The Shot Gun Wedding

The Shot Gun Wedding

By:  woundedscar  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alexander is a college student known as a playboy and belongs to the group of famous bullies at their university. He was happy and contented about hooking up girls from left to right that making his mother's head hurt. But then, his world suddenly changes when they go to the province as a punishment for his bad doings. He will meet Verna, the daughter of his cousin's housemaid. One fine morning, he just woke up naked next to that woman and the worst part is Verna's father and ten brothers caught them in that position. And their love story begins in the most epic way, "The Shot Gun Wedding".

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10 chapters
Chapter 1| The Playboy
"I hate you!" *Slap! "Ooooow." (the crowd) My head turned to the left-right after this bitch slap my handsome face. I immediately touch my jaw and looks at my friends Josh, Arthur, Abegail and Jessica who were smiling and chuckling except for Max who was just serious watching the scene.  I felt my cheek heat up by the force of her slap but instead of enduring the pain, I smirked and looked at them. The three women were crying while this one young lady in front of me was looking at me furiously. She's the one who slapped me a while ago. I stand up straight and stared at her from head to toe. Who is this — ow! She's the cheerleader of the University's basketball team, right? I don't know her name but not bad. I grinned.  I look again to the other girls. They are crying so bad. Why are they crying? I hooked them up at the sam
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Chapter 2| The Punishment
"How are you?" "Fuck you!" He laughed after I scolded him. I shook my head. "Tita scolded you last night, isn't she?" he teased and wiggled his eyebrows as he followed me walking down the hallway of the university. "Because you're such a pain in my ass. You always wanted to be the best." I hissed bitterly. I could see the grin on his face slowly fading. He averted his gaze to our way.  I hate him! I hate him for being my cousin! "Haven't you had breakfast yet? Let's eat. My treat. Let's go to the cafeteria." he offered. I took a glance at him and keep my both hands on my pant's pocket. He never changes. I know this is how he says sorry since we were little up until now. "Okay." I agreed and we went to the cafeteria together. *  *  *  * "Carbonara with one p
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Chapter 3| Doom Day
After a long ride, at last, we are here. Miggy and I wake up early for this trip. We step out of the bus while holding our bags and suitcase. Every person in this place is almost broken their necks just to stare at us while the others look at us critically.Dude, it's creepy.Later, Miggy housemaid arrived on a tricycle. A tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle.They put my suitcase on the roof of the tricycle while Miggy's belongings were on the back. They even tied it with a rope to keep it from falling.When we were sure our belongings are okay, we got inside the tricycle.The place is crowded.I said at the back of my mind as I looked around. I notice the houses got fewer and fewer and fewer. It seems that we are crossing the province right now. The road is a bit forested to look at.I gulp. Nothing else enters my mind but wrong turn the movie that Arthur, Josh
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Chapter 4| Interrogation
We are now sitting in the living room. I was next to Verna while I was opposite Tatay Mario and his sons. The others sitting on the floor.They just stared at me while Verna just bowed her head. Looks like she was embarrassed about what's happening right now.I feel like I was going to melt like ice cream the way how Tatay Mario glared at me. I gulp. It losing me the courage to speak even more. I feel like everything I am going to say should be favoured by them all.I glanced at Miggy's room when the door opened. My monkey cousin busy stretching his arms and yawning. When they saw us sitting in the living room, he spoke."Good morning! What's happening in here, guys? What's up?" he innocently asked while there's a smile on his face. Tatay Mario and his sons just stared in my cousin's direction. Didn't utter any word.Miggy's smile on his face fades away. He shifted his gaze in my direction
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Chapter 5| The Preparation
Mom is here in the province. She was waiting for us in town to pick her up. We immediately ride in the three-wheel vehicle tricycle to go to her place.When we got in there, we get out of the tricycle then pay the fair fee to the driver. My mother saw us quickly. She runs in our direction and hugs me tightly."My honey!" She exclaimed and then after a second, let go of the hug."How are you here, son? Why you cannot go home yet?" She asked worryingly and look at my cousin."Let's talk about it Mommy in Manang Leti's house," I replied weakly and got inside her car."Okay, honey," Mommy replied and look again at my cousin. Seems she's asking my cousin what's happening by using her stare. Miggy just silently shrugged his shoulders.After half an hour, we're already here at Manang Leti's house. My cousin carries the baggage of my mother then we entered inside. We saw Tatay Mario in the living room silently sitting on the wooden chair."Ma
