The Ominous: Dawn of the Allegiance

The Ominous: Dawn of the Allegiance

By:  Boss Kelly  Ongoing
Language: English
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Two years pass from their battle with Chancellor Thorne, the Ominous soon find themselves given the task to protect a new hybrid from an evil group of hybrids seeking human extinction, In this second chronicle of the Ominous, Maddie and the rest of the team must confront the all powerful Lord Ethos, a hybrid who seeks to remake the world for the hybrid race by eliminating all other existing life. To aid him, he has recruited a legion of evil hybrids to over throw the world's governments known as The Alligence. Along with protecting a new hybrid from Ethos, the team must overcome their own personal and external difficulties to safe the world yet again! They are dangerous They are threatening The are The Ominous

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17 chapters
The Knowing
I am nothing like her.....The gunshots blew all around us as Eric Issacs ( Ying yang), Natalie Chang ( Warzone), and myself ( Maddie North, Medulla ) cover the barrage of Vanity's attacks!" Keep calm! We got this !" Ying Yang said as the three of us took cover from the relentless soldiers.You can end this! A sinister voice haunted me as we sat there unable to retaliate." We gotta do something now! " Warzone said as she generated a rifle out of her orange energy. "Use it! Use the Anomaly." Are you sure you can make the shoots? " Ying Yang said." After two years, you're still asking me that? " Warzone responded.You could save them! Just like you should have saved your friends and your mother!" Stop! Get out of my head! " I muttered to myself! I clutch my head struggles to stop the voices from controlling me again." Medulla! If Warzone
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The Assult
Meanwhile back within the facility, the other Ominous are about to encounter four UFOs the size of mini band armored with deadly missile launchers." So much for having an easy mission," I said jokingly." Don’t worry, I have a plan !” Ying yang said. ” You two thinking what I’m thinking?! ”I quickly read his mind and relayed his plan to Warzone." We are now! ” I said." Great! Let’s do it. Attack form Bravo!”We nodded towards him and then Warzone slowed downtime as the UFOs each unleashed a barrage of missiles upon us.Then she tapped Ying Yang and me, which allowed us to move at normal speed while in her time stasis. Then Yin Yang used his telekinesis to levitate the missiles before they reached us.Then war zone summoned two katanas, ran up to the UFOs, And sliced each one in half. The flying objects where ended and pieces and the human eyelid fell from the sky is war zone t
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The Collision
We flew the convoy throughout the facility, hoping to catch up to the others just in time. When we finally reach them, we saw them against a powerful hybrid with dreadlocks and what’s living Monsters made of stone.Guys, we’re back! ” I said to the others as we flew towards them.“Whoa! ” Energygrid said as she turned her attention from the stone creature she was fighting. ” Took you guys long enough!”The stone creature took that moment to through a fist at Energygrid. Only for Warzone to shoot the creature’s head off by summoning a construct of the laser gun, she took from one of the Vanity guards." Holy crap!” Energygrid said. ” You saved me? ”" Why should you have all the fun?!” War zone said.The hybrid attacking them then turned his attention towards the rest of us." Must be my lucky day! He said. Now I get to kill all six the ominous all by myself.&rdquo
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The outsider
As the gas cleared, we saw a Caucasian girl with short ,purplish hair in her the nude.By the way for the boys who are reading this, Natalie and I quickly covered her up so no dirty thoughts!The girls slowly started to wake up as her I struggle to open." What ?! ” The girl said. ” Where am I ? Who are you ?”Judging by her accent, it seemed like she was from England." Hey vice, who is this girl? ” Energygrid said." Bloody hell! Not all Brits know each other !” Vicegrip said." Easy guys! ” I said. ” Here! Let me talk to her! ”I slowly reached out to her as she crawled backwards frightened by me." It’s okay! ” I said. ” We’re not here to hurt you. My name is Maddie he’s my friend. We’re here to help you! ”” Stay back !” she said. ” I don’t know any of you. I just wanna go home! I just wanna ....
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The Polar
