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Behind Shayle Clark's beautiful face is a dark past that she strives to hide. That part of her, which is called Scarlet. Every man's desire in Barays College, unfortunately for them, she is the Girl Who Will Never Fall In Love. Enter Sin Thompson, young CEO of Frostfire Solutions. But his real identity? A demon living among the humans, reborn with the memories of him and Scarlet who was his wife in his former life. Pretending to be a broke graduate to gain access to Scarlet's apartment, will he be the one to make her change her mind? But when a man from Scarlet's dark past surfaces, one that is much stronger than him, will Sin succeed in getting back the love he lost in his past life? Note: This is a reverse harem book.

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9 chapters
C1: Man in the House
Scarlet I broke out in a cold sweat, finding refuge in the bolster beside me. Fortunately, it was a dream. I had been having this dream about Hansen for months on end. Even no matter how much time had passed, the mere thought brought shivers down my spine. His handsome face played terrifyingly in my mind. No, no, I whispered. I hope he will never appear in my life ever again. I shuddered as the painful memories replayed in my mind. Reaching for a tissue from the box near my bed, I dried my eyes from the tears running down my cheeks. Even if it was just one encounter that was harrowing enough to change me overnight, it still hurt to remember. I am now nineteen and a college student at Barays College. When I was fifteen, my parents divorced and sent me to a boarding school. There I met Maya, the only person I could call family. When she met with a demise two years later, I met with the people she involved herself with - her gang.  To find o
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C2: Into the Dream
“Sin, why don’t you get a job?” I asked as we were lying in bed, facing the ceiling. A whole Saturday had passed in an instant, and the man had been amazing. He had cooked, washed the dishes, did the laundry, cleaned the apartment and all without getting exhausted. I hated chores, but as there was nobody else renting the apartment, I had to do it all myself. “Can’t find one,” he said with a laugh, turning to look at me, but I pushed his face away. The sight of the shirtless man, especially with his seductive stare that set me on fire, was too much for me to handle. Going by my principles, I never sleep with the same person more than once. But just hours after waking up in bed with him, it had happened again. The worst part had been that it didn’t feel that bad at all. For a man to have that kind of control over me made me feel insecure. It reminded me of how weak I had been when I was in the gang. Once, they ordered me to reward one of the male gang members with my b
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C3: Sin's Story
Sin Thompson After I ensured she was fast asleep, I opened my eyes again. I watched her fast-asleep figure lying under the sheets, teasing me with every breath. From her short, cropped hair to every curve of her body, she reminds me so much of Arabelle Beings like me didn’t need to sleep or to work. Beings like us coexisted with humans for many generations. We lived without interfering in their ways of life or hurting any of them. We are just another race among humans: the demons. Our lives are not infinite, although we can live longer than humans.  To say we are better than humans is an understatement. First, we have powers unknown to humans, and second, we learn faster and can master much more than humans. We can take more weight and pain than what a human, being exposed to the same, would have died long ago. In short, our strengths and abilities are beyond humans. But without humans, who are we? The leader of the demon race, Vernod, who simply
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C4: Powerless
Back in College The following day, I followed her to her college and watched her attend her lectures with a confused look on her face. She would never know that a Thompson’s ultimate skill was his ability to hide in shadows, I thought with a smile. She took her seat between two men. One was a nerd, and another seemed to be a worthless looking fellow with brown eyes and blonde hair who never let her out of his sight. Whether it had been the question-and-answer session with the professor, taking notes or even a ten-minute break, his eyes ogled over her. Scarlet was wearing a tight leather dress that barely covered her thighs, ending just above her knees. It also allowed for a comfortable amount of cleavage revealed as she bent over to pick up her pen as the ‘careless’ jerk knocked it over. Right, he was ju
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C5: Carla
“Lara, what are you doing here?” I plaster a false smile over my face. Lara, the Queen of Darkness, stands before me charismatically with a profound smile. Her true beauty is indescribable. She is an otherworldly creature not from this world. But to adapt to this world of mine, she has adopted a less lethal form.“What about you? As far as I recall, you are supposed to be in your office right now. What are you doing in this rundown place?”She means well. A CEO should serve his purpose in the company. I nod with a sigh. She smiles again, showing a row of perfect white teeth. I smile inside me at how cleverly she has her fangs hidden away. She is a vampire from Another World. But being a vampire queen gives her the benefits of not being wholly dependent on blood for survival. Unlike lesser vampires, she can indulge in the delish of our wo
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C6: Wild Day with Jackal
Warning: Erotic Chapter. This chapter is optional and not necessary to read.What I thought would be just some fun after our lecture was about to turn into something a bit more than that.Jack was the most intelligent young man in my year, and also the wealthiest. His father had bought him a condominium deep in Midvalley, where only the most affluent families lived. He was only twenty years old, but had a luxurious Yuko brand car, enamoured many. Rumour had it he had a huge appendage and was a beast in bed.After waking up craving more after what I had with Sin, I pulled myself into a tight leather dress. A few days ago, I paid a junior to set up a deal with Jack, because I can’t afford to fail again in my assignment. With this professor, we don’t get many chances to get into the finals, if we fail his assignments, so I have to get help. I thought it wasn’t a bad idea, since I’ve always wan
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C7: His Other Side
I fidget with the bottom of my dress during the long car ride ‘home’. Uh, to where Jack lives. He is an excellent driver, always slowing down at curves and knowing his road rules well. Judging by the number of women he has slept with, I had thought he would be harsher with me, but he seems to have an inclination for me. Throughout the journey, he stops and ravages my lips a few times, making me feel he wants more, but he just leaves it as a kiss before we continue on. Finally, after an hour-long journey, we arrive at this strange place called Midvalley. I stare blankly at him as I follow him into the elevator. Unlike the elevator at my place, this one stops at every floor. In addition, there are different elevators for the four corners of the building. While we are in the elevator, nobody bothers us. In no time, I find his lips on mine again, in such a boorish manner that I feel he is desperate. For a wealthy heir like him, I find it unbelievab
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C8: A New Assistant
SinFrostfire Solutions Carla stood before me in six-inch high stilettos, her pale face containing a bit of shine. Her lips were a deep red, complemented by the blood red dress she was wearing. As beautiful as she turned out in her vampiric form, I still couldn’t get my mind off how Scarlet was humping Jerk in the college grounds.Carla’s lips were moving as she gestured with her hands. But I wasn’t listening. Although I was elated to see her, it was difficult to erase the picture of Scarlet and another man in my mind. Even when I knew there was little I could do to change the situation.Scarlet wasn’t Arabelle. Once reborn, she took on a new life and identity, her memories erased completely. I was aware of how much effort I needed to get her to fall for me, and I was mistaken that my genuineness would touch her deep inside. Yet, I was so wrong.When I saw Jackal that day, I saw something in him
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C9: Not An Ordinary Human
Spending time with Carla reminded me of our past together as Loreno and Carla Thomas. We ended up catching a movie together, shopping for her clothes and dancing. But some things would never go back to the way it was before.I loved Arabella. But a part of me cared about Carla so much, too much to ever hurt her.Or deny her.We leaned back on the artificial grass where couples would hang out outside the Thaveil Mall. But no matter how beautiful and extraordinary she was, she wouldn’t replace Arabella or Scarlet in my mind. Carla’s long eyelashes fluttered as my eyes met hers. She was such a cold soul that I didn’t know if she ever felt anything. Her cheeks didn’t blush like how Scarlet had with Jerk.I knew I was thinking of her again and disappointing Lara and everyone around me. After how she had opened her legs to Jerk, my heart was missing her again. While another woman was in front of me, ac
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