Mated To The Alpha Kings

Mated To The Alpha Kings

By:  Georgina E Adah  Completed
Language: English
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Book 1: Mated To The Alpha Kings Book 2: Return Of The Hybrid Queen Boo3: Enslaved By The Ruthless Vampire King Her name is Delaney. An addict! A girl who believes that no man on earth could satisfy her sexual cravings except herself... That's right, she's a masturbator. She hates the fact that she's that way but there's nothing she can do about it, her stepdad made it impossible for her to be with other men. Never once has she felt any kind of sensation whenever she's close to males, no matter how cute or handsome they are. No heart ripples nor butterflies dancing in her tummy, nothing! But all that changed when she met them.

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52 Chapters
1: I hate him!
"Earth to Laney! Geez, what are you thinking about?" Cassie yelled.I jumped in surprise, picked up my drink, and took a sip, "What? Did you say something?"She rolled her eyes, "Ugh of course I did, would I be talking to myself?"I laughed, "Sorry about that, I just... I just got carried away. What were you saying?"She huffed, "I said, there'll be a party tonight, and guess what? All those hot guys, the D-brothers will be there, what do you say? You'll be coming, right?""Ugh, Cass..." I started, but she cut me off."Don't Cass me, you're almost twenty-one, and you don't even have a boyfriend? Who knows if you still have your V-card intact, that will be a shame to me."I sighed, "You know I'm not interested, Cassie.""You will be, and you're coming with me tonight, come on, let's go check out your wardrobe and see what you have," she said, dragging me back to my room.I groaned"Cass!"She raided through my wardrobe huffing at what she's seeing there "Geez! Why would you have such clo
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2: Taken
    Devin took off his shirt after she left, throwing it in the trash.  He couldn't help but smile happily, after searching for a long time, he has finally found something interesting. His boss is really going to like her. Without wasting time, he took out his phone to call him immediately. He picks up on the third ring. "You'll die if this isn't reasonable," he said. Devin gulps"No boss, it's reasonable! I think you'll like it, no love it." There was a slight pause, then"Capture her at once, do not touch her in any way or make any mistakes, or you'll regret it." "Yes, Boss." Their work is to search for females around the world, send them to their boss while he sells them to different werewolf packs. Devin and his brothers love this job because they get to play with some females before handing them to their boss. This time around, their boss gave them a special task, he wants them to find a feisty woman.
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3: The Alpha king
  Hours later, the effect of the drugs finally wore off. I could finally move my body. I sat upright holding my tummy because I felt like using the bathroom. Furthermore, I couldn't hold in the pee anymore. I glanced around the room, wondering where the bathroom was and two doors. One of them must be the bathroom. I was about to come down from the huge bed when I heard footsteps. Shit! I quickly lied down just in time for the door to open. Stilling my breath, I heard humming again and then"Get up, dear, I know you're awake." I mentally widened my eyes. What? How do you know that? "Quickly, get up. We need to get you ready." My eyes opened, I sat up to see the woman, she should be in her late forties or so. "How do you know I'm awake?" I watched as she brought out some clothes and dropped them on the bed. "I know a thing or two about the human body." My eyes popped out at that." Human? Are yo
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4: Humans are my enemies!
    Seeing him walk in, I moved far away from him with my heart beating hard against my chest. He didn't say anything, his cold eyes watched my every movement. "W-who are you?" I asked, trying to put on a brave face even though my legs were trembling. He cocked his head to the side, but I was sure he didn't deign to retort.  "Take off your clothes and get on the bed," he said coldly, his dark eyes watching me like prey. My heart skipped"What? Why should I do that?" I unconsciously moved further away from him. Hearing this, his eyes flashed in surprise, as if no one has ever questioned him before." Don't make me repeat myself, do as I say and strip." I raised her head haughtily, "No!"  He cocked his head to the side and then in a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of me.  I gasp fearfully. The hell!! How do they keep doing that? No one has ever moved that fast e
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5: Show me
     KNOX'S POV   The ball was already in full swing when I arrived. Everyone stopped partying and bowed. Yes, you could say I'm the Alpha king here. For an unknown reason, I scanned the hall looking for her. Delaney. I felt slightly disappointed that she isn't here yet. There is something about her that seems different from other humans, I just don't know what that is. I strode over to my seat, once I'm seated, the party began again. Female humans danced while male vampires watched and drink. Today is all about choosing, every year, vampires gather here to choose humans and use them as concubines. The concubines are to satisfy the vampire's needs, either sexually or offer their blood to us. There is always a rule, though... the vampires are to treat them with care for a year. After a year, the human will choose between becoming one of us, or they die. You might think it's vile and awful, but
