, they embark on a crime-filled, life changing journey that might actually change them for the better. Will the hitmen get to Reno? Will Jovie's fiancé bring her back home? Should they have just stayed in group therapy?

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51 Chapters
Chapter 1: Jovie and Reno
Jovie's POV Five point eight seconds.  That's how long it took for me to steal something. Three point four seconds if I really wanted it. I didn't even really want this diamond watch, but it's shiny. The store clerk hadn't even noticed that I had slipped it up my sleeve. "Can I see the white gold one?" I asked politely.  "Sure." When he turned around I grabbed two more watches. That only took four point two seconds. This is almost too easy. He showed me the watch. I scrunched up my face. "I think I'll pass. Thank you so much for your time." "Of course Ms. Wimberly." Read more
Chapter 2: Life is a Ball
Jovie's POVI hated this stupid dress. It was way too tight. The dress I stole last week would have been much better.It's not ugly though. Pink always went so well with my dark brown skin and my dark hair. It make it seem like my skin glows. It also compliments the diamond necklace around my neck.Thank goodness for champagne! These work balls would be insufferable without it. I was on my third glass when a girl approached me. She's short and curvy, wearing a navy blue evening gown and white gloves. Her blonde hair was up in an intricate hairdo."Jovie, there you are," Naomi Warrington kissed both of my cheeks. "I heard you got arrested today.""Total fabrication, they didn't use handcuffs."
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Chapter 3: Group Therapy
Jovie's POVWhen my eyes opened, I was in Jasper's living room. What the hell is going on?"Jovie, babe are you okay?" Jasper asked."I don't know. What happened?""You fainted honey." I heard Mom's voice say."B-but why?" I questioned."You were about to tell Jasper you accept his proposal." Dad informed me.Oh now I remember. I got terrified and overwhelmed at the thought of settling with a man I wasn't sure I would ever love."Oh," I whispered."Well go on, tell him yes!" Mom urged."Is it okay if we have the
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Chapter 4: Romeo and Juliet
Jovie's POVI loved watching people's shocked reactions. It sent a thrill through my body that was almost as powerful as stealing. Almost. I especially like Reno's. I already planned on hanging out with him because he was dreamy and his wit matched mine perfectly. But now that I knew he was the son of my parents' enemies, I didn't want to hang out with him. I had to."Well this was a short lived friendship," Jasper laughed nervously. "You were nice in the bathroom, but the Wimberlys will kill me if I'm friends with you, you understand?""Of course," Reno answered, though I didn't think he cared much about whether Jasper would be his friend."Darling, we should get going." Jasper nu
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Chapter 5: Enraged and Engaged
Reno's POVMy head was pounding. It took a few moments for me to be able to open my eyes. When I did I was surrounded by men in suits with guns.Oh shit.This could mean only one thing. Vigo Ramsey had found me."Hey guys," I said casually. "Catch the game last night?""Be quiet!" The one nearest me grunted."Reno!" A voice declared. "I've been trying to get a hold of you for some time!"Vigo had a smile on his face, which was a good sign I think.Vigo was an eccentric guy. He was all about manners while administering consequences for not paying him back. Read more
Chapter 6: Dangerous
Reno's POVJovie and I flew back, right into the fountain. The water was freezing cold! Jovie was sputtering as she surfaced.I was laughing until I saw blood trickling down the side of her head. "Oh shit, Jovie, are you okay?""Oh I'm totally fine!" She giggled. "Didn't really like this dress anyways!""No, babe your head is bleeding."I pulled her to me, causing ripples through the water.  I examined her head. It wasn't a bad cut, but it felt like a lot of blood."What do you think doctor? Am I gonna make it?" She asked, blinking to get the water out of her eyes.I gently touched her face. "I think you're gonna be just fine."<
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Chapter 7: Be Careful
Jovie's POVI wasn't sure how long I stayed on the ground in shock.My face still stung with pain and it was like I couldn't fully comprehend what happened. Did Jasper really hit me? He wasn't usually a violent person. Did I push him to become one?Was my disinterest and lack of enthusiasm causing this anger and violence? Was this a one time thing or would it happen again? Either way I couldn't stay with him right?"Jovie?" I looked up and saw Hobbs. "Are you okay?"I forced a laugh. "Yeah. I'm so fucking clumsy. I tripped while dancing around the kitchen.""Your face is bruised.""Smacked it right on the island on the way down, can you believe?"Read more
Chapter 8: A New Car
Reno's POV I'm an idiot.  I should have made love to Jovie last night. Why would I pass up an opportunity to make love to the woman of my dreams? She was right there, touching and kissing me, begging me to fuck her and I said no? Just idiotic. I let her go home to that fucker instead. I bet he fucked her last night.  The thought of him tangled in the covers with Jovie made me sick. He didn't deserve her. He didn't understand her the way I did. They don't have our connection. So why wouldn't I ask her to leave him? Right. Because my life has a time limit and I couldn't bring her into my mess. But what if I could? Read more
Chapter 9: Bed Rest
Reno's POV I hated seeing that I had absolutely no notifications on my phone. I hadn't heard from Jovie in over a day. How sad is it that that's killing me? I laid in bed staring at the ceiling. She should be here right now in my bed, with me. Kissing me and telling me to make love to her. This time I would.  She'd get that devilish grin on her face and lay down. Two words would escape her mouth. "Take me." Oh and I would. Slowly and purposefully. Our first time would be soft and intimate. But so hot. My hand slipped into my pants as I thought about making love to Jovie. If I couldn't have the real thing, I would imagine. Her hands woul
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Chapter 10: Weakness
Jovie's POV "Reno, calm down." I said. "No! He's hurting you! We-you have to tell someone!" "I tried! My parents told me to behave and listen to him!" Reno ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. "Is this why you tried to kill yourself?" "It was stupid. I wasn't even going fast enough. Found another thing I'm bad at." I rolled my eyes. "Why are you making jokes? This isn't funny, babe." "If I don't laugh I'll cry." He put his hands on my face. "Leave him. I-I'm asking you right now to leave him. Call off the engagement. Be with me. I'll protect you." Read more Protection Status