Love Me Till You Can

Love Me Till You Can

By:  Khyati Gadhavi  Completed
Language: English
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"What kind of love do you want from me?" Aarav asked Aarya. " I want you to love me till you can. I don't want you to say anything in pressure.I only want your love from your heart" Aarya said. Aarya is Medical student who is always focused on her studies. But when she fall in love his love drive her crazy. Aarav is an Engineering student who is interested in making his career in Singing. For others he is rude and angry guy. He is understood by very few people close to him. Will Aarav understand what love Truely means? To know more about them read mesmerising journey of Aarya and Aarav.

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102 Chapters
Chapter 1 :- Aarya and her Family
Today my exams are finished. Medical exams are hectic but after finishing my third year of college exams I feel relaxed.  So after finishing my last paper I call my Mother and I say "Hello, Mummy " she told me "Hello was the paper? You left the hostel or not?" I said to her that "my paper was good and I will leave in twenty minutes " And after that, I cut off the call. Then I left my room after checking one last time in the room that I didn't forget to take anything. Read more
Chapter 2 :- Her fourth year in college.
My mother wants to make all my favourite dishes which I want to eat and like every time my brother has argued that when you're not at home mummy didn't make my favourite dishes and tells me that she will make it when I come home and when I come home she gives priority to my favourite dishes and don't make his favourite dishes. So this time also that argument continues and I tell my mother to make his favourite dishes when he wants, but don't give the promise to him to make it when I come home. So a week passes with eating homemade food made by my mother and some days I make my brother's favourite dishes.On Sunday we go to different shopping stores to buy clothes and return back with so many shopping bags. After returning home we all are exhausted. My brother and father try the clothes one by one which we bought today and they both look really stunning. My mother and I then get busy deciding wh
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Chapter 3 :- Her college life.
When I reached the college Professor hadn't entered the class. I feel relaxed and when I go to my seat my both friends Yashvi and Isha are angry at me and say " It's the last year of college please come on time dear." And like usually I smile and say " I will try from tomorrow." Yashvi says " It's final year dear don't know when will your tomorrow come" I says " I was ready for the college but I started using a phone and that's why I got late" When I finished my sentence, the professor came into the class. Today student
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Chapter 4 :- Her student life
Punishments for a mass bunk were different and it was dependent on the professor. We had written five times about some topics like school times or sometimes they didn't allow us to attend the lectures till we wrote apology letters. This time also our sorry isn't going to have any effect on them. I knew that and we will get punishment so that we don't do the mass bunk again. I know my class very well that after getting punishment today we will try another attempt for a mass bunk for creating memories and I hope that we can do a successful mass bunk.  When the lecture was about to finish she told us to sit down and write ten times the topic which I thought about the students who came yesterday. After li
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Chapter 5 :- Aarya and her college friends.
How can I say to Sir that if we share what we were saying to him then he will definitely gonna punish us? So we try to remember what he was saying. First Isha says Sorry sir we will not do this again. And then I and Yashvi also say the same.Sir says "Okay tell me what is the topic which I teach in the class today?"We three give attention in the initial time of lectures so we three give him answers about the topic and he seems satisfied with our answer. When he says to sit us the lecture is finally about to finish in five minutes and then he takes the attendance and leaves the class.Read more
Chapter 6 :- Aarya's Birthday.
  Today after a long time I talked to my school friends. Talking with friends is always kind of a mood changer or relaxation therapy for me.   It gives me happiness and it's still the most precious bond to me and becomes stronger by bypassing time we don't talk everyday but when we talk it reminds us that we are still close. Jiya and Khushi are my friends from the fifth grade of school. We three are now in different cities because our choice of Career is different but I always feel happy that the distance of kilometres between our cities doesn't make any difference in my friendship with them. I always feel lucky and happy to have this girl's gang in my life and in school life, I used to hang out with them on holiday. Having them in my life as friends I feel great.   No matter how many new friends I will make in my life, these school friends will still be my family and the bond of us will always remain precious to me. &nb
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Chapter 7 :- Aarya and her school friends.
  One week has passed since my birthday and my school friends are asking me to have a birthday party.   So we planned to meet next weekend on Sunday.   We decided to meet in Ahmedabad so that we can spend some more time together and also can stay at home.    My routine life continues and at the weekend I go to my home with permission from the hostel rector madam.    On Saturday I reached home.   In the past, our many meeting plans got cancelled but still very few got to succeed.   I have been very close to only two school friends since my school times and we're still together no matter how much we fought and got angry, still we find a way to make our relationship stronger every time.   A plan got failed every time due to a different friend or even sometimes by me. Sometimes plan of   the meeting go
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Chapter 8 :- At Meera's Home.
It's the third week of December. I have to attend my college only three days this week because I have to go two days earlier to Meera's wedding.   So after attending my college I went home and in the evening I reached a saloon to get my waxing and haircut done.   After returning from the salon, the whole night passed with the excitement of tomorrow.   Today we got up early in the morning. I'm dressed up in a red Kurti and white trousers and I let my hair open and do eyeliner to my eyes and put lip gloss on my lips.   We reached Meera's home around 10:00 Am.   Her home is three hours away from mine. We go there by travelling in our own car. Her home is in the villages and when we reached there I saw the way to her home was decorated with Mandapa and that from the one kilometre away from her home.   Her home has a huge gate in the entrance and its white colour
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Chapter 9 :- A day before Meera's wedding.
Today is the day full of rituals at her wedding so we all are getting up early in the morning.   Today I wore a dark blue gown with elbow-length sleeves and white colour leggings and I wore a one matching dupatta and did the mascara for my eyes and gave the final touch to my look by putting on a lip gloss. I made a simple hairstyle by putting my hair in a hair clip and I let my other hair open.   I don't like lipstick so most of the time I would like to avoid putting lipstick on.   After getting ready for the ritual I meet Meera and she has worn a red colour gown with matching leggings and dupatta, in contrast, she has made a simple hairstyle for her hair and done little makeup.    We both then go where rituals are performed where we meet other relatives who come today.    I'm very bad at remembering the relatives whom I see rarely and Meera knew all the relatives by th
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Chapter 10:-A busy day.
When we were busy gossiping, my mother and aunty told us that another ritual was about to start so we all stopped talking and went to change our dresses for other rituals. I wear a light pink colour bandhani saree with a matching blouse. To wear a saree properly my mother helps me and I wear lightweight earrings in my ears and bangles in one hand and one beautiful bracelet on the other hand. I put my hair open and put it all on one side. I wear sandals which don't have too many heels. After dressing up properly I go to meet Meera and check if she is dressed up or not. When I reach her room she is busy getting ready and one woman from the beauty parlour is doing her makeup and another is doing hairstyle.  When she saw me she commented that " You're looking beautiful in saree dear". I told her " Thanks for the compliment". She is in an orange saree very be
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