His Plaything

His Plaything

By:  Anrose Amillie  Completed
Language: English
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"I'll do anything you say," isn't an offer you should make lightly. Dailey finds this out the hard way after she crosses the school psycho and finds herself with a debt she can't pay. Drake is cold-hearted and merciless, but Dailey soon learns being his pet isn't so bad after all and starts to enjoy hearing the words - "Get on your knees."

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27 chapters
Chapter 1
"So... do you think you can help me?" Dailey asked. She tried not to stare at Eddy's ache as he scratched at a spot on his chin. The kid had probably the worst skin she'd ever seen in her life; a mosaic patchwork of scars, red blotches, and fresh pustules. His Adam’s apple wobbled as he swallowed a bite of his half-wrapped cheeseburger and wiped his mouth before responding. "I'm good with computing but I'm not a hacker," Eddy said. A stubborn drop of mayonnaise clung to the fluffy bit of hair around his mouth. Dailey hinted at him, pointing at her own mouth a few times before he finally took the hint and cleaned himself up.  With the social skills of a jacket potato and genius-level computer skills, Dailey had felt sure this guy could help and would do so without wanting too much in return.  Still, the poor guy was on a whole other level of gross. The thought of h
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Chapter 2
After the bell rang Dailey was struck with the fear Drake would either forget or change his mind. Ignoring her friends—her so-called friends who had known about Sam's cheating and neglected to inform her—she dashed to the main reception, hoping to catch him there. Breathing heavily, she propped herself up against the brick wall and waited as the students piled out. They chatted and jostled about as they spilled out of the building, spoiling the quiet outdoors with their messy presence. The birds pecking at the lunch crumbs flapped and departed as one when the wave of kids hit the courtyard. Dailey kept her back to the wall, watching the scene with disconnection, too worried about her current problem to focus on anything else. When the dark colours of the scene kids caught her eye, she picked Drake from the crowd with ease. He was at least a head taller than most of the others and dwarfed his smallest friend,
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Chapter 3
Dailey pulled the fake baked beans money tin from the top of her wardrobe. Her babysitting money had been accumulating in there for over a year, so she should have well over two hundred, even after her summer clothing shopping spree. She pried off the lip and upturned the can, frowning as a couple of ten-pound notes dropped into the hands. 'Where's the rest of it?' she wondered. Her first thought was her thirteen-year-old brother. He'd been coming back from his Dad's house with a lot of gifts lately. Clothing and games. Was it possible he'd been stealing her money and pretending the items were brought by his Dad? "Joey!" she shouted, storming into his room without knocking. "Hey!" he cried. When his eyes shifted to the empty can in her hands, a flash of guilt marred his angry expression. "I didn't do anything." "Like hell you didn't, you thieving lit
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Chapter 4
Dailey waited by the gates, anxious about explaining her cash flow situation to Drake. As she shifted from foot to foot and kicked up the dirt from between the paving slabs, she felt her heart racing. Sick bile rose in her chest, coating her throat and filling her mouth with a bitter taste. 'Why does he make me so nervous?' she wondered. The problem was, Drake wasn't like other guys. Dailey knew her looks put guys on edge—made them horny and stupid—and she could often use it to her advantage. For whatever reason, this superpower didn't work on Drake. "You have my cash?" she heard him ask, turning to find herself in his shadow. Dailey looked up with pleading, apologetic eyes. "I'm really sorry but I don't have it. Is it okay if I pay you back in instalments?" The look he gave her sent a chill down her spine. So cold and angry. Then his face softened slightly,
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Chapter 5
As soon as Dailey switched on her computer, she knew something was wrong. It was taking longer than usual to load up, and three little black dialogue boxes flashed across the screen. 'He's hacked me,' Dailey thought. 'Of course he has.' Luckily, she'd deleted the awful pictures and didn't have anything else too incriminating on there... unless... When she opened her emails, she found a new message from Drake. Inside was a screenshot. She didn't have to open it up to see it was the dreaded naked shots. Clicking through, she found something different to the images of her peach flesh.  She enlarged it to find it was a message exchange between herself and the guy she'd paid to write her college admissions essay. The one that had landed her a place at one of the best colleges in the country. "Shit, shit, shit," she muttered. This was way worse than the threat of
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Chapter 6
When Toni arrived at school, she had a fully formed plan and steely resolve, but it all melted away the second she saw those cat-like green eyes flash in her direction. He walked past her, making a beeline from some poor kid. Some hapless victim he'd deemed worthy to suffer at his hands.  The guy saw him coming, but like a deer in headlights, he froze and cowered as the bully ploughed over, kicking up the grass as he stomped over the field to interrupt the game of catch. The victim's friends scattered in all directions as if knowing from experience it was better to look the other way than to get beaten up along with their comrade. "Oi," Toni shouted, storming over with the huge strides and attitude of a superhero. She imagined herself as a badass character in a movie—some leather-clad heroine who'd just pulled up on her motorcycle and whipped off her helmet, letting her long dark hair free to blow in the wind.
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Chapter 7
At lunchtime, Dailey had planned on sitting with Toni. She'd been looking forward to it. But she saw Drake waving his index finger in her direction, beckoning her over.  She slouched over to him, dragging her feet, and looking down to indicate her lack of interest in playing whatever game he was planning. "Chop chop," he encouraged, clapping his hands. His friends exchanged glances and whispers, confused by her presence in their tight-knit group of weirdos. Their clique usually hung out and ate lunch in the courtyard by the steps, far away from everyone else, a fact she was glad for today.  "Get on all fours," Drake demanded.  'Why?' Dailey wondered in a panic. 'What are you going to do to me?' When he began to click his fingers repeatedly in her face she complied, tutting as grit and stones lodged into the soft flesh of her p
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Chapter 8
Toni glanced about the room, at the stark walls and windows with cream blinds that looked as though nobody had dusted them in the last ten years. It was nothing like her last school. Well... except for the fact the mentality of the people was pretty much identical. The segregation of popular kids, the cool kids, the nerds, and the freaks.    Glancing to her left, she spotted the guy Dailey had told her about. She couldn't see much of his expression because his long, dangly black hair covered his face. Normally, he'd be just her type; dangerous, weird, and twisted... but she had the distinct feeling her only friend in this hell hole would end up falling for him, meaning he was off limits.   She felt the life drain out of her as Tommy took a seat beside her, scraping his chair and table loudly as he pulled them closer to hers. Something about his energetic personality was draining to Toni. Just watching him fail to sit still for five seco
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Chapter 9
Toni didn't know which was worse—the smell or the humiliation. She'd seen kids thrown in dumpsters a couple of times, and while she felt bad about failing to intervene, she never imagined she might end up on the receiving end. What if nobody came to let her out? Would she end up in the garbage crusher? Morbid thoughts about being squished to death prompted her to call for help when she heard voices in the distance. Screw the embarrassment. She wanted to live.

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Chapter 10
When Dailey arrived at the beach it was beginning to get dark. A group of kids had created a bonfire and were currently feeding it sticks. Some weren't dry enough. They crackled and hissed as they burned, releasing a foul-smelling acrid smoke into the salty air. Dailey watched, keeping to the grassy shore when she spotted Sam by the keg. He and his friends filled red plastic cups with beer and joked together, perving not so discreetly on a couple of scantily clad girls from the year below. 'Already moving on to someone new,' Dailey thought. 'Typical.' She tried to tell herself it didn't matter—that she was done with him—but seeing him still hurt. He hadn't even spoken to her about the images, probably assuming he'd simply lost the files. This could only be a good thing. She hated him, but she also still loved him and always would. Getting him involved in the mess with Drake would o
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