Rise Of The Dragon Princess

Rise Of The Dragon Princess

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Humans had long forgotten the existence of dragons. The keeper of the Heart of Magic erased the memories of the monstrous flying beast in their minds and closed the portals so dragons could be isolated from the rest of humanity. Hundreds of years had passed and the existence of both creatures became vague in each other's mind. But with the demise of the Keeper and the passing of obligation to the heir came an opportunity for the two worlds to become interconnected once more. Amira, the new Keeper, had a mission. She needed to cross the mortal world to find the missing piece of the Heart of Magic. She must succeed before dragons and other creatures cause havoc across borders.

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44 chapters
In the gloaming forest by the dragons' lair rest the creatures that guard it by day. The night is silent and the robust trees are steady when all at once the pitter-patter sound of footsteps disturbs the stillness of the night. The wood fairies sprout from the trees and peep out to see what's causing the disturbance. The maiden sweating from her loose, white, nightdress is gasping for air as she frantically runs away. She is carrying something in her arms and it is wrapped around a thick, blue fabric.  Her gasp for breath and solemn plea is not to be mistaken by the wood fairy she knows. But as the fairy attempts to approach, she is terrified by a huge, monstrous shadow flying around the forest. The maiden runs into the middle of the woods where the full moon illuminates best. She removes the blue hood on her head, uncovering a quite charming face that glimmers under the moonlight sky. The wind brushes her face and reveals the shining birth mark beside her r
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Chapter 1
Decades later... In the middle of the vast ocean stands a tall Draconian lady. Her wavy, red, turtleneck dress covers the mark on her upper spine and reveals a few scales of red and blue on her uncovered skin. The ocean waves around her dance while she composes herself, her face exhibiting calmness and serenity.   This has been her escape home whenever she faces conflicts with her siblings, whenever they unify to put her down. This place has witnessed the incredible aura she possesses yet others have been blinded to.   From a very far distance, along the shore, she hears her grandsire's calling. The footsteps of her lover have not escaped her sharp hearing too.   "Amira," shouts a handsome brown-colored draconian who has just appeared f
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Chapter 2
  "Aba," she mumbles, protesting her worries to her grandsire. "They can't do this!" She may stand a chance when it comes to combat for her aba Mandel has discreetly spent his free time training and honing her. What fears them is the fact that she can't shift and Alianah is extremely good in aerial fights.   "I've been observing the six princesses and I can say that Princess Alianah possesses wit, agility, and great power among all others. She is the best fit for my prince Hasham.   Amira can't fathom the thought of it, hence she speaks, "My apology for interrupting, but you are all aware that Prince Hasham and I share a special feeling. You can't just decide who is best for whom. We—"  