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6: King of Alphas
  Cassie stayed in between the guys, loving every second as they touched her.  "You're so beautiful, darling," the man with blue eyes said, grabbing her ass. She moans softly. This is like a dream come true for her! She's sure all the girls in the club are glaring daggers at her.  Rumors said that the D– brothers never talk to anyone whenever they show up in this club, only drink and leave. Never once have they been seen with any girl, some began to wonder if they're gay but clearly, they're not.  Because they're all over her, touching her. Laney needs to see this, Cassie hopes she's also getting some, ha! Suddenly, their hands froze on her skin. She frowns, "What happened?" "Sorry, sweetheart, we need to go." "What? Why?" They already left before she could question them. She pursed her lips, "Ahh why did this happen? I already had them in my arms."  With a sigh, she deci
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7: Move and you die
   ~ DELANEY's POV ~ Knowing he can read my mind, I tried my best not to think of anything and stared at him.  "Hmph, I guess you have so, I want you to show me." Show him?  How will I do that? He gave me a toothy grin exposing his fangs which means he read my mind. "It's easy darling, you pick the one you're comfortable in using, then show me how you did it." I raised my chin, "What happens if I don't do it?" "What happens?" His icy gray eyes went to my neck, sending chills down my spine.  I understood what that meant, he'll bite me and suck my blood. I shook my head fiercely, "You wouldn't do that" He slowly stood up and stalk towards me, "Lesson one, never threaten a vampire, it sends a thrill into us that'll make them want to fulfill It at all costs." He stopped a few feet away from me before speaking, "And trust me when I say I love the threats." "W–What's yo
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8: A way out
I freeze instantly upon hearing that, somehow I knew the lady is a vamp. Oh God, why am I so unlucky? Is she going to kill me now? "You're the new alpha king's concubine, right?" Concubine?   She pressed a blade to the back, not too hard to wound me, "Answer me." I nodded quickly,"Yes, I am. Please don't hurt me." I whimpered. "Quiet. Look, I can help you get out of here, there's a way out, but that depends on if you want to leave." I blinked, "You know a way out?" That wasn't what I was expecting. My heart rate spiked up in excitement, knowing I can leave here without depending on Knox. I can leave before my one-week expires. "Yes, but I don't have much time, just do as I say. Got it?" I nodded and listened to her plan, "Remember, don't tell anyone about it or else you'll be killed." With that, she slipped out of the dressing room, leaving me in my shocked state. Not long after that, I heard... "De
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9: I need to feed
I open the door only to freeze in surprise upon seeing Knox! Why the hell is he here instead of that lady? My heart began racing, thinking he might be here for my decision when my time isn't up yet. He gave me one week, there are two days left, so why did come? "Aren't you going to welcome me in, dear Delaney?"  Too shocked to say anything, I silently open the door and stepped aside. My mind began reeling with excuses I could come up with if he brings up the topic. I need to come up with a reasonable lie, something that can delay him. Did vendetta say something about his behavior different towards me? I can use that as an advantage to get out of this. As I thought of all this, I made sure my walls were tightly shut though, I'm not sure whether it'll have any effect on him. Vendetta said powerful and ancient vampires could still hear your thoughts no matter how thick your walls are.  The thought made me wonder how old Knox is, he can't be an
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10: She escaped
Knox POV ~ A familiar pang in my throat made me clench my fist, I need to feed quickly. I don't think I can hold it anymore, If this goes on, I'll go bloodlust and that will be terrible since I'm an ancient vampire. It'll be hard for anyone to get me under control.  A week before the selection, I didn't get a chance to feed because I was busy with preparations for the selection. Also, I preferred not to feed on my old concubines, I was waiting for my new chosen human. The little I took from her the last time wasn't enough, I wanted more. Recalling how her blood tasted made me salivate and has been keeping me on the edge any time I think of her, It's been taking more than I expected not to go to her, and it's all my fault! I gave her one fucking week for some unknown reason — something I've never done before, especially for a human! Left for me, I would have fed from her and fucked her senseless on the selection day, but I couldn't. Something about her made me co
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