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Chapter 6| The Bonding
 The next morning."Cousin, can you go with Verna for a walk at the river?" asking a favour of Miggy who is now chopping wood here in the yard.I looked at him in disbelief."Me?" I fantastically asked while pointing at myself.Miggy stopped chopping the wood and wiped his sweat with the clothes he had taken off. I winced at what I saw.This man is gross."The brothers are in the rice field right now. They helping Tatay Mario on the farm," he explained and sat down on a wooden chair. I sat next to him."And so?""Come with her." he sparingly answered without even looking at me.I thought for a moment about his favour then suddenly, I smiled widely. Maybe, there's no one else in the river, right?"Okay." I agreed while there's a devilish smile on my face.My cousin looked at me critically. To my surprise, he glared at me."Don't do anything stupid. That's Manang Leti only daughter."<
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Chapter 7| The Wedding
This is the day, the day that I will lose my freedom. Shit!I walk back and forth to the room I am occupying. I've already dressed in a tuxedo for the wedding. I kept biting my fist and couldn't help but look at the clock.Damn! Why do I have this feeling that I will be hanged on to sentence death?I do not want to! I don't want to!I quickly grabbed my bag hanging behind the door and grabbed a few pieces of clothes, shorts and underwear. After I packed all the things I need temporarily, I was about to leave the room but the door suddenly opened. My cousin appeared in front of the door."Oh? What's wrong with you?" he asked in surprise when he saw that I was tense then, he shifted his gaze at the bag hanging over my shoulder. I tightened my grip on the strap of my bag.The two of us stared at each other."Don't do anything stupid, Alexander," Miggy warned and slowly close the door."C'mon man! C'mon! In the first place, I reall
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Chapter 8| The Secret
After the wedding, Mommy and I went home to Manila. Not only me, my mother and my cousins, also include Verna, Manang Leti, Tatay Mario as well as ten male siblings are coming with us.Mommy took them on vacation in our home which made me gasped in irritation. I thought I would be able to breathe lightly and move freely when I got home in Manila but...what a stroke of bad luck.Time passes by quickly. They were staying here at home for almost a month now. Mommy was so happy and always entertained by the family. She said it is refreshing to see another person in our house.She's genuinely happy to see again her boy best friend. She was even more pleased with the thought that his best friend's daughter was got married to me. Like what the hell?Now, it's time to say goodbye to Verna's family. They are now going back to the province. Tatay Mario can't let his farm be unattended and no one would take care of it if he wasn't there. My mother gave them an aerop
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Chapter 9| Care
Today is Monday, starting of the school day. My Mommy enrolled Verna in the fields of culinary. Verna shared she went to college before but she only finished one semester and she has not been able to continue schooling due to financial problems. So, my Mommy went to the idea to ask her if she wanted to continue studying and she answered yes. That's the reason why we will study at the same university.Till now, I still remember her face when Mommy ask that question to her. It was priceless. You can see in her face the desire to finish school.I am now driving going to school. I have noticed that Verna had been restless and got tense in her seat."Hey." I could no longer bear to ignore her."Could you stop acting like that? It distracts me while driving." I added. She didn't say a word or even answer my question which annoyed me. I irritatingly look at her face.But after a second, I breathe deeply into what I've seen. She's nervous.I don't k
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Chapter 10| Bullied
Verna's POVHere I am. Walking alone. I don't have a cellphone to contact Miggy. I don't have any money left because we had to share it earlier for our group project. I thought Alexander and I would go home together.I was crossing down the road when suddenly rain."Unlucky me..." I whispered to myself. I ran and looked for shelter. I only see a shelter for about a long distance. I had no choice. I kept running until I was sheltered in there.Maybe I'll before I walk again after the rain.I looked up in the sky and witnessed how dark the sky was. Add the heavyweight of the pouring rain.Pip!!! Pip!!!"What the fudge?!!!" I exclaimed in shock then quickly grabbed my chest. As if I was going to have a heart attack.I looked at the driver of the car who's the culprit on why I felt this way.I was all ready to throw many words but stopped when the car window get down. I saw Miggy's smiling face."Hop in," he said and smiled. He even got
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