We were halfway towards our home base where Keri took her time to recuperate. I volunteered to monitor her while we were heading home. The rest of the team were looking up any info about the hybrids that attacked us back at the facility . It didn’t make sense. Why would other hybrids not want us to liberate one of our own?! Also, why would they only take one hybrid and leave the other behind ? " Hey, Maddie! ” Adrian said. She turned towards me in her swivel chair upfront on the right side of the cockpit. " Yeah!” I answered. " You alright there chica?!” Adrian said. " Yeah, I’m fine. I just hope the same can be said for this girl. “I said. " Why don’t you just probe her mind and see how she is? ” Eric said. ” We don’t know what Vanity might have done to her. ” " You sure about that rabbit ears?” Daryl in. ” For all we know, she could be digging up some twisted-up baggage.” " I’ve handled worse,” I said. ” I should be f
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The Maiden
 At this point, it’s been two years since I’ve read people’s minds on a consistent basis. But each time I do ,it’s always a rush. Especially when I read another hybrid’s thoughts.I came to find out that the girl’s name was Carrie Dawton but she called herself Cynosure .The reason behind her nickname was her powers which turned out to be magnetism! She could attract and control anything made of metal on a molecular level.But she had a hard time controlling her powers up until Vanity captured her.For some reason, I couldn’t see all of her memories .They were in bits of pieces almost like she had amnesia .I did find that she was from a small town in Australia. She is 16 years old and ran away from home three months ago.She was apparently a skilled violinist who went to one of the most prestigious music academies in Australia . She was generally a free spirit but her uncle whom she liv
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The Stories
Two hours pass......It was a dark, pitch black night in the forest that we had crashed in. The orange intensity of the camp fire pierced the blacken scenery of our rendezvous point.The people who say that camping is a dying pass time clearly never went camping with people who could do the things we can.A shuriken made of ion energy flew around a barrage of wooden sticks with marshmallows on the end falling above the fire.The shuriken slices through the middle of each stick, having the sticks land in the ground allowing the marshmallow side to lean five inches away from the fire.We all clapped in surprise of Natalie’s aim and persuasion while she grinned check to check and bowed like a music coordinator ." Bravo War chica!, bravo!” Adrian said." Hee, it’s all in the wrist !” Natalie said." whoa! You lot sure know how to entertain a girl! ” Carrie said. ” It must crazy constantly balanc
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The Amazon
But then she raised up several Ruby crystals to project Slaughterhouse’s eye blast.The beams refractured themselves off the crystals and blasted multiple trees, cutting them down." We don’t run chica ! ” Adrian said ” now lets take down thing this muscle bound Amazon!”" Right! ” I said running towards her and Keri. I created my tiger shrouds to get read for a huge fight.Read more
The Issues
After we had beaten our little visitor , the team then retreated back into the Omni-Craft to store Slaughterhouse in a energy prism to hold her at bay." How are you feeling Adrian?!" I asked as I sate next Slaughterhouse's unconcious body." Im all goood chica! " Adrian said as she rotated her arm and holding the spot where she as attacked." Speaking of being ok, Maddie what happened back there?! " Eric said as he pulled back his helmet." Yeah schoolgirl! " Daryl chimed in. " You went all Anomoly on us ! "" I ...I don't know! " I bluffed ." Your lying ! " Natalie said folding her arms and sitting across from me. " Your eyes go back and forth when your trying to hide something ! I've noticed! "" Yeah like when you eat a whole carton of cookie dough two months ago when it was your " special time" of the month! " Adrian she said as she grabbed a bag of chips from the pantry." Adrian! " I said out of embarrassment trying not
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The Abduction
This is officially our team montra now !We are the group of half alien teenagers who are constintly given imposssible ultimatuims from OP bad guys !" We have to save Rick ! " Adrian said walking in a circle." I get it ! " Carrie said holding her arms and staring at the floor. " It's me he wants ! Go ahead and give me up! "" Easy Chica! That's not what I ment ! " Adrian said reaching out to her." I know but it might as well be ! " Carrie said biting her lip. " He said I was the one he wants, not Rick! "" Hold your horses love! " Daryl said. " We don't roll over for some Prince James wannabe in a fancy cloak! "" He's right Carrie! " Eric said walking over to her and laying his hand on her shoulder. " We protect people from threats of all shapes and sizes! Even this Ethos guy! "While the rest were trying to reason with Carrie, Nata
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