Omega Turned Royal

Omega Turned Royal

By:  jobless.dreamer  Completed
Language: English
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[Book 2 in Vampire's Bride Duology] Vampires have always been in a tussle with Lycans, but both are Goddess Diana’s off-springs. Therefore, it is no surprise when one is bound to the other by a bond that is revered by them. Myra Winters is an omega, who just wanted to spend her life in peace and meet her soulmate someday. But little did she know that not only was her mate a creature that she hated, but their bond was older than they could fathom. [Book 2 in Vampire's Bride Duology]

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91 Chapters
I lay on the muddy forest floor, my limbs lax. I shook uncontrollably, trying to calm my wolf. Why did the Moon Goddess hate me so much? Why could never have something that I’ve always wanted according to my wish? Why? A sob escaped my lips, unbidden. Pre-monsoon showers had started, but I did not have the strength nor the desire to get up and run back to the pack house. What’s the use? Even if I take my last breath here, no one will care? Especially not my mate. I could feel the raindrops soaking my clothes, chilling my bones. I could hear the rumble of the clouds, but I didn’t want to leave. I drew my knees closer, curling up as my tears mingled with the rain. Fate had never been kind to me and it seems that it never will. The creature I hated the most, the one whose kin was res
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1. Life of an Omega
MyraThere are nights when I fall asleep from being tired. Some nights I take painkillers to numb the dull ache of the bruises that I receive from various members of my pack and then there are sleepless nights that leave me restless and results in me being sluggish the following day. I sit upon the old springy mattress that I have been benevolently given to sleep in and stand up. Taking a sleeping medicine that the pack doctor had slipped into my pocket secretly a few months ago wasn’t an option at this hour. I stare out of the small attic window into the inky black forest. What woke me up? Why can’t I remember the dreams or nightmares that lead me to wake up with a sweat-drenched body? I feel the dull throb in my temples and I hate this. Walking around or pacing about in this small room will definitely wake someo
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2.Mated to a Vampire
MyraHe approached me as I stood motionless. His eyes looked predatory and gait confident. I couldn’t even twitch a finger as he ducked his head and inhaled my scent. “Sweet,” he murmured in a lilting tone, making me shudder. Akira whimpered in my head as he chuckled. I clenched my fists. “Had you been another wolf, you would have been dead by now. Since you, unfortunately, happen to be my mat-”“I, Myra Winters of Blackwood Pack, reject you as my mate.” Silence, oppressing and heavy, followed after I finished saying the one sentence that I had vowed to not utter in my life. Each word felt like a knife dipped in wolfsbane, slicing a piece of my heart slowly. My fingernails dug into my palm as I tried to endure my wolf’s heart-wrenching howls. His gaze remained on me with a look of sur
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3. Mateless Omega
Damian “The High Queen has summoned for you,” my father muttered as soon as I entered his study. He was busy scribbling something in his notebook, as he always did, too busy to pay attention to his family, always free for everything else. I clenched my jaw, not bothering to take a seat. His chairs were occupied otherwise with papers, books and stuff.  “Why?” I asked, disinterested. I hated the palace. Despite being a vampire, I get freaky vibes from the officials there and the High Queen. She just made me feel uneasy. But to everyone else, especially according to my parents, I am her favourite and they try to push me and involve me in every palace related stuff because they wanted me to become an official in the court. As if being a prince of the north wasn’t enough.  Read more
4. Rogue
MyraMy legs buckled as I felt a sharp pain lance through my body. ‘The bond….it’s breaking,’ Akira said feebly. I knew my pack saw me as a  burden, but to this extent? I didn’t know. That they would abandon me to die, I couldn’t fathom. In the 17 years of my life, I have never heard anything so cruel. I suspected that this might be due to the problem in negotiations with the blood-suckers. I clenched my fists as tears rolled down my cheeks. I wanted to blame them for everything, for killing my parents and now making me a rogue. But at the back of my mind, I knew it wasn’t their fault. It was my pack who are too hard-hearted to even care for one of their own. The silence in the vacant room was taunting. How come I slept through all this? I couldn’t help but wonder. Then I
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5. Anguish
MyraAkira takes over once again. I can feel her sadness as she watches her mate go. The wind has picked up, causing the leaves to rustle. I have never spent the night in the wilderness, never even gone camping. I would have shivered and trembled and probably caught a cold if I had been a mere human, but my wolf kept us warm.  My mind wandered as the night darkened. The occasional hooting of owls broke the silence before it reigned back again. Where did my pack go? What were they doing now? Did they remember that they had forgotten me? Were they relieved that they could finally get rid of me? These questions kept coming back, kept plaguing me through the night until my eyelids became too heavy for me to keep them open.  I was woken up by the chirping of birds and another presence. Akira became alert,
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6. Savior
Myra   The vampires circled around me while I foolishly remained frozen in place. My eyes turned heavy and belatedly I realized that it was due to the sweet-smelling scent that vampires emitted to make their prey immobile. I made peace with the fact that this might be the end of my short life, but at least I will be relieved of my misery.  ~~~~ I groaned as my senses slowly came back. I opened my eyes to a room drenched in morning rays of the sun. A room that was wholly unfamiliar and luxurious. The windows were decorated with rich and expensive looking curtains; the walls were painted tastefully and the bed on which I was lying was the most comfortable that I had ever gotten the privilege to sleep in. For a dreading moment, I thought that I had been captured. It was unheard of about girls being taken away by their m
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7. New Home
Damian   I stare at Carlos and Vianca's charred bodies. This is a wizard’s or a witch’s handiwork. I scoured the area. There were no traces of any kind. Suspiciously even that omega was gone. That, however, did not increase my worry for her. The spot where I had left was vacant and flies were buzzing around the carcass I had left.  Aaron made a face at the scene. “Fucking idiots.” I couldn’t agree more. These two newly formed vampires were getting ahead of themselves. I had heard multiple complaints against them, disrupting and breaking rules. “Who could have done it?” Aaron voiced my question. I shrugged. “Ask someone to put them in coffins. Inform their family.”  “Yes, boss.” Aaron got to work while I subtly tried to search one more time. On my way back, I halted when a thought struck me. Could it be...Andrew?
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8. A Pack of Misfits
Myra  “I...will stay. If that’s okay,” I peer at my soon-to-be guardian, who looks back at me with a suppressed smile. Beside me, Violet is bouncing on her heels excitedly. The moment I had agreed, she had pulled me up and almost dragged me downstairs. By that time, Andrew had emerged from the dining room and was heading somewhere. Eric was unfortunately nowhere to be seen.  “Welcome to the pack of misfits.” My eyes widened as if I was waiting for him to reject, to tell me that he had changed his mind. But he was only smiling gently, his eyes kind and clouded with an unfamiliar emotion. Violet squealed and I couldn’t help but wonder whether she reacted this way with every newcomer. My unvoiced question was soon answered as the girl fist pumped. “Finally! I am not the only she-wolf.” I looked at Andrew quizzically, who only s
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9. Predator and Its Prey
Damian   “Why do you address me like that?” I asked before gesturing to him to take a seat, but as always, he remained quiet. He never tells me why he addresses me like I am someone from the 18th century. He might be from that era, but that’s not an excuse for him to address me like that. He is a great wizard, a famous one at that and calling me that sometimes makes me feel ashamed and awkward.  “Fancy seeing you here,” I said. He inclined his head. “I returned from...abroad a few days ago.” He interlocked his fingers and rested his elbows on the table. “So why this impromptu visit?” I prodded. Was it about the killings?  “I have rescued your mate.”  “What?” His lips twitched at my surprised look.  “Well...she
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