Rejected and Insecure

Rejected and Insecure

By:  Oluna15  Completed
Language: English
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Christopher Benjamin Jackson is the last son of Daniel Jackson a rich and successful business man and a strict but loving single father of five sons. He has five brothers, with a big house and a multimillionaire father, you may think he must be really happy with everything on his feet, but no, he would gladly trade all he has just for one thing, the love of his brothers, who despise him right from the instance he left the hospital without their beloved mother. Christ will have to pass through lots of pain to merit their love, or will he ever obtain their love? Read to find out!

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45 Chapters
Chapter 1
The Beginning...Edited! (I'm editing the book! Ya!)"Oof," Christy huffed as she sat on the sofa."Are you alright?" Daniel popped his head from the mini bar, staring at his pregnant wife."Uh, yeah, the baby is getting heavier, do you think is a girl?" She rubbed her big tommy, deep in thoughts.Daniel chuckled, "this is the trillionth time you're asking." He walk up to her on the sofa handing her a cup of milk."What? I have the right to ask, 'cause all our four kids are boys, maybe this one is a girl." She smile still staring at her tommy."Yeah, yeah, tell you what is a boy, and he has brown hair and blue like gray eyes." Daniel said."Uh-huh cause you can see through my stomach, I bet the baby looks exactly like me, is not fair all our sons
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Chapter 2
Christine Michelle Jackson: (R.i.p) English, mother of five boys, married to Daniel Jackson, loved her family, very affectionate, a lovely mother and wife, died during the birth of her fifth son, well known for her patience.Daniel William Jackson Jr: 43 years oldAn Irish Americana successful business man, single father of five boys, strict but loving, hardworking, owns a family Enterprise, loves all his sons without exception, believer of corporal punishment.Frederick peter Jackson:Read more
Chapter 3
Thirteen years later...Edited. (Yay!) Point out any mistake on the edited chapters if there are any.Christopher"Get the hell off me!" I yelled trying to break free from the suffocating headlock."No way! She was mine! Little bitch!" Zack shoved me down really hard punching me on the stomach.I landed with a thud and winced at the impact, Zack stood towering me, I kick his feet making him jump, I cease the opportunity to grab his hair, I punched him on the face, seating on top of him."Why don't you ask your bitch of girlfriend?!" I yelled.He managed to push me off him, next thing, he was on top of me, punching me, I raised my elbows above my head blocking the hits, anger took over me
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Chapter 4
Edited. (Please point out any drama error. If you find any it will be or a great help.)ZACK"Knock it off!" Coach Clinton yelled. "Both of you come over here!"I walk to him along with Christopher."I don't know why you guys are on each other's throat, but quit that! family problems and soccer are two different things, you can't be trying to kill yourselves while you are on a FIELD with a BALL! Anymore fights one of you will go out! Got that?""Yes coach." We both said.Is not my fault if that little thing is upset, since three days he looks like he could kill and I don't miss any occasion to start a fight either, father must have thought him a rough lesson.He shoved me really hard, yeah I exaggerated, it was just a little cut of nothing, who cares? I got what I wanted, since then christupid wants my throat and I couldn'
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Chapter 5
Edited.CHRISI was in a hell lot of pain the only thing they did was to ignore me and give me command like some slave. I lift myself off the floor, and the room spins for some seconds, I regain composure making my way for the door when Mr Alfred walked in."Why are you leaving?" He asked."Uh, I just wanna pee," I lied, he nods. I quickly leave the room, to the closest toilet. I don't think I'll make it to my room.I stood close to the mirror raising my shirt revealing a huge purple bruise, it's worst now and my stomach hurt so bad I feel like pucking, I lean close to the toilet throwing up blood missed with the food I ate.I sat on the clean floor burying my head on my knees, tears slipping down my face, why is it always like this? my brothers always beating me up for no valuable reasons. What have I done to merit this? They said I kill
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Chapter 6
Edited.CHRIS"Finally today is the last day," Brain said as we walk in the hall heading to our lockers."Yeah, mid term break! I can't wait!" I said."Will you miss school?" He asked."Uh, it depends if I wasn't planning on spending my mid term with you, I will, but if I'm forced to do something with those dumbass I definitely will!""Yeah your brothers are jerks, particularly Zack, I feel like punching his ugly face each time I see him." Brian said clenching his fist."Dude no! They don't worth your punch." We both chuckled."Can we stop talking about them and focus on our future freakin' Friday?!""Tomorrow yeah, we'll watch movies, do some little competition and play games," Brian's eyes light up as he spoke."Yeah, and for once in my life I won't have to spend my mid
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Chapter 7
EditedCHRISThe police barge in, everyone had their hands on their heads, I'm trembling, my heart is beating faster, they can't arrest me, can they?"Put your hands behind your head! Now!" The policeman pointed his shotgun at me. I totally loose it, is he gonna shoot me? I'm not a criminal! God! I don't wanna go to prison! I'm just fourteen to be in few weeks! I can't breath! I'm dying!I started hyperventilating."Calm down boy," the man put down his gun approaching me, "copy my breathing," he inhale and exhale. I did same with little difficulties, but I finally had my breath to normal."Is he your brother?" He asked.I shook my head no."Is he a relative?" Again I shook my head."Elizabeth! Come get the boy, he was shot." He signal to a lady with mask, she walk to us with some paramedic
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Chapter 8
Edited.CHRIS"Happy?!" Nathan yelled matching towards me."Oh yeah he is!" Jack did same."He succeeded in ruining our break!" Zack yelled.I tried running out the door but Jack was faster than I, he stood blocking my way out, I back off as he matchs toward me soon enough my back was slam against the wall I winced at the pain, Nathan had a hold on my collar, while my other two brother stood behind him giving me death glares."where do you think you're going?" he asked"I-" I was cut off by a punch to my gut, I groaned."you little scum! you wanted to show up right?! now we're playing along with you!" his knee collided with my face and there was a crack sound. I let out an ear piercing scream, next thing I was on the floor grabbing my bloody nose. He broke my nose! Argh!"That was just a s
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Chapter 9
Edited.FREDERICKI knock softly on Father's door, waiting for response when Stephanie, pop by my side."Hey." she said."I thought you were with Christoph." I said."Yeah, but he didn't seem comfortable, he kept a straight face, spoke in monotone, like he wanted me out, is he always like that?""I dunno know, I left when he was still a baby." I shrugged, making a mental note to know his habits."Who is it?" I heard father say from behind the door, his voice really miss me.I push the door open, revealing father who was staring down at a document."Leave my office Christopher," he said.I chuckled, "I'm not Christopher."His head snapped up, his eyes was full with sparkle like a young child who just saw Santa.He slowly stood up taking few
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Chapter 10
Stephanie Erickson: 20 years oldGentle and patient, loves her fiancé, very curious, really emotional, loves pets, plays piano, a very social and brilliant young Lady.Kendrick Jackson:17 years oldHighschool student, kind and friendly, Christopher best cousin, loves sports and hates school, loves family banquets and his cousins, scared of nothing except his parent and grandfather, extremely provocative.This are they new characters for now you'll see
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