Chosen By An Alpha

Chosen By An Alpha

By:  sprachi12  Completed
Language: English
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Grace was a sweet and simple human whose world revolves around her family and their happiness. Everything was perfect in her life until he arrived in her town in search of his enemy. And then nothing remained PERFECT in her life from the moment his eyes landed on her. He wanted her. All of her. Either by hook or by crook.

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103 chapters
Chapter 1: Stupid Rich People!
Author Note: Dear Readers, Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issue with that. Rest I could guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline. The following are my books which are completed until now if interested do give a look over them. Her Unloved Mate Winning My Mate Back I Belong to Him Can't Help Falling in Love. My Bride is Not a Human .Third Person’s POV..Holding a warm cup of tea, Grace slowly m
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Chapter 2: Mood Swings
Third Person’s POV...“Alpha! We have finally found the location of that Rogue and the Vampire’s group which we had been searching for for a long time. They are staying near Pacific East human’s town. So, we have to move there as soon as possible to catch them.”, Eric informed his Alpha..“I know and I have already arranged everything. We will be staying between humans to catch those Leeches.”.“But Zayden...How can we stay with humans? They are….”, Eric stopped speaking when he saw Zayden narrowing his eyes toward him.Read more
Chapter 3: I Want Her
Third Person’s POV...Zayden’s wolf was quiet and restless throughout the ride and so was Zayden. Zayden had no idea his wolf was behaving in this way because he never had a good relationship with his wolf. He could only feel his wolf during any fight. The rest of the time, his wolf used to stay hidden in a part of his mind..“How far are we from reaching our place?”, Zayden asked the driver..“About to reach, Alpha.”, There came an instant reply. Once they reached there, Eric gasped looking at the bungalow near the forest. The bungalow was surrounded by his men, so he wa
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Chapter 4: Call it Coincidence or Destiny!
Third Person’s POV . . . Though Zayden had said that it didn’t matter to him but deep down in a part of his heart, he was deeply wishing that should be the case because if...if what Eric had said would come out as truth then things would be difficult. It would surely not affect Zayden but it would surely affect her and her family. . Eric felt awkward after listening to Zayden’s words but he quickly changed the topic. “Did you see the file of that rogue which I had kept on your table?”, He asked. Zayden closed his eyes when he realized that he was really disturbed today because he never delays in finishing the pending work. “No problem. Alpha. I will share what is written in that file!”
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Chapter 5: Selfish Bastard
Third Person’s POV...“My pleasure, Miss. By the way, we are new in this town and came here to surprise one of our old friends, John Watson, but unfortunately, we are kind of lost. Do you know the exact location?”, Eric asked the first thing which came to mind. It was obvious that they knew the exact location. It was just Zayden had asked to keep chatting with her so that he could listen to her melodious voice..“John Watson, who is a father of two cute angels?”, Grace asked to confirm to which Eric nodded. While Zayden was just listening to her voice. He stopped himself from chucking after observing the words she just used ‘two cute angels’..‘Lolz, who talks like this? What’s her age? 5’, He thought. Along with that, he started wondering whether they both share some kind of relationship. That mere thought scared him. ‘I hope not. I can’t hurt anyone in her family.’.“If you can wait for a while then I can take both of y
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Chapter 6: Proof Against Him
Third Person’s POV...Grace’s eyes widened in fear when she saw that her father was talking about the man who was in hand and had held both the twins mercilessly like an object. Not to mention, he was talking about that man who was staring at her intently. She knew that the whole police force was behind him but couldn’t trace a single proof that could land him in jail and realizing the fact that she just talked with him was making her paranoid..Grace looked around and found that the whole society was witnessing everything but none of them was coming out to help John’s family. Though she was afraid of Zayden Staunton, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t step out of her
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Chapter 7: Sweetheart!
Third Person’s POV...Grace saw many people of the society rushing toward John’s house to provide her help and support but it was not required NOW. John had already gone. Some called the ambulance and some informed the police.As usual, the police were late. She had informed them about everything before she had started shooting the video.Grace couldn’t sleep that night all she could think was how could any man be so cruel? She had never seen violence in her life. She realized how it felt to be near a mafia for the first time..She wished to god to never let her see his face ever again in h
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Chapter 8: Run
Third Person’s POV . . . “Your father was talking about your marriage.”, Grace’s mother to which she groaning. Not this topic again. Just because she was 28 years old now, that didn’t mean she should get married. “We can’t let you stay alone your whole life, Grace. Your younger sisters are happily married and are mothers now.” . “Mom, please…” . “What please? Someone should be there to take care of you and love you unconditionally just like us. For example, just look at the time, it’s 12:30 AM and you are yet not home. Till when all this is going to continue, Grace?” Read more
Chapter 9: So Right to HIM
Third Person’s POV . . . Grace could see the turn of the road and felt happy with the thought that she successfully rescued herself from the devil but her happiness didn’t last for a second when she saw the road was blocked with sleek black cars, which obviously seemed expensive. She obviously was not a wonder woman who could just jump over them just like that. The sight alone scared her to hell. She thought about explaining her situation to her mother so that her mother could suggest to her what she should do next? But she panicked when she realized that her phone was not in her hand. . ‘Don’t tell me that I dropped it somewhere when I was running.’
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Chapter 10: She is Mine, Only Mine
Third Person’s POV...It was quiet then, no one said anything. Grace was looking at her sandals while Zayden was looking at her intently. “Here…”, Zayden forwarded her mobile. “You dropped it while running.”, He added..Grace raised her eyes and saw him already looking at her with an unknown expression. Seeing that she quickly took her mobile and lowered her gaze. At the same time, her mobile vibrated and she saw 18 missed calls from her mom and 7 text messages..“Thank you, Si..Zayden.”, She muttered. “C.Can I go?”, She asked way too politely lik
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