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Chapter 3
The princesses quickly head to the wilderness to collect the gears visible to their eyes. Alianah advances with one sword and headgear while Amira has only a shield on her hand.Upon spotting a sword, Amira quickly jumps up the tree to get it, but her thigh is hit by a male draconian's foot, causing her to fall harshly on the ground."Is that all you can do?" the class B draconian mocks as he stands by the twig of the tree."Of course not," she responds and shakes the robust tree with her strong thrust, causing the threat to lose his balance and fall on the ground. But he's quick to prepare for a falling position, hence it doesn't twitch him that much.Regardless, Amira takes advantage of her frail atta
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Chapter 4
"Amira, knock her! Now!" she hears Hasham's word in her head. She quickly eyes her father who is swaying the flag in the air. Her chance is over, Alianah can now transform to her dragon form.She panics as she diverts her gaze back to her sister, she has already begun transforming into the dragon she is. With so much energy and friction, Amira fails to attack any longer.Everyone gawks at the huge, gold dragon in front of them. She's by far one of the fascinating female dragons they have ever seen. Her scales are illuminated by the sun's rays and her roar causes everyone to hold tightly on their seats. Her pointed spikes, huge body, and long tail are but a threat to the vulnerable and unable to shift princess. Amira pulls back, knowing that she can't defeat
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Chapter 5
  "Forgive me for disturbing your rest, princess Amira, your father has called you for dinner!" A lady of fine-tuning, wearing a nature cotton clothe that stretches to her ankle, appears from Amira’s door. She lifts her upper body and the attendant dashes to assist her. "Thank you, Diana," Amira utters. Diana curls her fist and places it on her chest lowering her head in acquiescence. "Is everyone already in the hall?" she asks. "Everyone is, princess, except you and princess Alianah." "She's not awake yet, is she?" "Not yet, princess." She releases a deep sigh and ponders on what she has done to her sister. Guilt is squeezing her heart yet the damage has already been done and she can only wish for her sister to get better soon. Sigh. She trots to the wardrobe to check for a dress. She changes into her blue Celtic gown with broad bordure and long chiffon sleeves. Diana ironed the back of her dress a
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Chapter 6
Chaos. Destruction. Havoc. The smells and sight are evident as people scream and cry their fears. The houses are burning and spreading faster. The shadows of the dark, monstrous flying beasts burning the humans alive and the scared faces of children running for their lives huddles the woman's sight. She's just standing there, shaking and trembling.A guy snatches her hand and drags her away. He is tall with a symmetrical body, but his figure is obscured by the darkness of the night. She can't recognize him yet she let him pull her into running, until a huge, dark, monstrous dragon lands in front of them. He hides her behind him but he is easily wiped out by the long, reptilian tail of the frightening dragon."Give me the heart of magic," it orders. Its voice is rough, deep, and dominating. "Give me!"Amira catches her breath as she wakes from her bad dream. She is panting and trembling with every flash of the monster she saw in her dream.She manages to pull herself up and figures that
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Chapter 7
The heat is infiltrating the skin of the woman lying unconscious by the shore. The rays of the morning sun are causing the few scales on her exposed lower arm to glitter. Birds continue to chirp and disturb the sleepy state of the lady, whereas the sea behaves calmly. A group of curious kids spots her from a distance and scampers to check if she's still alive. They exhange words of supposition and hunts over the matter until their chatter causes to awaken Amira.With a heavy head, she sits on her butt and brushes the traces of sleepiness away. As she opens her eyes, she is shocked to wake at a completely new world. The mountains high and low she used to adore in every rim of their realm are gone, at least from the point where she is at. The smell, the atmosphere, and the vibe, all are distinct from what she has used to. Structures line up a distance from the grand oceanfrontShe stands on her feet and examines the place foreign to her sight. "So, this is the mortal world," she mumbles
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Chapter 8
  She stands stiff as the stranger approaches closer and hands her the hair clasp. His saucy smell taunts her nostrils. She can't help but notice his pointed nose that perfectly complements his thin, reddish lips. "I believe this is yours," attests the stranger. His sterling grey eyes meet her pure hazel eyes. He too stops to adore the lovely face of the lady in front of him. "Ahm, y-yes!" Amira says and reaches for her belonging, but the guy hides them behind his back. "Aisst. May I know your name first, miss beautiful?" With hopeful eyes, he flashes a long smile. "Amira, I am Amira." She gently lowers her head and touches her chest as she introduces herself. "Amira. Hmm, it suits a princess-like lady like you. I am Kian by the way. He grabs her hand for a kiss but she quickly stifles her hand making him conclude she isn't com
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Chapter 9
The cold brush of the wind welcomes them as they reach the mountainous area of the city of Lavandel. Amira watches the kids as they cup some water from the stream before slaughtering on the grassy ground.  The feels of the mountains bring her back to her home in Hauraya. She closes her eyes to feel the movement of the trees and the soft touches of the wind on her face. Kian can't help but steal glances at her. "What are the royal guards doing in the city? Are they with a member of the royal family?" Miguel's question brings Amira and Kian's attention to him.  The mere mention of 'royal' piques Amira's interest. To her mind, 'so there's also royalty in this realm.' She knows a little about humans, but unlike what she's seeing from them, she hears differently from her father.  Her known father, Douman, used to tell her that humans are useless being and they are created to serve and make dragons more powerful. Her aba Mandel says the oppos
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